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  • Friday, 16 August 2019

    Sanjivani 2 Written Update 16th August 2019 " Dr, Juhi's Helpless condition Dr. Ishani Challenges Sid "

    Sanjivani 2 Written Update 16th August 2019 " Dr, Juhi's Helpless condition Dr. Ishani Challenges Dr. Sid ".

    Sanjivani 2 Written Update 16th August 2019 " Dr, Juhi's Helpless condition Dr. Ishani Challenges Dr. Sid ".

    The episode begins in the Sanjivani hospital where Ishani looks depressed about Dr. Shashank case.

     Meanwhile, a nurse comes with discharge paper and Ishani tells her that she knows that the patient is waiting from 1 hour. Nurse says that patient can wait but family is more important and the whole Sanjivani is like a family. Meanwhile, Sid meets Dr. Shashank before the operation and says that he had given his best resources, he did his best and could do what was possible for him.

    Star Plus Show Sanjivani 2 Written Update 16th August 2019

     On the other hand, Dr. Vardhaan was busy in conversation with his colleague. Dr. Vardhaan colleague suggest him to close all general volts and open VIP vault only to which Dr. Vardhaan says good idea and this is only the reason that he wanted him to become CEO of Sanjivani, he replies but Dr. Shashank is still alive to which he says but according to the reports he will not be alive for more days.

     On the other hand, Dr. Juhi becomes emotional and cries in front of Dr. Shashank to which he says that don't cry in front of him it looks like he is in the funeral. He further says that let's do it and says to Juhi that he want to live and further adds that if anything happens to him, Juhi should handle Sanjivani.

    Anjali hears and says that she has come to wish Dr. Shashank best of luck and leaves.

    Meanwhile, Ishani while going notices Dr. Rishab patients x-ray and found that the gas is present till abdomen, whereas Patients father comes and start shouting to discharge her daughter as she has less problem but the hospital is creating it bigger. He further says that the girl has Roka tomorrow and should be given a discharge letter soon. Both Ishani and Dr. Rishab discuss that city scan is necessary she could even die but the patient's father ignores and leaves.

    On the other hand, Sid comes to meet the village boy whom he saved in the first episode of the serial, the boy moms insist that she will not be able to pay his debts of the hospital, Sid says that he will go to their house to eat food. The women get excited to know that Dr. Sid will come to their house to eat.

    On the other hand, the girls who have gas until her abdomen was taken back to her home by her father. And his father was asking for discharge paper, Meanwhile, Dr. Vardhaan comes and says to patient father that if anything happens to the girl the hospital will not be responsible for her death.

    The girl gets unconscious and falls on the floor Ishani understood the case and assures their parents that the girl is not having a gas problem but the other problem. They take the girl for operation. On the other hand, Dr. Juhi came to know that she has to take the risk, where Dr. Shashank can lose his eyesight and might also lose his life, She gets hesitated to take any action and does not start operation, the other doctors forces her to continue operation but says that she needs time to think about the risk.

    Meanwhile, time passes and even after 3 hours Dr. Juhi couldn't decide and Dr. Anjali comes in the room and tells Dr. Juhi to close him up, and then they leave the operation room without doing the operation as she was already very threaten. On the other hand, Dr. Sid hears Dr. Vardhaan talking wrong about Dr. Shashank to his colleague on phone.

    Sanjivani Written Update 16th August 2019

     Sid leaves to know about operation while Dr. Vardhaan thinks that it looks like Sid is ready to take his farewell. Meanwhile, Dr. Juhi comes out of the operation room thinking about Dr. Shashank trust on her regarding the operation. She recalls Dr. Shashank words and goes out of the hospital and sits in her car and cry, shouts as she regrets not doing the operation.

    On the other hand, it was found that the girl who had gas in the abdomen was not actually gas but because of eating hairs in depression she got collected hairs in her stomach which created a problem, and she got unwell. Dr. Rishab aggressively comes and start questioning from Dr. Ishani, she says that she has taken risk of handling case without doing city scan because she was assured about the problem the girl was suffering.

     Dr. Rishab shouts on Dr. Ishani of taking a risk and says that if she will take the risk again without doing scan she will be out of the hospital. Ishani tries to explain him but he leaves aggressively. On the other hand, Dr. Ishani comes to know from Asha that Dr. Juhi did not do operation and Ishani while walking found Dr. Sid convincing rich family to give extra money.

    Sid was just trying to collect money to save poor children's but Ishani misunderstood and records the whole deal Sid was doing with a rich man. After Sid came out of the room he found Ishani recording him. Ishani says now she got a proof of Sid doing wrong corruption in the hospital. Ishani says that she has followed Dr. Vardhaan advice to search proof of Sid like Arjun.

    She further adds that she will reveal the truth of Sid in front of everyone and it will be his last day in the hospital.

    PRECAP  For Sanjivani 2 Written Update 19th August 2019 :

      Dr. Sid trying to take the recording away from Dr. Ishani while Ishani keeps it safely. While Dr. Juhi once again gets freezes while doing Dr. Shashank operation as she is threatened to do his surgery.

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