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  • Wednesday, 7 August 2019

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 7th August 2019 Episode Written Update " Prerna comes to Anurag For Sparing Bajaj Family ".

      Kasauti Zindagi Kay 7th August 2019 Episode Written Update " Prerna comes to Anurag For Sparing Bajaj Family ".

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 7th August 2019 Episode Written Update " Prerna comes to Anurag For Sparing Bajaj Family ".

    The episode begins in the Basu Company. Anurag gets Prerna’s call. But he doesn’t want to pick her to call up as he wants Prerna to meet him and talk.

    Anurag tells Anupam that they should celebrate the first win of Basus. Prerna calls Nivi and requests her to stop Anurag from taking over Bajaj’s company and house.

     Nivi enjoys the loss of Bajaj and Prerna and tells her that she must have realized that Anurag has become richer than Bajaj for which she married him. She disconnects the call and asks Prerna not to call her again.

     Cookies bring a carrom board to play with Prerna. Prerna doesn’t want Cookie’s house to get snatched by Anurag. 

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki Written Update 7th August 2019

    She doesn’t understand what will happen if Basu industry takes over Bajaj mansion. Mohini reaches to Sharma house with sweets. Veena asks her what the matter is. Mohini tells her that she’s very happy as Anurag has bought Bajaj’s house and made Prerna and Bajaj beggers of the street.

    She bursts out her anger and tells Veena that Prerna is an evil person as Bajaj is going to be ruined after Prerna came into his life. Veena asks Mohini to leave if she has done with her good news. Mohini asks Veena not to pretend to be a good person. She blames Prerna for leaving Anurag in the middle of the wedding rituals. She is happy and will sleep peacefully as Anurag has taken revenge from Bajaj and Prerna.

    She asks Veena if Shivani is his back up plan to live a luxury life by letting her marry a rich person. Shekhar pleads Mohini to leave their house. Mohini insults Veena and Shekhar for their greed for money. She also starts calling Rajesh, Prerna’s father to be a servant. Veena speaks for her family and goes against Mohini.

    She knows that Prerna has forcefully married to Bajaj for some reason. Mohini makes fun of Veena. Veena doesn’t want to hear anything agonist Prerna. She throws the packet of sweets outside the house. Mohini leaves. Veena asks her son to shut the door.

    Mohini comes back home and feels satisfied by hurting Veena and her family. She is happy and tells Nivi that the pain his son got will be suffered by Prerna and her family. She tells Nivi that Veena had an intention to settle both her sons through Bajaj’s help. She likes the way Anurag has taken revenge from Bajaj. Nivi tells her that she is worried to see Anurag’s change in behavior which is unlike their Anurag. Mohini thinks that Anurag’s recent attitude is far better than staying in pain for someone else. She is happy to see Anurag’s transformation from being emotional to a person with an attitude.

     Anurag comes back home. Mohini congratulates him for buying Bajaj’s house and expresses her happiness to him. Anurag stays numb. He apologizes to Mohini for doing everything keeping Prerna in mind and not his parents. Mohini asks him to freshen up. At night, Anurag drinks alcohol sitting on the straits. Anupam tries to stop him from drinking.

    Anurag tells him that he’s drinking in the happiness of ruining Bajaj. He decides to snatch away all the properties of Bajaj and Prerna too. He knows that Prerna will come to meet him. Prerna doesn’t want Anurag to take such a ruthless step. Bajaj’s aunt asks Bajaj to have dinner as he’s starting from the morning. Bajaj doesn’t want to eat as he’s upset.

    In the next morning, Anurag’s manager comes to Bajaj’s mansion with police. Bajaj gets the eviction notice sent by the court and according to the notice they have to leave the house. 

    The police behave rudely with Bajaj’s aunt. Cookie gets scared to see police in their house. Bajaj takes her with him. The manager tells Prerna that he’s following the order of Anurag. Anupam informs Anurag that Prerna has come to meet him. Anurag knows that Prerna has come to beg for Bajaj. He comes in front of Prerna.

    Precap For Kasauti Zindagi Kay 8th August 2019 Episode Written Update :

     Prerna begs in front of Anurag to allow Bajaj and his family to stay in the Bajaj mansion. Anurag asks her to come to him leaving Bajaj and he will allow Bajaj to leave in his own house. Bajaj comes to meet Anurag in the Basu house.

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