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  • Sunday, 21 July 2019

    Zee World Mehek 23rd July 2019 Tuesday Written Update " Shaurya Doesn't Like Mehek to Work "

    Zee World Mehek 23rd July 2019 Tuesday Written Update " Shaurya Doesn't Like Mehek to Work "

    Zee World Mehek 23rd July 2019 Tuesday Written Update " Shaurya Doesn't Like Mehek to Work."

    Episode starts with Ajay keeping Shaurya at gun point, he fearlessly takes the gun to chest, then tosses gun from Ajay’s hand. They get into fight, Shaurya and Vicky beats them bad.

    Kanta comes to ask about Shaurya but sees that Karona, PD, Dolly and Mansi busy watching tv, Kanta tells Karona to call Shaurya, she tells that Priya came to give some file Shaurya have forgotten. Kanta takes remote from PD and reduces the volume, Karona is shocked to hear gun shot when she called Vicky, Kanta calls out for Jeevan and Ravi.

    Rattan tells Mahek to call police, hearing sound of police siren Ajay and his brother ran away, Shaurya is hurt, Vicky helps Ratan. Mahek prepares medicine for them, police taking statement from witnesses, nobody gives statement. 

    Police asks Shaurya to give statement, Jeevan and Ravi comes there panicking, Shaurya gives statement. Shaurya tells them that he wants to file FIR against Ajay and Rohit, but police advices him not to get into these issues, Shaurya gets angry with police, Mahek stops him.

    Mahek apologises to police, but they don’t agree because there is no witness, Mahek threatens police that if they try to cover up this case she will post this issue with his photo in social media, they agree to take case. Nikitha mocks at Ajay and Rohit for getting beaten up when they went to stole girl, Ajay tells her to be quiet, Nikitha tells them to be vigilant and not to get into case anymore. She tells that she is going to Chandigarh to destroy Shaurya’s business plans, she goes from there, Ajay plans something fishy realising that Shaurya will be at Chandigarh tomorrow.

    In the night, Mansi is telling that Pammi and Ajay is behind them since the wedding was called off, Mahek asks Vicky where Shaurya was, Mahek goes to him. She asks him whether he will come down to eat or should she feed him, Shaurya hugs her, Mahek tries to console him, he cries. Shaurya tells Mahek that she should have not married him, he tells that he was not able to give her a good life or he couldn’t protect her.

    She asks that has he gone mad? And tells that he was fighting like a hero, imitates his actions, Shaurya smiles, she tells him that she can spend her whole life with him. Mahek tells him that she can’t even imagine a better life partner than him, Shaurya asks her not to go out for a few days, Mahek tries to resist his view, both share an eye lock moment, Shaurya goes from there.

    Mahek is thinking about doing job from home, she searches for getting any catering order online, she gets happy seeing an opportunity. Mahek tries to talk to Shaurya but Kanta calls her for help in the kitchen, Rajesh tricks Vicky to use washroom, but falls inside, Jeevan and Ravi bring him out. Mahek explains her idea about online tiffin service, Shaurya asks her what is the need for this, Mahek tells that she will explain and asks Nehal to bring laptop, Sharma family and Ratan is impressed with this idea, Shaurya goes inside, Mahek thinks that he is not happy.


    Shaurya is packing, Mahek comes there, he gives her some money but she tells he will need it, Mahek tells that he is forgetting something, Shaurya smiles and kisses on her cheeks. Mahek hugs him telling not to get angry with her, she is doing her duty as his wife. Shaurya tells that he feels that Mahek’s idea is foolishness, both gets into argument, Shaurya leaves, Mahek looks on.

    Shaurya taking blessings from elders, he hugs Sonal and Nehal, Vicky tells him that they are getting late. Mahek comes there, Shaurya leaves without looking at her side, Mahek goes with him till outside, Shaurya leaves with Vicky. Someone in the street informs Ajay about Shaurya going for journey, Ajay and Rohit plans to play tricks on Mahek’s family.

     Mahek and family prepared food for tiffin service, Ravi and Jeevan decides to deliver tiffin by going in cycles, Nehal tells that she has already posted about Mahek’s tiffin service in social media and they will get orders soon. 

    PD worries about getting money for publicity and transportation, Kanta tells them that she will ask help from her old friends, Dolly tells her no need to ask anyone’s help, she offers to sell her earrings, Mahek gets happy, everyone contributes their gold ornaments. Shaurya gets impatient waiting for investor, Vicky tells him that they have to wait as they are in need, Nikitha comes there, Shaurya and Vicky doesn’t see her.

     Jeevan and Ravi goes to sell things they collected from home to get money, Ajay and Rohit see them, Shaurya shouts at receptionist for making him wait this long, Vicky tries to calm him down. Mahek and others at Sharma house preparing for tiffin service, Ajay and Rohit comes there with some rowdies, they start to get drunk and dance at high volume songs. Mahek is shocked seeing this, Kanta switch off the music, Ajay misbehaves.

     Investor comes there and tells Shaurya that he got a better proposal so he is going to accept it, Shaurya sees Nikitha there, he tries to attack her, Shaurya and Vicky is thrown out. Ajay and his goons starts misbehaving with everyone, Kanta informs Jeevan about this, Ravi and he speeds up to house, the rowdies destroy everything in the house. Mahek tries to protect Nehal, Rohit tries to misbehave with Sonal, Mahek gets frustrated at their behaviour and she shouts at them, everyone gets stunned.

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