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  • Sunday, 21 July 2019

    Zee World Mehek 22nd July 2019 Monday Written Update " Shaurya comes To Save Mehek "

    Zee World Mehek 22nd July 2019 Monday Written Update " Shaurya comes To Save Mehek "

    Zee World Mehek 22nd July 2019 Monday Written Update " Shaurya comes To Save Mehek "

    Episode starts with Mahek telling Shaurya that with this incident she understood that they can do anything being united, he assures her that their love will always win, both hugs, gets pulled away by snoring sound of Balwant.

    Mahek tells Shaurya to so and sleep, Sheetal comes to know about Sharma family coming to road because of her friend Pammi. Everyone is fighting to take their turn for using washroom, Mahek is busy in kitchen, Kanta tells Sonal not to do many works, Balwant complaints about not getting tea in the morning.

     Mahek brings them tea, Shaurya tells Mahek that some investors are interested in investing in his business idea, Balwant starts complaining, PD scolds him. Sheetal comes there and blames them for keeping Sonal in a place like this in her condition, she asks Sonal to go with her, Kanta also insist her to go for betterment of her and her baby.

    Sonal tells Sheetal she will come only if she allow everyone inside the house, she goes from there, Mahek hugs Sonal. Sheetal comes to Khanna house and gets into fight with Pammi, Sheetal threatens Pammi and Ajay. Pammi asks her what they should do to keep her quiet, Sheetal demands to give Sharma house back, Ajay is not ready but Sheetal tells them that she will expose their misdeeds in front of media, she goes from there.

    Mahek is preparing food for everyone, Nehal gives them to everyone. Mahek hugs Shaurya from behind seeing him sitting alone, Shaurya is worried about Balwant’s words, Mahek consoles him and asks him to look at the profit in bad situations also, Shaurya hugs Mahek. Shaurya gets a call and wonders, Sharma family and Khanna family are given back their Sharma house, Pammi is planning something in her mind. Pammi tells that she is giving them this house for rent of 1lakh per month, everyone gets worried hearing this.

    Shaurya tells her that he agrees to the deal, Sheetal is also angry hearing Pammi’s demand. Ajay is not happy with Pammi’s decision, Jeevan is worried how they are going to give this money as rent, Shaurya assures them that he will find a way and asks them not to worry.

    Shaurya goes out getting a call, Mansi and Kanta discuss about selling some things at home, Rajesh is worried hearing this, Sonal tells that she will take some money as advance from her work firm and then do overtime work. Mahek and Shaurya both disagrees with her decision, Shaurya tells everyone that there is no need to sell any furnitures, he will somehow manage, he takes the responsibilities, Rajesh tells Karona that if she haven’t transferred everything to Shaurya’s name they wouldn’t have suffered this much.

    Rajesh telling Karona that if she haven’t transferred everything to Shaurya’s name they wouldn’t have suffered this much, but Karona tells that she trust Shaurya and says that he will bring back everything they lost.

    Ravi is worried about that even if they pay advance what will they do for rent, Shaurya tells him that he will worry about that, Mahek tells him that it is not only his job, everyone will take responsibilities, Shaurya disagrees to this and goes from there. Rajesh tells them that Shaurya will complete his promise definitely, Mahek is watching Shaurya working, Kanta asks her whether she is ok, Mahek says that she is ok but is concerned about Shaurya.

    Kanta tells that she will go and tell her uncles to search for some work, Mahek tells that she will start working in Ratan’s dhabha. Mahek tries to make Shaurya eat food, it accidently falls over paper, he gets furious and goes from there. Nikitha is fighting with Ajay and his mother regarding to the returning of Sharma house back, they get into an argument.

    Kanta trying to talk to Jeevan, he refuses to hear her and is concentrated on Dolly’s talk, later Jeevan goes to Kanta seeing her angry. Kanta tells Jeevan to do some job and not to pressurise Shaurya for everything, Karona comes there saying that he will manage not to worry. 

    Jeevan tells Karona that they can’t sit simply, he tells Kanta that he will take Ravi to market and do something. Mansi is worried about preparing food due to insufficient items, Mahek tries to find a solution, Rajesh comes there and asks Mahek to prepare non-veg for him.

    Karona comes there telling that Sharma’s are veg so they won’t prepare, she somehow sends him from there. Karona tells Mahek to prepare what they eat, Mahek gets an idea to complete Rajesh’s wish. Everyone sits for food, PD asks for Rajesh, Karona says that he has no mood to eat. Rajesh comes eating food and tells that the food is delicious, Kanta asks Mahek whether Shaurya ate food, Mahek tells that he told that he will ate after coming home.

     Jeevan and Ravi come to house wet in rain, Kanta gives them towels and asks them whether they got any job, Ravi says that no, Shaurya comes there wet and they give towel to him. Kanta tells them that they can try tomorrow for a job, Shaurya tells her not to stress uncles for doing job, and asks her whether she doesn’t believe him. Kanta says that he is their son now, she trusts him more, she doesn’t want to put all stress on his shoulders and break him.

     Shaurya goes to mahek and hugs her from back, he kisses her on cheeks, Mahek asks him how was his day, he tells that when the job planned gets completed and his wife is seen getting ready for him made his day good. Shaurya gets furious knowing that Mahek is going to work at Ratan’s dhabha. Mahek is busy preparing food at dhabha, she gets called by customers telling that some taste is missing, she goes to meet them.

    She thinks that it will be Shaurya and Vicky came there to trick her, she goes and shocked seeing Ajay there. Ajay misbehaves with Mahek, Ratan beats Ajay with wood at the back of his head, they get into fight with others, Ajay’s brother frightens everyone showing gun. Ajay and his brother beats up Ratan, Mahek tries to stop them, Ajay slaps Mahek, Shaurya comes to her rescue when he starts beating her twice. Furious Ajay takes pistol from his brother’s hand and aims at Shaurya, Mahek is frightened seeing Shaurya walking towards gunpoint without fear.

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