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  • Monday, 29 July 2019

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 29th July 2019 Written Update " Kartik Gets Happy to See Kartik At Goenka House "

    ‌Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 29th July 2019 Written Update " Kartik Gets Happy to See Kartik At Goenka House ".

    ‌Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 29th July 2019 Written Update " Kartik Gets Happy to See Kartik At Goenka House ".

    The episode starts with Kairav in the Goenka house, sees Kartik and shouts "Papa" then Kartik surprisingly realizes that it's Kairav and looks towards him.

    Kairav runs fast towards Kartik then a balloon filled with small paper pieces burst over them and they both hugged each other then all the members present in Goenka house comes out from their rooms and surprises to see both of them like this. Outside there Liza asks Tina that why is she standing there, why aren't they going inside the house then she replies that they can't go inside because it's Kartik, Kairav father's house.

    Liza says that how such coincidences can happen then Naira she isn't understanding why  God is doing these things. Naira says that she didn't know what to do and she unable to go inside to take Kairav back then Liza replies don't worry we will think something. Naira cries and says that how God can be so stoned hearted that on the day of Kartik's engagement he brings her there. Kartik asks how he came there then Kairav replies that he missed him then everyone present there thought why this child is saying "Papa" to Kartik. Kairav asks Kartik that when he was in the hospital that time he shouts many times but he didn't hear and he also ran behind him but didn't see.

    Kartik asks Kairav that how he came there then Vansh replies that he brings him there and then Vansh asks Kartik that if they both know each other then Kairav says to Kartik that he is so dumb he even didn't know that you are his father. Vansh asks that if he is his father or not, then Kairav he is his father and highs him again. Vansh asks Kartik that how could be Kairav his son then Kartik says that he will explain it later firstly tell him where he finds him then Manish also to Kartik what's going on then Kartik replies he will tell to everyone but just once give him 2 minutes.

    Kartik says Kairav to tell him the whole thing then Vansh says firstly you tell me that you are his father or not then Kartik asks him to give him 1 minute that he is talking to Kairav. Kartik tries to ask Kairav that how he had come there then Kairav sees towards Suhasini and remembers her as child thief aunty and asks Kartik that what she is doing there than hearing this everyone surprises. Vansh again asks Kartik that if he is Kairav's father or not again Kartik ask him to wait.

    Suhasini asks Kartik that how he came there then Kairav replies that this is his father's house and asks her that what she is doing there and asks Kartik to put her immediately in the jail. Kartik asks Kairav that why he is saying this if something happens. Confused Manish asks who's this child and who is a child thief and ask anyone to tell him. Suhasini says to Kartik that he is that child she told about him in Goa and asks him that what he is doing there then Vansh again asks Kartik that if he is really his son then Kartik again asks him to wait then, Manish replies that everyone has been waiting for him to tell anything that what's this happening.

     Everyone asks Kartik questions and he gets confused so that he shouts and asks them to stay quiet and says that Vansh is a child but you all can understand that the situation is a little critical. Kartik asks Kairav that how he came in Udaipur, does his mother knows about this or again he ran from his house then he replies that he comes in Vansh's car and his mother didn't know this. 

    Suwarna asks everyone to come and tells them about Kairav that he thought Kartik his father and calls him every day and to meet him Kartik goes to Goa and asks everyone to acts like he is Kartik's son.

     Liza says to Tina that the universe wants to understand her something but isn't she understanding. Naira says that nothing can happen now as Kartik is moving on then Liza says that there is any reason that she had arrived there and asks her to stop the engagement. Kartik questions Kairav but in reply Kairav again asks questions from him. Everyone happy to see both of them and Manish and Suhasini both says it looks like he is Kartik's real son. Kairav asks Kartik about his secret mission then Kairav thought that what kinds of stories are told by his mother, today he will meet her and clarify everything.

    Kairav asks Kartik that whose birthday party but Kartik rounds the question. While cleaning Naira's picture it slips from the servant's hands then Kartik catches it and asks them to do it safely and Kairav is about to see the picture but Kartik handovers it to the servants. Naira asks Liza to go inside and bring Kairav back. Kartik asks Kairav to call his mother, but Kairav asks him to call his mother. Suhasini says that why Kartik is telling him the truth then Manish replies that the child will hurt then Suwarna says Kartik's child will also be same.

    Kairav asks Kartik about the family then Kairav and Vansh both starts arguing. Liza arrives in the Goenka house then Kairav asks her to call his mother then Liza replies she is busy and asks him to go with her but Kartik didn't allow and asks his mother to come there as he wants to talk to her and he is unable to go outside. Hugging Kartik, Kairav says that he didn't go up to when his mother comes then Liza calls Naira and asks her that they are calling her in then she also asks her to come but Naira refuses and asks her to bring Kairav back.

     Kairav replies whether his mother coming or not then Kartik says this time also she has some important works like other times and asks Liza to asks her what's her problem, why she always avoid him.

     Kartik asks Liza why Kairav is in hospital but liza refused to answer any question and asks him to asks Kairav's mother. Liza asks Kartik to take back with her but he refuses to say that he will not lead Kairav to go without meeting his mother. Suhasini and Manish say to Kartik to finish this all before guests arrive and let the driver drop Liza and Kairav wherever they want.

     Gayu and Vedika also arrive and Naira sees Vedika and remembers that she is with Kartik.

    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 30th July 2019 Written Update :

     Liza calls Tina and asks her to come and close this all. Later Liza tells to Kartik that Kairav's mother met with an accident.

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