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  • Tuesday, 4 June 2019

    Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke Episode 4th June 2019 Written Update

    It starts with a view in which Mishti goes into the house with some balloons. Meenakshi asks for Kunal what happened there between you and mishti. Kunal says mishti and I talked openly. I told him how much I am disappointed. Mishri’s dad tried to harm you and for me, my family is most important and my wife must understand this. And now if it’s alright so we can go for Gordhana. Rajeshwari says why not go and get ready again for the Gordhana and I apologize for what happened today. Kuhu, Jasmeet and Rajeshwari take mishti to her room. Mishti says so this is my true story. A girl even whose parents left him, whose father can kill someone. Rajeshwari makes him understand by saying that no it’s not true. Truth is that you are our daughter and world’s best daughter. Then they hug each other. Rajeshwari asks to mishti what Kunal said. Here kuhu says forget what he said, focus on what he did. Afterall he is ready for gordhana. On the other side, Kunal gets ready in front of his mom. Meenakshi asks are you ready for this relation? Kunal says I was shocked too. I made him understand I am sure she will never forget about this. Meenakshi says but she lied to you. Kunal says but now she will not lie anymore. Now she will do as I say.  Here when they all were making mishti understand Mr. Maheshwari enters and says firstly we need to know that what mishti thinks and do you believe that all that we did this was for your goodness. Nothing is important than our daughter for us. Mishti I can’t lose you, dad, you always stay with me. Here Meenakshi says to Kunal this relation is not right for you. Mishti is stubborn she proved that nothing is more important for her decision. Without adjustment, sacrifices, and compromises a relation can’t work and mishti is such type of personality who will not cooperate with you. Don’t make this relation Kunal. Here Abeer comes in the home and Rajeshwari asks did Naman spectacle in the police station. Abeer says no now he is in prison you will not feel irritate And now let me go to Kunal I have important work. He moves from there. Abeer takes Kunal in the corner and says I want to talk to you and it is a serious matter. Listen carefully you are not only my brother you are my good friend also and the thing which I want to tell you I realized it late. Only then mishti interrupts them and says I have to talk with Kunal which is more important. And Abeer moves from that place. Mishti and Kunal go out and mishti tells him my elder mom and dad did all things for me. Even they hid my dad’s dark side and today when it revealed I could break but I did not because I knew that my family is with me. That family who never judged me by my father’s crime. They always show their trust in me but only you are that person who did not show his trust. Kunal I can understand your situation. The relation should be made to be happy not to prove yourself. I wanted a person who can trust me blindly and I think there is no match between us so I am breaking this relationship. Kunal feels anger and says who are you to break this relationship. I break this relationship with you because you are a liar and they lied to us many times. I dumped you. Meenakshi says Kunal is right. Rajeshwari says it was my mistake don’t punish my daughter. Meenakshi says your daughter is a liar. Mr. Rajeshwari says you don’t have any right to blame our daughter. Abeer and his maternal grandfather suggest them to talk calmly without blaming anyone and mishti was unknown by the truth of NSaman. Mishti says but I don’t have any proof of this so you all have to believe on me. Kunal says from now I don’t want to see mishti’s face and he steps out from there.

    Precap- Meenakshi is saying after we go it will difficult to get someone clarinet. Abeer is saying to his mom wife is that partner who stays with us. Kunal is saying are you blaming mom and they both steps oppositely.    

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