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  • Tuesday, 4 June 2019

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 4th June 2019 Written Update

    The episode begins in Vishal’s house. Ranbir knocks Vishal’s door but he doesn’t open it. So Ranbir takes Naveen’s name and finally Vishal opens the door. Ranbir brings tiffin for Vishal given by Simmi. Vishal doesn’t let Ranbir use his washroom but Ranbir forcefully goes there and finds a rope and a bottle of poison. Vishal tells him that he decided to die as the Bhallas are suffering due to his mistake. He even shows the letter he wrote taking all the blame on himself. Aliya slaps Neha for lying them about Yug. Neha tells her that Yug has asked her not to tell the truth and promised her that everything will sort out soon. She tells Aliya that Yug’s intention was to take money from the family and live a happy life with her. Yug cries and tells Aliya that he only loves her and Neha is lying. Neha calls him a liar and tries to convince everyone that she was against Yug’s plan. She wants Yug to come back in her life. She always feared that Yug will fall in love with Aliya. She doesn’t want Yug to get married to Aliya. Yug constantly calls Neha a liar. Ishita asks Yug to shut up as Neha has proof with her. Yug asks Ishita to trust him and decides to call Ranbir and Vishal. Ranbir slaps Vishal for his attempt to suicide. He hugs Vishal and asks him not think about suicide. He tells Vishal that Sahil won’t trust the fact that he’s Muskan’s murderer rather will think that it is the plan of the Bhallas to kill him. Ranbir asks him to about his family, brother and friends who will be so hurt if something bad happens to him. Vishal feels helpless. Ranbir asks Vishal to be Raman’s support to fight with Sahil. He gets Yug’s call and Yug asks them to come to the Bhalla house immediately. Raman comes home and asks everyone what is going on. He gets a call from the commissioner telling him that he has arranged for bugs and cameras which Ishita can use being Shaina. The commissioner asks Raman to come to the police station. Raman and Ishita go to discuss the matter in their room. Ishita calls the lawyer being Shaina and orders him not to make Sahil’s bail papers as Sahil’s office will get raid and being his lawyer, he can get trapped. She asks the lawyer to leave the city for few days and stay in contact only with her. The lawyer tells Ishita that he will leave the city soon.

    Raman appreciates Ishita’s talent of acting like Shaina Shah. Ishita wishes that the lawyer goes underground so that information doesn’t get leaked to Sahil. Raman asks Ishita why she’s trusting Neha who looks fraud completely. Ishita asks Raman to trust her as she will take out the truth. Ranbir and Vishal come to the Bhalla house. Yug asks them to meet with Neha. Vishal doesn’t understand who Neha is. Ranbir asks Yug who the lady is. Yug asks them to tell everyone about his relation with Neha as they both are his childhood friends. Neha asks Ranbir and Vishal to stop acting as if they don’t know her. Ranbir denies to know her but Neha shows them a photo of Yug and her marriage where Ranbir and Vishal are also present. Ranbir doesn’t understand how they got into that picture. Vishal also denies to know Neha. Neha tells the Bhallas that Yug and his friends are acting to save themselves. Ranbir gets confused when Neha calls herself as Yug’s wife. He asks Yug what’s going on. Vishal tells her that Yug will only marry once and that too with Aliya. Neha tells that Yug must have asked them to tell lie in front of the family. She pleads to Yug to accept her as his wife. Yug gets angry at her and snatches her to make her out of the house. He pushes Neha outside the house and tries to explain to Aliya that Neha is lying. Ishita comes and slaps Yug. She calls Neha but Neha tells her that she has no more reason to live as her husband cheated her for a rich girl like Aliya. Ishita promises to punish Yug for his misdeed. She asks Neha to stay in their house. She tells the family that she trusted Yug after a long time but her trust in him is no more after Neha’s confession. No one agrees with Ishita’s decision of keeping Neha in their home but she has proof to be Yug’s wife. Ishita wants Yug to prove his innocence. Simmi gets angry at Ishita’s decision. Mihika thinks that there must a reason behind Ishita’s decision. Simmi recalls the accident in Aliya’s room and blames Neha for the falling of the fan. Mihika also doubts Neha. Simmi decides to tell Raman and Ishita about Neha’s evil plan. Mani is upset with Ishita. Ishita tells him that she knows Yug is telling the truth but wants to keep an eye on Neha as the pictures she showed to them was fake. She wants to know Neha’s intention behind trapping Yug and ruining Aliya’s relation with him. She noticed how Neha didn’t feel any pain when Yug hold her injured hand so it becomes clear that Neha was lying. Mani calls Ishita a detective and agrees with her decision.
    Precap: Ishita tells Raman that the persons she will be meeting are very dangerous. Raman wants to accompany her. Ishita is tensed and doesn’t want him to come with her. She wants to have some evidences against Sahil.

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