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  • Tuesday, 16 April 2019

    Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke 16th April 2019 Written Update " Abeer's Anger On Meenakshi "

    Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke 16th April 2019 Written Update " Abeer's Anger On Meenakshi."

    Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke 16th April 2019 Written Update " Abeer's Anger On Meenakshi."

    A heated conversation takes place between Abeer and Meenakshi and he accuses his mother of her every deed.
    He shows her the tab with the pictures and Meenakshi was startled by this. He narrates the whole story that Meenakshi had seen Kuhu’s photos and that’s why she had made up all the plan. 

    Everyone steps in and he tells everyone the reality of Meenakshi. He tries to convince Kunal that she can’t let off the control over him and that is the reason she had done all the drama, she even can’t see anyone above her.

     Abeer gets very emotional as he tells her that due to Meenakshi everyone has to face a lot of trouble. He even clears off the things that Police was being called by Meenakshi. Kunal also tries to question Meenakshi but Parul tries to save her by taking all the blames on herself by making up a whole new story.

     Abeer can’t believe Parul but Kunal says that he had seen Parul in Abeer’s room that night. Meenakshi tries to slap Parul but Nanu stops her. Meenakshi gets a chance and gets saved and she again tries to save herself and acts to cry. Kunal takes her inside. Abeer was very disheartened.

    Kuhu and Mishti apologize to Vishambhar. He gifts them the gold bracelets as he was very proud of them for their great work. He says that now they will not communicate with Rajvansh’s. Abeer was immersed in Mishti’s thoughts. He thinks to call Mishti but stops herself as it was very late at night. Mishit was also recalling the day’s events.
    Kunal was trolling around the house and he breaks the conversation with Nanu. He says that he was very frustrated with always coming and making his mother and brother understand as they fight daily. Abeer steps in and apologizes to both Kunal and Nanu. Nanu tells him that today he has behaved very badly with Meenakshi and they suggest him to apologize to his mother.

    Meenakshi wakes up Parul from her sleep and apologizes to her. Both were discussing the day’s events. Parul tells Meenakshi that if Police had arrested Kuhu and Mishti then, it would have been very wrong. Meenakshi told Parul that if it might have happened then too Mr. Parekh would have not broken the alliance because if he would have done so, then, his business deal with the Rajvansh’s would have also gone for a toss.

    Next morning, Mishti and Kuhu were having cute little fights and they were discussing how dangerous Meenakshi was. They were comparing Meenakshi with the cruel mother-in-law of the daily soaps. Mishti was worried that how Meenakshi would react when she gets to know about the courtship thing.

    She takes advice from Kuhu and Kuhu guides her to stays with her thoughts and to be prepared if she even gets rejected. Kuhu makes her matrimonial profile and Mishti helps her to select the groom. Nishi was very excited and she was busy in the preparations for Ketaki’s Haldi ceremony.  Abeer comes to Meenakshi’s room while she was playing Veena with a glass of juice and he says sorry to her.
    Nanu visits the Maheshwari’s and apologizes to them and he was also thankful to Kuhu and Mishti. He invites them for Ketaki’s Haldi ceremony.

    Vishambhar was about to reject the proposal but Kunal steps in and tries to show them the positive angle of everything and tells them that it was all destined and since Mishti and Kuhu met at Pushkar, that’s why they all could meet and talk about the alliance. 

    Meenakshi and Abeer were having a very emotional conversation.

    Meenakshi forgives him and she says that she can never be angry with him. Abeer says that in spite he and his mom very different, but they both were connected emotionally. Meenakshi takes a promise from him and asks him to never leave her alone and she hugs him. But, still she was playing the game with everyone and she was doing drama of being emotional.

    Precap For Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke 17th April 2019 Written Update :

      Mishti tells Nanu that she wants to have Marital Courtship with Kunal to know him better. Abeer tells Meenakshi that instead of Nanu and Kunal, she must have visited the Maheshwari’s and must have apologized to them.

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