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  • Friday, 12 April 2019

    Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke 12th April 2019 Written Update "Abeer-Mishti's Dance Meenakshi's Evil Plan "

     Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke 12th April 2019 Written Update "Abeer-Mishti's Dance Meenakshi's Evil Plan."

    Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke 12th April 2019 Written Update "Abeer-Mishti's Dance Meenakshi's Evil Plan."

    Parul calls Meenakshi for some work in the kitchen. Rajeshri tries to initiate the conversation with Meenakshi but she refuses them saying that since it’s Ketaki’s sangeet ceremony hence, she doesn’t have much time to converse with them and they can talk later, saying this she leaves.

     Rajeshri was a little worried as she cannot put Mishti’s words in front of Meenakshi. Ketaki takes Kuhu and Mishti along with her and shows her house. Kuhu interrupts Mishti and Ketaki on using Behenji language and all three boasts in laughter.

    Ketaki’s mother-in-law puts the proposal of challenging the Rajvansh’s in the sangeet ceremony to Kuhu and Mishti and asks them to join her team. Kuhu was instantly ready but she says that Mishti is doubtful as she is going to get married in the Rajvansh family.

    Ketaki tells her MIL that they all three are friends and this surprises her, but, Mishti handles the situation by saying that they just met and became good friends and she consoles her that Kuhu and she are both with her.

    Abeer steps in the conversation and questions them that they have grouped up with the opposite team. Kuhu instantly says that since his mother has changed the relationship, hence, they have changed the group. Everyone gets quite on this and Kuhu leaves. Abeer stops Mishti and tells her that Kunal wants to talk to her but he was unable to express his emotions for Mishti.

     Mishti repents that she should have talked to Abeer first that she wants to talk and understand Kunal and she gets confused. Abeer was thankful to God that he was successful in making the alliance proposal proceed for Mishti and Kunal, but, Kuhu sees him and she finds that she and Abeer are alike. Abeer and Kuhu were having sweet quarrels as they would be dancing as the competitors. Both get disheartened when they think that Kunal and Mishti were together.

    Mishti finds Kunal and asks if he was finding her as told by Abeer but Kunal was amazed at this. Mishti tries to talk to him but, Kunal asks her about Kuhu and that he wants to meet her and apologize for his mother’s behavior. On being asked by Kunal, Mishti tells him that she thinks that they should meet and understand each other before marriage as they are complete strangers.

    Nidhi steps in and praises Kunal that he had saved Mishti’s life as Rajeshri had told everyone. Kunal was shocked at hearing this and he leaves in a hurry to go downstairs and meet his mom. Nidhi tells Mishti that she has selected the correct boy and that he was his mom’s favorite and she leaves as Ketaki calls her.

     Mishti was thoughtful if Rajeshri has spoken to Meenakshi regarding her courtship with Kunal. Abeer and Kuhu continue with their conversation as they kept challenging each other for the dance face off. They were discussing Nanu and Kunal. Kuhu gets emotional when Abeer says that one relationship doesn’t define us and she leaves. Abeer finds that Kuhu is the correct girl for Kunal as she can add spark to his life and cheer him up always.

    Meenakshi and Parul enter Abeer’s room to spy. Meenakshi recalls the incidences that Kunal has not visited London and was taking care of Mishti and this thing he has not shared with her. She doubts that like this incidence, Kunal might have hidden many more things from her. She says that this marriage alliance should be broken at any cost.

    Kunal was very frustrated as she had not told Meenakshi about the incidence and he repents that he must have told her everything before the sangeet ceremony but it’s too late now. Meenakshi was trying to find out something from Abeer’s room and Parul was guarding her, Kunal finds this out and he went to find out. Meenakshi finds Mishti’s earring in the pen stand and she says that this jhumka will be the cause to break the alliance.

    She tells herself that Maheshwari’s are wrong in thinking that they can control her son, they came all by themselves today with the alliance but, they themselves will go back today by breaking the alliance. She says that she will choose her daughter-in-law for this family and she will not accept the girl chosen by Abeer and Nanu. Kunal was about to reach Abeer’s room when he gets distracted by Kuhu’s voice and he walks in that direction. Meenakshi leaves the room with the jhumkas.


    Kunal finds Kuhu and she gets very emotional on seeing him. Kunal apologizes to her on the past incidence. Kuhu questions him that if he already liked Mishti then he should have told her prior and should have not involved Meenakshi in this. Kunal says that it’s all very complicated and he won’t be able to explain her the entire thing. He says that whatever happened was totally wrong and he was sorry that he rejected her. Kuhu says that he has not rejected her. Kunal says that she is correct and nobody can reject anyone. But, Kuhu says that if Kunal’s alliance will again come for her then, she will reject that. Kunal offers to be friends with Kuhu and she accepts that.

    The dance face-off starts between the girls and the boy’s team. Kuhu asks Mishti to be her dance partner. Meenakshi apologizes to Rajeshri that she is unable to spend time with her. The dance competition starts and everyone participates and enjoys.

    PRECAP For Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke 14th April 2019 Written Update :

    Mishti surprises Abeer that he was her only friend in this house. Police enter searching for Kuhu and Mishti.

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