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  • Monday, 15 April 2019

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 15th April 2019 Written Update " Naira Confront Puru Mama "

      Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 15th April 2019 Written Update " Naira Confront Puru Mama ."

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 15th April 2019 Written Update " Naira Confront Puru Mama ."

      Kartik encourages Naira to not be nervous and give her best for the presentation. On the other hand, Gayatri is feeling unwell.

    The whole family looks after her to make her feel better. Gayatri apologises to them that she troubled them a lot but still they are helping her. Devyani tells Gayatri that life is beautiful but sometimes you have to face some difficulties. Never hurt your near ones in those times because they will support you in every situation.

    Gayatri thanks them for the support. Elsewhere, Puru Mama and others are waiting for Naira to present the presentation. Suhasini doesn't like all of them getting busy with work during the wedding season. She wanted Naira to help them to make arrangements for the Heena ceremony but Kartik has involved her work, so she can't help them.

    Mansi asks Suhasini to stop Naira from joining the project but Suhasini doesn't want to ruin their relation with Puru Mama or spoil the family peace during such times of celebration. Naira is nervous for her presentation. Kartik encourages her. She gets blessings from Suhasini and Luv, Kush wishes her all the best.  Naira gives her presentation the whole family listens to her carefully.

    Meanwhile, Kartik is making arrangements for the Heena ceremony. Suhasini calls it Kalyug that wife is busy with business and husband is doing housework. But, Kartik tells her that this is not Kalyug, but Equality Yug.  As she ends her presentation, Puru Mama starts clapping for her. He moves ahead with open arms to hug Naira, but Kartik rushes to hug her before him and Puru Mama has to stop. Kartik and the whole family appreciates Naira for the presentation.
     Samarth tells Kartik that he doesn't want to spoil his excitement but they have to go for a meeting with Mr Bhatia. Mansi gets suspicious when Puru Mama encourages Kartik to meet Mr Bhatia even when he doesn't want to go. Kartik has to agree. Puru Mama tells Suhasini that Naira has to come with him to give the same presentation in front of his client, right away. But, Naira wants to stay home to make arrangements for Gayatri's Heena ceremony.

    Suhasini and Ila also ask Puru Mama to postpone the meeting to another day. But when Puru Mama says that the designs are so good that he doesn't want to wait. He wants the client to approve them and start the production immediately. Suhasini asks Naira to go with him as he too helped them to stand their business. Kartik tells Naira that he will end his meeting soon and when she'll return from the presentation, they will start arrangements for the wedding together.

    Naira has to agree.  But she gets nervous when Ila tells her that she can't come with them because she has an important video conference. Mansi wants to stop Naira but before she may do so, Naira has left with Puru Mama. She starts searching for her phone to call Naira and warn her.
    On the way to the office, when Naira asks Puru Mama about the clients, he tells her that the meeting got cancelled. Naira gets shocked when Puru Mama makes an excuse that he got a message about the meeting being cancelled because he didn't even read the message. Puru Mama tells Naira that they'll go to have ice cream for celebration and then they'll return home.

    Naira receives a message from Kartik that his meeting has been cancelled. She receives a call Mansi but before she may answer the call, Puru Mama snatches her mobile and asks her to talk to her. Naira suspects his intentions.

    She asks Puru Mama to take her home because it's time for her medicines and she forgot them at home. Puru Mama takes a turn to a strange way making the excuse of a shortcut.

    Later, Naira and Puru Mama return home. Puru Mama tells Naira that she broke his heart. Naira tells me anyone else had tried to do what he did, she would have broken his bones. She threatens Puru Mama to expose him and tell everything from the first day she touched his feet to everything that happened till the date.

    She will tell Kartik that the Puru Mama whom he respects so much is a wretched human being. Ila listens to them talking. She can't believe what Naira said and gets angry over her for making false allegations on her father.

    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 16th April 2019 Written Update :

    How will Kartik react after learning Puru Mama's reality?

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