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  • Wednesday, 17 April 2019

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 17th April Written Update " Raman To Find Out Ishita's Truth "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 17th April Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 17th April Written Update 

      " Raman To Find Out Ishita's Truth "

    The episode begins with Shagun telling Ruhi that she has checked the hospital but didn't find Seema to Abir's names on their list.

    Ruhi doesn't understand why Seema's phone is switched off. Shagun asks her not to worry as Seema will be okay. She plans to meet Ishita in the Bhalla house.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 17th April March 2019

     Simmi panic thinking of Ishita's behavior. Ruhi asks her about Ishita. Simmi ignores her and cuts her finger while chopping vegetables. Shagun comes and asks Simmi to be careful. Simmi wants to say something to Ruhi and Shagun. But Ishita comes and Simmi panic.

     Ishita asks her to tell whatever she wants to tell. Simmi gets scared and changes the topic. Shagun wants to talk to Ishita about her tour in London. Ishita tells that she would love to talk to her but is busy and leaves for the clinic. Simmi goes to her room. Shagun finds Simmi's behavior to be odd. Simmi panics and fears about Ishita's behavior.

    She receives a text from Ishita where she is asked to keep her mouth shut as CCTV and mics are fitted into the house. Ishita mentions her name as Shaina Shah (SS) in the text. Simmi understands that this Ishita is fake. Ranbir meets Yug to hand over his parcel to him. Yug opens the parcel and finds a bullet in it. Ranbir himself doesn't know anything about the parcel as it was in Vishal's house. Yug reads the card where it's written that he has to come to a party to know the rest of it.

    Yug fears if his past has come back to him. Raman spies on Yug to know his motives. Yug decides to find out who has sent him the parcel. Ranbir decides to accompany Yug in the party. Raman doesn't understand what's going on and decides to follow Yug in the party. Shagun knocks at Simmi's room. She asks her if everything is okay.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Telly Update 17th April 2019

     Simmi brings her into her room and decides to tell Shagun about Shaina Shah. As she goes to tell Shagun about the fake Ishita, she receives a text from Shaina. Simmi goes to the washroom and fears of Shaina's threat. She feels helpless. Shagun asks her if she's alright. Simmi comes from the washroom and tells Shagun that she's fine. Simmi makes an excuse and tells Shagun that she isn't feeling well for few days and wants to visit a doctor.

      Raman comes home and finds Aliya and Ruhi laughing at Yug's jokes. Aliya goes to bring juice for Raman. Yug receives a call and remembers that he has to go to a party. Aliya wants to accompany but Yug makes an excuse to avoid her. Ruhi asks Aliya to let him go as they will watch a movie. Raman decides to follow Yug to the party.

     Shagun insists Simmi to share her problems. Simmi receives a text from Shaina where she writes that she can see Shagun and her talking to each other through CCTV. Shagun asks Simmi to show her the phone. Simmi understands that if she tells Shagun about Shaina then she will kill Shagun along with her. Ishita comes to Simmi's room and tells Shagun that she came back to talk to her. Simmi gets scared when Ishita opens her bag to take out the thermometer.

     Ishita tells Simmi that she should stop watching horror films at night. Shagun believes Ishita's words and asks Simmi to take rest. Before leaving, Ishita warns Simmi not to tell her identity to anyone. Raman tells Ishita about Yug. Ishita gets angry and goes to face Yug. She asks Yug to get out from their house as he's not allowed to harm Aliya. As Ishita pushes Yug, Aliya shouts and tells her to leave her Adi or else she will cut her hand with the knife. Aliya cuts her vein and Raman shouts.

     So far he imagined the whole situation starting from telling Ishita about Yug and Aliya's madness to hurt herself. Ishita asks Raman if everything is okay. Ruhi goes to make coffee for Ishita. Raman decides to make an excuse in front of Ishita so that he can go out to follow Yug. Ishita receives a text from Isabella where she's asked to meet her.

    She worries about how she will go out at night. She pretends in front of Raman that her patient is badly injured and needed to rush to the hospital. Raman finds it to be the best chance to go out without even lying to Ishita. Ishita leaves. Karan doesn't find any trace of Seema in private hospitals. A drunk Rohan asks Karan to stop working and come home with him.

    He asks Karan about Seema. Karan tells him about Seema's matter and how he promised Ruhi to help her find Seema. Rohan suggests Karaninvite Ruhi for dinner in their house. Karan doesn't think it to be a good idea. Rohan asks Karan to be more close with Ruhi and promises that he will not drink in front of her. Karan tells him that he will think about the plan.

    Rohan leaves for home. Karan decides to invite Ruhi in their house so that Rohan thinks that he's following his plans. Rohan decides to go according to his plan when Ruhi will come to their house. Raman secretly comes out of the house and thank God that no one has seen him coming out of the house. He decides to follow Yug.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 18th April Written Update :

    Yug and Ranbir reach the party spot. Yug decides to enter first and asks Ranbir to wait outside. They plan to stay connected to each other through call. Raman enters into the party.

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