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  • Friday, 12 April 2019

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 12th April Written Update " Sahil's Evil Plan Raman is Ready "

     Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 12th April Written Update " Sahil's Evil Plan Raman is Ready "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 12th April Written Update " Sahil's Evil Plan Raman is Ready "

      The episode begins in Seema's house. Seema informs her that her parents have rejected Abir and went away from the house.
     She tells that Abir has also left the house. Ruhi tries to console her. Seema seems to be in distress and asks Ruhi for favour. She asks Ruhi to keep her bag as she will run away with Abir to marry him. Ruhi thinks that it's wrong and hesitates. 

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 12th April March 2019

    She takes Seema's bag and keeps it on her car. Manish clicks photos of both of them with the bag. Ruhi suggests Seema talk to her parents instead of running away. Manish doesn't know what's inside the bag.

    Ruhi reaches home and takes out Seema's bag. Seema calls her and asks her to keep the bag inside the car only to avoid queries of her parents. Ruhi thinks Seema to be correct. Bablu, Sahil's goon clicks Ruhi's picture. Ruhi decides to talk to Seema the next day about her decision of leaving the house. Bablu informs Sahil that Ruhi has reached home and kept the bag inside the car. Sahil plans to ruin the life of the Bhallas with the help of the bag. Simmi looks for Raman in the breakfast table. Ruhi tells that he's busy with the problem of the workers.

    Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to call someone to repair her room's TV. Raman comes. Simmi asks him to have breakfast. Raman refuses as he has to solve the problem of the workers as he can't afford to incur a loss by closing the factory. He decides to fulfill the demand of the workers. Ruhi comes to know that the workers are forced for a hunger strike by the Union leaders. Raman, Yug, and Ruhi leave for the office. Mani and Shagun also reach there.

    The workers shout taking Raman's name and start a strike. Mr. Sharma asks Raman to fulfill the demand of the workers and also wants him to go down to plead for the apology for slapping him. Raman won't apologize to Mr. Sharma. Ruhi apologizes on behalf of Raman. Mr. Sharma behaves rudely towards her. Raman warns him not to show his attitude towards his daughter.

     Mr. Sharma makes him clear that without his apology, the workers won't go for work and will die going on a hunger strike. Samsad calls Mr. Sharma to know what's going on in Raman's company. Mr. Sharma informs Sahil that he has been following his instructions properly. 

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Telly Update 12th April 2019

    Sahil appreciates and asks him to make a video when Raman will apologize to him. He asks Mr. Sharma if Ishita is present with Raman. Sahil asks him to find out where Ishita is and inform him immediately.

    Raman doesn't understand what's going on. Ruhi asks him not to apologize to Mr. Sharma. Yug agrees with Ruhi. Shagun thinks that it's better to apologize for Raman as issues will increase with the continuation of hunger strike. Staff comes to tell Sweta to call Ishita to handle Raman. Sweta informs her that Ishita is in London. Sahil comes to know that Ishita is in abroad and gets angry at the Bhallas for lying him about her whereabouts.

      Shagun thinks that Raman shouldn't make it a big deal and apologize to Mr. Sharma. She asks him to think about the company. Mani doesn't agree with Shagun. Ruhi thinks that there's no need for Raman to apologize. Sahil asks Seema whether Ruhi doubted about the bag. Seema tells that it's beyond her dreams to think what's inside the bag. Sahil asks her to call Ruhi after one hour to meet at Meena Chaw market as the place remains crowdy that time. He asks Seema to be careful. Seema asks him not to worry. Sahil asks Samsad if Seema can execute the plan properly. Samsad thinks that if she cares for her own life, she will make the plan work. Ruhi ignores Seema's call and informs Raman that not a single worker has eaten foods or drunk water.

    She worries about the workers' health. Raman gets an idea. He calls Simmi and asks her to involve Mihika and Mrs. Bhalla for cooking for all of his workers, staffs and for them too. Mihika and Simmi start arranging for cooking. Shagun thinks it to be a nice idea to win the heart of the workers. Seema calls Ruhi again and asks her to meet at the Meena Chaw market beside Mahesh Paan shop. Ruhi says that it's not possible for her to come. Seema tells her that Abir and she have decided to run away that night as her parents are out for few hours.

    Shagun asks Ruhi to meet her friend and come soon. Ruhi leaves to meet her. Sahil comes to know that Raman is planning to make the workers eat by arranging for meals for them from his house. He asks Samsad to mix poison with the food coming from Raman's house. Samsad shows him photos send by Manish. Ruhi waits for Seema to come.

    Seema comes covering her face and meets Ruhi. Ruhi asks her if her decision of running away from her parents is right. Seema thinks that everything will be alright if she marries Abir. She thanks Ruhi for helping her. Ruhi gives Seema her bag. Manish clicks photos of Ruhi. Ruhi and Seema bid each other goodbye and leave for their respective destination. Seema keeps the bag in front of a shop and leaves.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 15th April Written Update :

     Samsad asks staff to mix the poison on the foods brought by Simmi. Raman requests his workers to have food.

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