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  • Thursday, 11 April 2019

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 11th April Written Update " Ruhi Is Targeted Raman Gets Furious "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 11th April Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 11th April Written Update " Ruhi Is Targeted Raman Gets Furious. "

     The episode begins in Raman's office. Raman asks a few office staffs about the reason for the strike. No one answers to him.
    Mr. Sharma asks Raman to raise the wages of the workers, make less duration of work hours and free medical insurance to every worker. Raman tells him that he has increased the salaries of the workers just a few months back. He is ready to provide medical insurance. Mr. Sharma isn't ready to stop the strike until all the demands are fulfilled. Ruhi gets a letter secretly from staff while M. Sharma was leaving.

    She reads the letter and understands that the workers are forced to sit for a strike. She doubts Mr. Sharma for forcing the workers. Raman doesn't think that Mr. Sharma has the guts to do this and thinks that there is someone else who's ordering Mr. Sharma. Sahil appreciates Samsad for bribing Mr. Sharma in favor of them. He decides to keep Raman busy with his factory workers and in that chance, he's going to torture the rest of the Bhallas.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 11th April March 2019

     Samsad informs him that Seema and Abir have left for their work. According to Raman's strategy, Ruhi brings insurance forms and heads towards the office. But her car stops due to some issue. Two men riding a bike taunt Ruhi in middle of the road. Ruhi ignores them and focuses on repairing the car. 

    The men walk towards her and pull her hand to come with them. A car stops seeing Ruhi in the problem. A couple comes out and save Ruhi from the two men. Ruhi recognizes Seema and they hug each other happily. Seema introduces Abir as his boyfriend.

     Abir goes to check Ruhi's car. Seema and Ruhi talk about their personal life. Seema says Ruhi that Abir and she want to get married but her parents are against their relationship. Ruhi thinks Abir to be a nice guy. Abir informs Ruhi that her car is alright now but someone must have done something wrong with the wires. Ruhi thanks Abir and asks Seema to stay in touch with them. Manish clicks photos of three of them together and informs Sahil that their first phase of operation is working well. He tells Manish that Ruhi didn't doubt about the sudden meeting with Seema and Abir. Sahil asks him to be careful with the next phase of their operation.

    He plans to put Ruhi in a big trap and wants Raman to come to him by himself to inform him about Muskan's murderer. Ruhi reaches the office and gives the insurance papers to Raman. She doesn't want to their work to get stopped by Sahil's threats. Raman hopes that everything goes well. Seema informs Sahil that Ruhi didn't doubt her and can't imagine that she's his gang member. Sahil asks her to do the instructed work by tonight and asks him to come to his place to know what has to be done from Samsad. Raman asks the workers to fill up the insurance forms and after two days his agent is going to collect the forms with their medical examinations done.
    He tells that medical insurance will be done but the rest of the two demands can't be fulfilled. Raman promises to plan an increment structure of the workers' salaries. Ruhi requests Mr. Rampal, old office staff to tell her the reason for the strike. Mr. Sharma asks Raman to write in a paper that he has agreed with the workers' demand. Ruhi tells Mr. Sharma that they know their workers and so need not to prove it to him about their promises.

     Mr. Sharma tells that until they write it on a paper, the strike will continue and no work will start. Raman gets angry. Ruhi calms him down and asks the workers to tell her their problems. Mr. Sharma asks Ruhi to shut up or else he will make her shut. Raman slaps him hard.

      Aliya and Yug come out of the hospital where Yug went for Aliya's checkup without letting her realize. Rohan comes and asks them if they were here for Aliya's checkup. Yug says that he went to the doctor for anxiety. Rohan tries to hint Aliya that she is mentally unstable. Yug asks him to come home and there they will talk. Rohan hats off to Aliya for staying with Yug who can be dangerous due to mental illness. Aliya asks him not to worry as Yug loves her very much.

     Aliya and Yug leave. Mr. Sharma threatens Raman for slapping him. Ruhi tries to control Raman. Mr. Sharma leaves. Mr. Rampal can't start working as they are forced to do this strike. The workers leave one by one. Simmi and Mihika can't connect with Ishita to see her award ceremony. Aliya thinks that it's good that Ishita's call isn't going through or else she will ask about Ruhi and Raman. Mrs. Bhalla thinks Aliya to be right. Raman and Ruhi reach home. Simmi asks if everything is okay. Ruhi gets Seema's call. Seema asks Ruhi to come over her place as Abir is also meeting her parents.

    Ruhi disagrees first but with Seema's insistence, she agrees to come. Sahil asks Seema to be careful. Ruhi tells Raman about Seema's insistence to come to her place. Raman thinks that she should go for a change. Karan comes to the Bhalla house at night. He asks Raman if he can help him with the strike by sending his workers to Raman's office. Bala agrees with Karan. Karan sees Ruhi coming out dressed well. Ruhi asks him about his health.

     As there is no driver, Karan insists Ruhi that he will drop her. He leaves and follows Ruhi. He thanks Ruhi for taking care of him. Ruhi thinks that it was her responsibility as he saved Aliya and her. Ruhi thinks that it's not a big deal. She leaves. Karan feels that he's thinking about Ruhi and her family too much.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 12th April Written Update :

     Ruhi takes out a bag from Seema's house and keeps it on the car. Manish clicks the photos of both Seema and Ruhi with the bag and doubts what's inside the bag. Sahil plans to ruin Ruhi's life with the help of the bag.

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