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  • Monday, 4 March 2019

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 4th March 2019 Written Update " Raman-Ishita's Argument Over Yug "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 4th March 2019 Written Update " Raman-Ishita's Argument Over Yug."

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 4th March 2019 Written Update " Raman-Ishita's Argument Over Yug."

     The episode begins in front of the clinic. Aliya still doesn't believe Ishita and thinks that her Adi is back so she won't let him go. Yug thanks Aliya for trusting him.
    He tells that Ishita has changed. Ishita asks him to stop his drama. She tells Yug that he is misguiding Aliya in the name of love. She tells him to tell the truth before it's too late for Aliya. Yug shouts and tells her that he is Adi and Aliya's trust is enough for him.

    Aliya asks Yug to avoid everyone and takes him to the clinic. Karan finds his hired goons coming running without the baby. The goons tell him that the whole Bhalla family has beaten them up. Karan goes to see the situation. Ranbir and Vishal ask Yug to stop playing with Aliya's emotion. 

    Karan is confused to see all of them together.
     Yug claims that he doesn't know what Ranbir and Vishal are saying and calls them a liar. He claims to be Adi and asks them to find their friend. Aliya asks Yug not to give any explanation to anyone. Karan is impressed by Yug's drama and leaves. Yug asks Aliya to leave the place as he doesn't feel well there. Mrs. Bhalla is thankful to God that the baby is saved.

    Raman worries where Aliya is. Ruhi gets to know from Aliya's call that Yug and she are out for a drive. Ishita doesn't understand why Aliya is out with Yug. Raman shouts at Ishita for poking her nose on them. Ranbir and Vishal come to Bhalla house.

     Ishita asks them about Yug's intention. Ruhi tells her that Ranbir is the person whom she gave the responsibility of the fake attack. Mihika comes and shouts at Ruhi for risking the baby's life. Ruhi apologizes to her. Ishita asks Ranbir about Yug. Vishal tells them that Yug is an orphan and stays at his house most of the time.
     Ishita wants to talk to Yug's uncle and aunt so that they can make Yug understand. 
    Raman feels bad for Yug as he doesn't have a family to care for him. Mr. Bhalla suggests accepting Yug as they all know the truth that he isn't Adi and is an orphan too. Ishita is confused. Mrs. Bhalla feels that after Yug's arrival, Adi's space has been filled with light partially. Ishita calls Yug a fraud and they shouldn't allow him to stay with Aliya.

    Raman tells her that they will tell the truth to Aliya when the time comes but it's okay to accept Yug as he reminds them of Adi. Mihika suggests that Aliya should know the truth of Yug by spending time with him and gradually she will find out the truth. Mani thinks that she is right. Everyone agrees to this. Ishita worries about Aliya.

    Yug speaks to Karan over the phone and tells him that his goons have attacked him. He is shocked to know that the goons have come to kidnap the baby. He makes Karan clear about the fact that he's here for Aliya and doesn't want to harm the Bhallas. Karan pretends to apologize and asks Yug to take care of his friends.

     Aliya brings coffee for both of them. She tells him that she won't leave him anyway. Yug tells her that he is disturbed as everyone is calling him by the name of Yug. He blames Ishita for bringing Ranbir and Vishal as his friends to prove his fraud. Aliya still trusts Yug and thinks that he's her Adi. She doesn't want to lose him like earlier.
    She goes to bring coffee for him again. Rohan keeps an eye on Yug and Aliya. Bala finds Rohan on their building compound. He asks him to come home but Rohan denies as he can't see Aliya with Yug. He asks Bala why they can't throw Yug out of their house.
     Bala tells him that it isn't easy as Aliya was in shock after Adi's death and after seeing Yug, her emotions have burst out. Bala thinks that it is impossible to make Aliya understand as Adi was her first love. Rohan tells him that he loves Aliya and he's her husband too. Bala asks him if he can take Aliya forcefully from Yug. He can understand Rohan's pain but asks him to give Aliya some time. Rohan tells him that he loves Aliya truly and he worries if he has to wait for her for his lifetime. Rohan leaves. Ishita worries as Aliya hasn't reached home yet. Raman asks her to relax as Yug isn't cheating Aliya.

     He tells Ishita that Yug has saved the baby's life at his own life risk. He tells her that there's no harm when he is lying for his love. Ishita can't forgive Yug as he's trying to take Adi's place. Raman mistakenly blames Ishita for Adi's death.
    He apologizes and tells her that God has sent Yug in Adi's resemblance. Ishita doesn't think that any relationship can go forward as it has started with a lie. Aliya and Yug reach home. Ishita asks Aliya where she was as they were worried. Aliya ignores Ishita and tells Raman that she was out with Adi and they needn't wait for them.  Aliya takes Yug for putting ointment in his burnt hand.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 5th March 2019 Written Update :

    Ishita tells Aliya that if Yug was Adi then Raman and she have supported him. Aliya wants to listen to her heart now as she can't lose Adi again. Aliya gives Adi's bracelet to Yug. Yug thanks Aliya.

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