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  • Thursday, 7 March 2019

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 7th March 2019 Written Update " Ishita Searches for Raman Found a Body "

     Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 7th March 2019 Written Update " Ishita Searches for Raman Found a Body ."

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 7th March 2019 Written Update " Ishita Searches for Raman Found a Body ."

      The episode begins in the building compound of the Bhallas. Ishita wants to stop Yug from getting close to Aliya.
     Ruhi stops her as finding Raman is their main aim. Yug asks Aliya to keep smiling always and tries to show off their closeness to Rohan. Aliya and Yug go inside. Ishita apologizes to Rohan for Aliya's behavior and hopes that she will understand everything soon.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 6th March 2019

     Karan asks Ishita to stop giving false hope to Rohan as Aliya has completely forgotten him. Vishal and Ranbir open the lock and find Yug's uncle and aunt. Yug's uncle puts blame on Raman for locking them inside.
     Yug's aunt tells that they don't want to stay here anymore as Raman has threatened to kill them. Vishal asks them to come with him. Ranbir decides to call Ruhi. Rohan doesn't want to lose hope as his love isn't weak and he's ready to wait.
    He tells that Yug is very clever and has trapped Aliya badly. He promises to save Aliya from the trap. Ishita supports Rohan and is always there with him. Ruhi takes Ishita aside and tells her what Ranbir has informed her over the call. Ishita thinks that Raman can't lock Yug's uncle and aunt and threaten them to kill. She decides to go to Raman.

    Ruhi wants to accompany her but Ishita asks her to stay and handle everything there. Ishita leaves. She worries about Raman and his anger as he does anything when he's angry. The day crossed and Ishita feels helpless unable to find Raman. She doesn't get any reply from Raman.
     She sends a voice note to him saying that if he doesn't reply her back then she's going to the police to file a missing diary against him. She worries for Raman as five hours have passed. Ishita gets a call from Raman and gets to know that his car has been breakfailed. Ishita asks him to tell where he is and then suddenly she hears a sound of car getting crashed and the call gets disconnected.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Telly Update 6th March 2019

    She cries in fear and doesn't understand where she should go to find Raman. She gets a call from Rohan and cries in pain. Ishita tells him that she doesn't know where Raman is and his car got breakfailed.
    She asks Rohan to do something. Rohan asks her to calm down as he will track Rohan's location through a friend's help. Ruhi gets irritated at Aliya as she keeps on asking what has happened. Aliya apologizes to Ruhi as she thought that Ruhi is stressed.
    Ruhi feels sorry for overreacting at Aliya and tells her that she's stressed for Raman and Ishita. She tells Aliya that Ishita has gone to find Raman and prays that nothing happens to both of them. Yug doubts if Karan is the mastermind behind what has happened.
     Sudha shouts at Karan for break failing Raman's car. Karan tells her that he did so to shake the Bhallas as they are continuously giving hope to Rohan to wait for Aliya. She thinks Karan to be a fool and tells that if something happens to Raman then the blame will be on Yug.

    She tells that whenever Police will inquiry Yug, then he may tell the truth to them and blame Karan. Karan worries and panics as he hasn't thought about the matter deeply.
     Karan gets a call from Yug. Yug blames him for ruining Raman and Ishita's life. Karan pretends to be unknown of what Yug is saying. Yug asks him to tell the truth.
     Karan denies doing anything with Raman as he was with Rohan. Yug asks him not to harm the Bhallas as if anything wrong happens to them then he would inform the police.
     Karan gets angry at Yug and tells him that he can end his drama of being Adi. He tells Yug to find out Raman instead of blaming him. Yug goes to find out Raman. Sudha wants to handle the situation. Rohan takes Ishita along with him to find Raman.
     Ranbir and Vishal come to meet Ruhi and tell her that Raman's life is in danger. Vishal tells Ruhi that they have come to know that someone has done something wrong with Raman's car. Ishita and Rohan reach the location but doesn't find Raman's car.

    Ruhi worries for Raman. Aliya thinks that they should go to find out Raman. Ruhi calls Ishita and Rohan talks to her. He tells her not to panic as Raman's car has break failed. Ishita asks Rohan to check forward. Ruhi doesn't want Yug to come along.
     Yug thinks that it's important to find Raman now. Aliya agrees and they leave. Ishita sees a crashed car and asks Rohan if it is Raman's car. They get down from the car and go running to check Raman's car. Rohan doesn't find Raman in the car. He picks up Raman's phone and Ishita cries for Raman. Rohan thinks that someone has taken Raman from here to the hospital.
    He informs Ruhi and takes Ishita to the police station. Ishita asks the inspector to find out Raman and tells him about the accident. The inspector asks her to relax as they are trying to find out Raman. Ruhi and Aliya also reach there. They all go to the waiting room. The inspector informs the Ishita that a dead body is found. Ruhi and Aliya support Ishita.
    The inspector wants Ishita to check the body from the morgue whether it is of Raman. Ishita gets numb. Rohan and Yug wait outside. Ishita, Ruhi and Aliya get inside the morgue nervously to verify the dead body.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 8th March 2019 Written Update :

     The inspector requests Ishita to identify the unknown body. Ruhi thinks that it can't be her father. As the inspector removed the cover from the dead body, Ishita howls in pain.

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