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  • Tuesday, 5 March 2019

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 5th March 2019 Written Update "Ishita's Plan Again Failed Yug Turns the Table "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 5th March 2019 Written Update "Ishita's Plan Again Failed Yug Turns the Table ."

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 5th March 2019 Written Update "Ishita's Plan Again Failed Yug Turns the Table ."

    The episode begins in the Bhalla house. Ishita finds Shagun in their house early in the morning. Shagun tells Ishita that Aliya wanted her own mangalsutra as she thinks that she should wear it when Adi is back.
    Ishita approaches to Aliya to ask what's wrong with her. Aliya tells her that Adi has come back and she should wear her mangalsutra. Ishita tells her that Yug isn't their Adi and explains to her that if Yug were Adi then Raman and she would have supported him the most.

    Aliya doesn't want to listen to her like last time so she decides to listen to her heart and trusts that Adi is real. Shagun also tries to make her understand that Adi is dead. Aliya requests both of them to stop making her understand. Shagun thinks that they should do something to expose Yug before it's too late. Ishita is worried about Aliya's emotion.
     Yug greets them good morning. Ishita requests Yug to leave their house and asks him what amount he needs to leave the house. Yug makes fun of Ishita and describes the situation to be an old Hindi film. She also asks him to get lost. Yug says that he needs Aliya, not money.
    Meanwhile, Aliya comes and ties Adi's bracelet in Yug's hand. Ishita pokes Aliya and reminds her that the bracelet belongs to Adi. Aliya tells her that as it's Adi's bracelet so she is tieing it in his hand. Yug thanks Aliya. Aliya takes him for breakfast. Ishita finds a way to stop Yug and takes Shagun with her.

    Sudha gives Rohan the responsibility of heading that day's meeting and makes him understand the details of the file. She finds Rohan to be inattentive. She asks him not to hurt himself for Aliya who has accepted Yug as her husband. Rohan gets angry at Sudha for her nuisance words. Sudha asks him to forget Aliya.
    Rohan blames Sudha for everything that happened as she only separated Aliya and him. Karan tells Rohan that Sudha doesn't have any fault in this. Rohan asks Karan and Sudha to leave him alone and leaves from the office. Sudha asks Karan to let him go. Karan asks her to relax. Yug sents the picture of the bracelet to Karan.
     Karan calls him and gets to know that Aliya has given him Adi's bracelet to wear. Yug tells Karan that Aliya loves him so much that she was ready to argue with Ishita and Raman. Yug tells him that Ishita was trying to bribe him by money for leaving the house but he disagreed. Karan tells Sudha that Aliya is completely in love with Yug and Rohan is out from her life.

     Sudha advices him to execute his plans quickly as Ishita won't sit quietly. Ishita and Shagun go to meet Ranbir and Vishal for help. Ishita tells them that if Yug's uncle could make him understand not to cheat Aliya. 

    Vishal promises to bring them and takes Ranbir with him. Shagun is worried about their plan. Ishita knows that Yug loves Aliya but they shouldn't allow a fraud to stay in their house.

    Ruhi comes to talk to Yug. Yug calls her rockstar sister. Ruhi tells him that she isn't her sister and warns him to leave the house before she throws him out. Aliya comes and asks Ruhi what the matter is. She tells Ruhi to behave properly with her brother.
     Ruhi tells her that Yug isn't her brother and leaves. Yug tells Aliya that he wants her to support the most. Ishita and Shagun meet with Yug's uncle and aunt and tells them the whole situation. 

    Yug's uncle calls him to be stupid and tells that they will make Yug understand. Raman arrives and finds every family member in the living room.
    Ishita tells him that Yug's uncle and aunt are going to come. Raman thinks that it's better that Aliya knows the truth. Ranbir and Vishal wait for Yug's uncle and aunt in the Bhalla's building compound. Vishal wants to take out Yug from his mistake as he's cheating Aliya. Raman gets emotional and thinks that Yug should leave the house for Aliya's well being.
     Yug's uncle and aunt arrive in the Bhalla house. Ruhi calls Aliya. Aliya calls Ranbir and Vishal fraud and thinks that Ishita has hired them. Ishita introduces Aliya to Yug's uncle and aunt. Yug sees them from his room and worries. Ruhi goes to call Yug. Yug arrives. Yug's uncle says that why he should call Yug to be his nephew.

    Everyone gets shocked as Yug's uncle changes his words. Yug's uncle calls Yug to be Adi. Everyone is surprised. Ishita asks him what he's saying. Yug's uncle asks them why they want him to lie. Raman asks him if Yug is his son Adi. Ishita asks him to stop lying as Adi is no more alive.
    Yug's uncle tells her that they have met Yug few months before in a very bad health condition. He tells the Bhallas that Yug was shot by a gun and blood was coming out from his body and that's why he saved him out of humanity.
    Yug's uncle keeps telling that after Yug gained his consciousness, he kept on telling Aliya's name and didn't remember anything else. Ruhi doesn't trust Yug's uncle. Aliya misunderstands Ishita and asks her to stop lying about Adi. She takes Yug with her as she is feeling weird.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 6th March 2019 Written Update :

     Yug's uncle gives Raman a weird look. Raman asks him why he's staring at him in a way as if he has asked him to lie. Yug tells Aliya that his heart beats only for her.

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