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  • Monday, 11 March 2019

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 11th March 2019 Written Update " Raman-Ishita's Plan Yug Leaves House "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 11th March 2019 Written Update " Raman-Ishita's Plan Yug Leaves House ."

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 11th March 2019 Written Update " Raman-Ishita's Plan Yug Leaves House ."

    The episode begins in the Bhalla house. Inspector comes in there for investigation. Raman tells that Yug's uncle and aunt can't breakfast his car as he was with them at that time.

    Ishita tells the inspector about the shopkeeper who has seen the criminal. The inspector tells her that the shopkeeper couldn't see the face of the person. He asks Ishita if she has any doubt on someone. Raman tells him that they don't have any clue.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 11th March 2019

    After everyone leaves Ishita asks Raman why he's saving Yug. Raman tells her that they don't have any clue against Yug. He asks her to calm down and think about Aliya. Ishita doesn't want Aliya to get broken more as she's in emotional trauma.

     She asks Raman to take rest. Rohan tells Karan that Raman isn't well and will take time to recover. Karan gets afraid when he comes to know from Rohan that police has come for the investigation. Karan asks him about the criminal. Rohan doesn't understand why Karan is worrying for Raman. Karan says that he doesn't want anything wrong happens to the Bhallas.

     Rohan asks him whether he has any involvement in the case. He warns Karan and tells him that if he finds out any involvement of him then he won't spare him. Sudha asks Rohan how he can doubt his own brother as Karan only has called the ambulance and doctor for Raman. Sudha stops Rohan and tells him that he should stop helping the Bhallas as their own son Adi is back.

    She asks him to concentrate on their business and also warns him to stay away from Aliya. She tells Rohan that there's nothing left in his marriage with Aliya and so asks him to stop meeting her. Sudha yells at Karan for being stupid and asks him to order Yug. She tells him that he should learn from her. Raman calls Ishita. Aliya goes to check him but Yug stops her as Raman wants Ishita.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Telly Update 11th March 2019

    They hide at the corner. Ishita comes and Raman tells her that his shoulder is paining. Ishita massages his shoulder. Yug and Aliya peep to see what's going on. Raman tells that he has saved the doctor's expense. Ishita understands that Raman was pretending to be in pain. Raman says that he loves her. Aliya finds them cute. Yug tells her that Raman and Ishita love each other very much and can't stay without each other.

     Yug tells Aliya that he feels lost whenever she's not around. Suddenly the vase falls and Ishita sees Aliya outside their room. She calls Aliya inside. Aliya and Yug come inside the room. Ishita asks Yug to bring the toast for Raman from the downstairs. Aliya accompanies Yug to bring the toast. Raman asks Ishita why she is being so stressed.

    Ruhi comes to see Raman along with Ranbir and Vishal. Ranbir asks Raman about his health. He tells him that they are feeling guilty as they could have helped them to expose Yug. Vishal tells Raman that they have spoken to Yug's uncle and aunt about the car's defect but they couldn't tell them the truth. Raman asks him not to worry as police are doing his work.

      Yug comes to Raman's room with some flowers and is shocked to see Ranbir and Vishal. Vishal tells Yug that a courier has come for him. Yug tells him that the courier doesn't belong to him as he's Adi, not Yug. Ishita asks him not to pretend to be Adi as Aliya isn't there at home. She tells him that they know the truth and asks him to leave with his friends.

     Ishita tells him that they won't charge any case against him for being fraud. Ranbir and Vishal also try to convince him to come home with them. Yug asks Ishita that why she can't accept the fact that he's Adi. He keeps the flowers and leaves the room. Raman asks Ishita to leave. But Ishita doesn't want to leave Yug and follows him to the hall. Ishita asks Yug that how long he will lie to her family. She tells him that if she accepts the fact that he loves Aliya then what kind of love is this as he's cheating Aliya.

    Ishita warns Yug but Yug tells her that she can do anything she wants as he's Adi. Ishita calls him a fraud as he's hurting Aliya in the name of love. Yug tells them that he loves Aliya. Ranbir asks him to stop his drama and requests him to leave. Yug doesn't accept Ranbir and Vishal as his friends. Ishita tells that it's her fault not to put Yug in jail. Meanwhile, Aliya comes and asks Ishita to stop. She tells Ishita that she can't hurt Adi. She blames Ishita for torturing and pressurizing Adi by calling Ranbir and Yug. Aliya doubts Ishita whether she ever loved Adi.

    She hurts Ishita telling that she can never love Adi as Adi isn't her real son and so didn't think about him before shooting him earlier. Ishita goes to slap him and Raman stops her. Aliya asks Ishita to slap her. Raman asks Aliya to listen to them as they know that Yug isn't Adi. Aliya tells them that Adi is her happiness and if Yug isn't her Adi then also she doesn't have any problem as for her he's her Adi. Aliya tells Raman that she has decided to leave the house along with Yug.

     Rohan gets hurt thinking of Aliya and Yug together. Sudha comes and consoles Rohan saying that Aliya doesn't love him. She requests him to forget Aliya. Rohan says that it's not easy. Sudha asks him to move on. She tells Rohan that she wishes to throw a party and invite the eligible girls for him. Rohan gets irritated. Sudha requests to give his agreement for the party and it may happen that he will end up liking someone. Rohan asks Sudha to understand him as he's Aliya's husband and loves her very much.

     He can't leave her and is ready to wait for Aliya. Rohan leaves. Sudha decides to do something to make him clear that Aliya belongs to Yug completely. Ishita asks Aliya that how she can leave her family for Yug. Aliya tells her that he's Adi, not Yug. Mrs. Bhalla tries to stop Aliya.

    Aliya asks Yug to come with her but Yug says that he doesn't want Aliya to get separated from her family. Yug tells that he will always love his family and Aliya. He tells that he wants to leave the house.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 12th March 2019 Written Update "

    Ishita tells Mani that they can threaten Yug's uncle and aunt to take their house. Ruhi tells that when this will happen, Yug's uncle and aunt will approach to Yug for help and when Yug will help them, Aliya will understand the truth. Karan advises Yug to asks Aliya for their remarriage.

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