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  • Friday, 1 March 2019

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 1st March 2019 Written Update " Ishita's Plan Got Failed "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 1st March 2019 Written Update " Ishita's Plan Got Failed ".

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 1st March 2019 Written Update " Ishita's Plan Got Failed ".

    The episode begins in the Bhalla house. Yug makes Rohan clear that Aliya doesn't want to stay with him anymore.
    He asks Rohan to get out. Rohan gets hyper but Aliya stops him. She tells Rohan that she wanted to move on in her life with him when Adi wasn't in her life but now that Adi is back, she can't live without him.

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     She apologizes to him for hurting her. Rohan calls Adi to be an imposter. Both Yug and Rohan fight with each other. Keeping the baby in the cot, Aliya tries to stop them. Karan, Raman, and Mani come to stop them. Aliya blames Rohan for the fight.
    Karan pretends to be angry at Aliya for blaming Rohan. Ishita asks Rohan to come along with her to talk.
    Rohan tells Ishita that Yug is playing with Aliya's feelings so they need to expose him anyway. Ishita also wants this but doesn't have doors left to expose Yug.  Mani also feels bad for Rohan but he knows that Aliya has become emotional seeing Yug. He knows that Aliya isn't understanding anything except Adi.
     Karan tells Mani that how long Rohan has to wait as Aliya is worshipping someone else as her husband. Ishita asks them to trust Aliya and give her some time. Karan pretends to support his brother's love for Aliya and takes him along.

     Ishita goes to meet Yug and asks him to stop pretending to be Adi. She requests him not to play with her family's emotion and asks him to get out.
     Yug tells her that this is his house and this is his family. Ishita attacks on Yug and Ruhi stops her telling her to trust that Yug is their Adi. Ruhi takes Ishita along with her. She tells her that she too knows that Yug isn't their Adi.
     Raman doesn't want to talk about this and leaves. Ruhi shares a plan with Ishita and Mani. She knows that the most important thing for Adi was his family, so she has planned a fake attack plan. Ruhi asks them not to freak out and listen to her plan as she has planned to attack the one who will carry the baby.
     Ishita thinks that it is going to dangerous but Ruhi convinces her that the attack will be fake which will assure them that Yug isn't Adi if he doesn't go to save the baby. Ishita and Mani ask Ruhi to be careful.

    Vishal asks Ranbir not to follow Ruhi's task. Ranbir tells him that this is going to be a fake attack. Vishal tells him to relax and pretend to do a fake attack. Ranbir gets nervous.

    Vishal calls it a small work and is ready to help him. Ruhi calls Ranbir and asks him to reach the place within an hour. She asks him to carry a fake knife as she doesn't want to harm anyone. Ruhi asks Ishita to bring everyone in the spot.

    Ruhi goes to ask Mihika if Adi and Aliya can go for the baby's vaccination. She asks Ruhi to go along with them and also take Mrs. Bhalla with her. Yug gets a call from Karan. Karan asks him if he is going to the clinic along with the baby.
    He tells Yug that whoever will carry the baby has to face an attack as per Ruhi's plan and Yug has to save them. Yug doesn't understand how someone can risk the baby's life. But Yug thinks that Ruhi is going to test his blood group and do a DNA test to prove that he isn't Adi. Karan thinks that Yug is right.

    He asks him not to worry and keep in mind that he mustn't be proved someone else. Yug asks him to relax. Karan now plans for a real attack to snatch the baby so that no DNA tests are done with Yug and baby. Ruhi, Aliya, Yug, and Mrs. Bhalla reach the clinic. Ishita also reaches with others and wait in another car. Ruhi looks for Ranbir but the real goons come and attacks on Mrs. Bhalla and the baby. Yug runs to save the goons.

    The goons have snatched the baby. Raman goes to save Yug. Yug takes the baby from the goons. The goons are beaten up by the family members. Raman gets hurt and blood comes out. Ranbir arrives then along with Vishal. Ruhi frowns at him for being late. Vishal notices Yug and calls him. He asks Yug how he got hurt. Ishita thanks both Vishal and Ranbir for coming.

     She tells Ranbir that he lied to him that Yug is out of town but he is residing in the Bhalla house pretending to be Adi. Vishal asks Yug why he didn't answer their calls. Ishita tells them that Yug doesn't have anything to say as he is playing a dirty game with her family.
    Aliya seems to confuse. Ishita asks Yug that if he is really Adi and asks his friends to tell Yug's identity.

     Aliya tells everyone to hold on and asks Vishal and Ranbir about who are they. Ishita tells her that they are Yug's childhood friends.  Yug finds himself in trouble.
    Aliya doesn't know that Yug has friends James Ranbir and Vishal. Ishita asks her to understand the point that Yug isn't their Adi and calls Yug to be an imposter. Aliya misunderstands Ishita and thinks that she has brought Ranbir and Vishal to prove that Adi isn't with them.
    She asks Ishita to accept the fact that Adi has come back. Mani tries to convince Aliya that Yug is fake. Aliya doesn't listen to Mani and asks him to accept that Adi is back. She still doesn't believe in her family and thinks Yug to Adi.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 4th March 2019 Written Update :

     Ishita asks Yug to tell the truth rather than playing with Aliya's emotion. Yug shouts and claims himself to be Adi and Aliya to be his wife. Back in home, Ishita tries to call Aliya who's out with Yug. Raman asks Ishita not to overreact.

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