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  • Wednesday, 6 March 2019

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 6th March 2019 Written Update "Prerna is Anurag's First Priority"

     Kasautii Zindagii Kay 6th March 2019 Written Update "Prerna is Anurag's First Priority."

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 6th March 2019 Written Update "Prerna is Anurag's First Priority."

    The episode starts at a city hospital, where Mohini is cursing Prerna for interfering in their lives.
    The doctor listens Mohini talking to Anurag and thinks that she shouldn't tell them about Prerna's condition now, so she leaves.
    Mohini holds Anurag's hand and asks him to go hotel with her. But Anurag frees his hand, gesturing to disobey her order. At Sharma house, Veena asks Shivani about Prerna. Shivani makes an excuse that Prerna called her and asked her to meet her at the Victoria Memorial, at the fest in their college.

     She tells Veena that it will keep Prerna distracted, so Veena allows Shivani to go near Prerna. Shivani leaves for the city hospital. Veena knows that Shivani is lying to her and she's trying to hide something related to Prerna. She decides to follow Shivani to know where she went.
    Anurag says sorry to Mohini as he can't obey her this time. He requests Mohini to try to understand what his heart wants. He tells her that Prerna needs him now and he can't leave her in such condition.
     Komolika is surprised to see Anurag defying his mother for Prerna. Anurag tries to convince Mohini to let him stay there and tells her that Prerna is his responsibility. Mohini tells Anurag that his responsibility is his wife, Komolika.

    Anurag replies that Prerna is his first responsibility and then Komolika. Komolika is jealous to learn that Prerna is Anurag's priority. Shivani reaches city hospital. She thinks what should she say to Anurag.
     Whether she should congratulate him for leaving Prerna and marrying Komolika or thanks him as he left his reception to take Prerna to hospital. Veena gets worried to see Shivani entering the hospital.
    Mohini warns Anurag that today he's leaving everything for Prerna, and one day Prerna will snatch away his everything. He'll get nothing but deception. Anurag assures Mohini that Prerna will never cheat him.
    Komolika supports Anurag and tells Mohini that Anurag isn't doing anything wrong for Prerna. He's a kind man, and a kind man feels guilty soon. She says that Anurag is doing all this to get rid of the guilt in his heart. Anurag replies to Komolika and says you can never understand my relation with Prerna.

    You just know the business and our relationship is based on sacrifices. Mohini can't listen to anything against her daughter-in-law, she stops Anurag from insulting Komolika. Mohini gets anxious to see Anurag defying her for Prerna, and faints.
     Anurag rushes Mohini to doctor. Komolika is surprised to see Anurag going against his mother for Prerna. The doctor examines Mohini. Anurag tells the doctor that she often blanks out if she talks much and faints. He tells the doctor that other doctors told them that she'll be fine if she doesn't take much stress. The doctor tells them that she heard them talking.

    She asks Anurag to take care of her and don't stress her. She suggests some tests for her. But Mohini says that she'll get the tests later, now she has to go for the reception. Anurag requests Mohini to stop there and rest. Komolika asks how will Prerna stay alone at the hospital?
     The doctor tells them that Prerna's sister and mother have arrived at the hospital. Now, Anurag has to leave for the reception. Before leaving, he requests a doctor to look after Prerna.
    Prerna cries and tells Shivani that she couldn't stop Anurag from marrying Komolika. She tells her that she was ready to keep her self-respect aside for his love, but she couldn't get him. Veena chides Shivani for lying to her.

     She tells Prerna that love is a far thing, Anurag doesn't even have sympathy for her. She encourages Prerna to fight for her right instead of begging this way. Anurag and Komolika and their wedding reception.
    Anupam tells Anurag that Prerna has returned home and she's fine now. But Anurag is still worried about her. Later, Prerna is disturbed by Anurag's thoughts. She decides to fight against those who are against her. She's ready to fight for her rights.

    Precap For Kasautii Zindagii Kay 7th March 2019 Written Update :

     A determined Prerna reaches Basu House. Anurag is shocked to see Sindoor in her maang.

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