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  • Friday, 1 March 2019

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 1st March 2019 Written Update "Anurag-Prerna's Consummation Anurag's Condition "

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 1st March 2019 Written Update

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 1st March 2019 Written Update "Anurag-Prerna's Consummation Anurag's Condition ".

    Prerna is shattered by the news of her pregnancy. She remembers when they took shelter in a hut, escaping from Naveen Babu.
    They came closer thereby the heat of moment and Anurag convinced her that they aren't doing anything wrong as they are going to marry each other in seven days. That time they thought whatever happened between them was love, pure love as they'll marry each other in seven days. Prerna regrets the day.

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    Kasauti Zindagi Ki season 2 Written Update  28th February 2019

     On the other side, Mohini follows Anurag and stops him from leaving the marriage midway. Anurag tells Mohini that he can't marry Komolika. Mohini gets astonished at his sudden withdrawal and asks him why can't he? She reminds Anurag that the matter isn't just about him and Komolika, it's about the dignity of two families.
     The whole city has gathered here for his wedding and it's not a joke. While Mohini is convincing Anurag for the marriage, Anurag continues to repeat his words "Sorry, I'll not get married". Mohini says definitely, you will and pulls Anurag. Anurag stops her and requests her to listen to him. He says that you are worried about the city, society, and dignity but did you see me?

    He asks Mohini if she noticed her hands when he wore Jaimala to Komolika? He tells her that his hands were trembling and the same happened when he was putting Sindoor. He takes off the Sehra and says I can't.

     Anurag's eyes get filled with tears. Mohini tries to pacify him and asks him just to listen to her. She reminds Anurag that people here aren't just talking about him but his family too and their dignity is at stake.

    Mohini tries to convince Anurag by Molaye's name. She asks Anurag why is he talking like that? Anurag tells her that he's talking so because his heart is saying this.

     Relieved Anupam decides to call Prerna to give her the good news. He calls Prerna but she doesn't answer the call. Anupam thinks that Prerna isn't answering the call because she might be thinking that he'll call her to the wedding.

     He waits for her to answer the call to tell her that Anurag himself stopped the marriage as he couldn't fight against his heart. And how could he when he loves her a lot. Mishka is worried about how arrogant Komolika will react if Anurag refuses to marry her. Sidhant tells Nivedita that by refusing to marry, Anurag didn't just play with Komolika's heart but his dignity too.

     Nivedita tries to pacify Sidhant and tells him that there might be some misunderstanding, Anurag will come back. 

    Sidhant tells Nivedita how Komolika convinced her to help Basu publications by offering them the government project to save them from being bankrupted. He warns Nivedita that if Anurag refuses to marry Komolika, he'll make their lives miserable.
    Anurag tells Mohini that whatever he said to Prerna on the day of engagement, was all a lie. Mohini gets shocked. Further, he tells her that day he insulted Prerna to get her away from himself. Somehow, he was successful to make Prerna hate him but now he realized that what he did was wrong. His heart wants something else.
    He tells Mohini that he can't go against his heart. Mohini thinks that Prerna trapped Anurag and she's forcing him to do this. Anurag tells her that Prerna didn't do anything. He's responsible for this. Prerna thought that he loves Mishka but he proposed her.

    Anurag tells Mohini that he promised to marry Prerna. Nivedita comes there and tells them how upset Sidhant is. She tells them about the warning he gave to her against Anurag's refusal to the marriage. She requests Mohini to handle the situation.

    Mishka teases Komolika and reminds her that Karma comes back. Komolika can't understand why Anurag is behaving this way when he knows how important this marriage is to him and his family.
    Anurag tells Mohini that he will marry Komolika but he can't do the Sindoor ritual. Mohini tells Anurag that marriage isn't completed without Sindoor. But Anurag sticks to the condition. Mohini goes to Komolika. Komolika asks her what's the matter?
    Mohini tells her that Anurag has no problem with the marriage but he can't just complete the Sindoor ritual. Komolika has a plan in his mind and she asks Mohini to bring Anurag and assures her that she'll handle the matter.

    Mohini brings Anurag to the Mandap and Komolika announces that Anurag will not complete the Sindoor ritual. She asks Anurag to tell them the reason.

    Precap For Kasautii Zindagii Kay 4th March 2019 Written Update: 

     Doctor asks Prerna to give the contact number so that she may call her husband. But Prerna says that he'll not come. While she rushes out of the hospital, her duppata catches fire. Finally, Prerna reaches near Anurag but Anurag has married Komolika.

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