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  • Thursday, 7 February 2019

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 7th February 2019 " Naksh To Know About Baby's Truth "

      Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 7th February 2019

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 7th February 2019 " Naksh To Know About Baby's Truth ".

    Kirti feels delighted to meet her nephew. Naira asks Kirti to handle Krish as the responsibility of being Bhua and Maami.

    She also tells Kirti that the baby was crying badly but he stopped as he came in her lap. Surekha tells Kirti that somebody said that Krish looks just like Kirti.

     Akhilesh also shows her Krish's birthmark exactly similar to that of her. Suhasini tells that it's just normal, as many babies look like their aunt.
    When Naira lays Krish in Kirti's baby cot, she feels sorry as they took her name and her cot for the baby. Kirti tells Naira that she felt good to see that. Naira appreciates Kirti's courage as she can understand the pain she's passing through.
    Kirti bursts into tears to tell Naira how hard it is for her to hide the sorrow. She tells Naira that even when she knows the truth, she can't accept it. Naira understands that Kirti will take some time to accept reality.
    Kirti tells Naira that actually her heart had accepted the reality but her mind isn't ready to agree. It keeps saying something, that makes her feel that something is missing. Further, she tells Naira that sometimes she feels Kartik's voice echoing in her mind, saying- "Forgive me for what I did Kirti".

    Sometimes, she feels that Kartik is crying and saying sorry to her or something was going on around her when she was unconscious, but she can't remember what happened.

    Kirti can't understand if all this is just in her mind or this actually happened when she was in a coma.

    Kirti can't understand what's reality and what's her imagination but whatever it is troubling her. Naira gets confused to know about Kirti's strange trouble.

    Naira decides to talk to Kartik to help Kirti but Kirti doesn't want to trouble Kartik, so she denies her to talk to Kartik.

    Naira assures Kirti that she'll not trouble him, she'll just ask him casually. As Kirti gets up to leave, Naira gives a little gift to her from Krish's side. Naira tells Kirti that Krish is waiting for a brother or sister to play with. 

    Naira decides to ask Kartik whatever he talked to Kirti while she was in a coma. She makes a video call to Kartik to discuss the trouble.
    She tells Kartik that Kirti feels something like he said sorry to her. Just as Naira asks him the question, Kartik's astonishment slips his mobile from his hands.
    Further, he misleads Naira that he just apologized as he couldn't help her or the baby. He couldn't continue the lies so he makes an excuse of meeting and disconnects the call.
    Kartik decides to end the lies and reveal the truth before things get more complicated. As he gets up, he remembers Naira's concern for Krish and stops.
    He worries if Kirti will remember everything, both Kirti and Naira will hate him. He considers it better to reveal the whole truth himself. Just then, he gets a reminder of their anniversary.
    While Naira is planning to celebrate their anniversary well, Kartik is planning to tell the tough truth to her.

     Naira plans to get a gift for Kartik and then cook his favorite food. Just then, she gets a reminder of Krish's routine check-up the next day. She decides to visit the hospital to get the baby's file for the further check-up. Leela overhears Naira planning to visit the hospital for baby's file.

    Leela tells Kartik about Naira's plan to get a duplicate file of Krish's records from the hospital. She asks Kartik to stop her anyhow until she arranges a fake file. But this time, Kartik refuses to take any wrong step and he also asks Leela to stay out of the matter.
    He buys a sorry card for Naira. He records his confession and places the chip in the card. He decides to tell her the truth through the card, as he can't gather the courage to speak himself.

    Naksh gets an anonymous call. The caller tells him that his baby was exchanged and if he wants proof, he can get it from the new city hospital. Naira gets a record of Krish's file from the hospital. Naksh also arrives at the hospital to know the truth.

    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 7th February 2019:

     The family learns the truth.

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