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  • Monday, 4 February 2019

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 4th February 2019 Written Update "Ishita refuses to Help Sudha "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 4th February Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 4th February 2019 Written Update "Ishita refuses to Help Sudha "

    The episode begins in the Bhalla house where Aliya speaks in favor of Rohan. Pihu also thinks him to be a caring person.
     Ruhi tells Pihu that Rohan pretended to be a good person but has backstabbed them. Aliya thinks that Ruhi is wrong as everyone has noticed the changes in Rohan's behavior.
     She knows that there's some other reason behind what Rohan has done and thinks that he deserves a chance. Ruhi gets irritated and tells her that Rohan has himself accepted his crime. Aliya still protests for Rohan.

    Ishita finds Aliya's opinion to be correct. She thinks that something is hidden which they are failing to see. Raman doesn't want to hear anything as he's tired. Ishita asks him to rest. Karan tells Sudha that he didn't get a chance to make Rohan understand as Rohan didn't talk to him. Sudha thinks this to be her mistake as she couldn't manipulate Rohan in taking home.
     She is not ready to lose this game and will take Rohan with her to home. Karan tells her that only Ishita can convince Rohan so that he comes out of the jail. Sudha doesn't agree to his suggestion but Karan makes her understand that Rohan's bail is more important than anything else.
    Raman doesn't understand why Rohan played such a nasty game with them as everyone in the family started trusting him. Ishita is also in a mess and doesn't understand anything. She thinks that there's something else that they aren't able to look for.

     Ishita asks Raman to meet the minister the next day to apologize to him for what has happened in the Republic Day. Raman asks for a cup of coffee. Ruhi makes it for Raman. Mrs. Bhalla doesn't find Aliya in the home. Ruhi tells them that Aliya is out. Ishita thinks that she's out to bring Mrs. Bhalla's medicines. She tries to call her.
     Aliya goes to the sweet shop from where Raman's sweets were delivered. She wants to prove Rohan innocent and so goes inside the shop for a clue. Aliya asks the shopkeeper for laddoo and wants to taste it also. She gets to hear that the sweet which is Raman's favorite is made only if the order is made by any customer.

    Aliya gets conscious and wants to check the order book to see the list of customers who have ordered that sweets since morning. She is sure that Sudha must be the real culprit and Rohan must be saving her. Ishita doesn't get Aliya's response on call.
    She worries and asks Ruhi why she didn't ask Aliya where she was going. There's knock in the door. As Ruhi opens the door, she sees Sudha.

    Sudha cries in front of Ishita as Rohan isn't ready to hire a lawyer. She requests Ishita to help her as Rohan isn't the criminal. Sudha requests her to convince Rohan to take a lawyer.

    Ishita doesn't want to help Rohan as Raman's life was in danger due to him. Sudha pleads in front of her. Ishita tells her that Raman could have killed the minister or her or himself due to the effect of drugs. Sudha cries and begs to her.
     Ishita can't help Rohan until he's proved innocent and asks her to bring the real culprit to save Rohan. Sudha leaves. Yug comes near the same shop where Aliya is there. He gets a call and turns back. Aliya takes the order book smartly and Yug notices that.

     Sudha feels helpless. Ishita finds her strange. Yug follows Aliya. Aliya's bag falls on the road and she sits to pick up that. A car comes in speed towards her and luckily she's saved by Yug. Yug keeps staring at her. Aliya gets up, picks up her bag and goes away. Yug is amazed by Aliya's beauty and falls for her. Aliya comes back home.
     Ishita asks her where she was and why she didn't pick her call. She asks her what is in her hand. Aliya tells her that she has brought the order book of the sweet shop from where Raman's favorite sweet has arrived. She feels that Rohan is innocent this time. She knows that they will get the person's details from the booklet.
     She apologizes to them for going out alone. Ishita thinks this is difficult. Ruhi takes the order book. Aliya doesn't want that an innocent person gets the punishment. Ruhi and Ishita agree to check the booklet. Aliya takes them to her room.

    Raman calls Ishita and hears Ruhi's voice. He comes to Aliya's room and asks them what's happening. Ishita tries to make some excuse but Raman insists her to tell the truth. Ishita tells him about the order book and they think that Rohan is innocent.
    Raman is also ready to help them. Yug reaches home. Vishal and Ranbir ask him what has happened. Yug stays quiet for a while. After their so much queries, Yug tells them that he's in love.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 5th February 2019 Written Update :

     Sudha's manager calls back in Aliya's number. Ishita understands that Sudha is the real culprit. She goes to meet Rohan and tells her about the order book where the manager's number was there.

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