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  • Monday, 25 February 2019

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 25th February 2019 Written Update " Yug as Aditya Raman-Aliya are Shocked "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 25th February 2019 Written Update " Yug as Aditya Raman-Aliya are Shocked "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 25th February 2019 Written Update " Yug as Aditya Raman-Aliya are Shocked "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 5th February 09 Written Update " Yug as Aditya Raman-Aliya are Shocked "
    The episode begins in the party place. Ishita warns Sudha that if she tortures Aliya then she will be arrested.

    Sudha tells Ishita that she will welcome Aliya in her house happily. Rohan excuses everyone and wants to raise the toast to Aliya. He proposes her in front of everyone and promises her to give her all the happiness and won't let her feel lack of anything.

    He promises her to love her always. He wants Aliya to come to their home. Aliya agrees to come to his house. Meanwhile, Yug makes his entry at the party shouting Aliya's name and falls on the ground. Once the lights are on, Raman turns Yug's fallen body and everyone in the Bhalla family gets shocked to see Yug as they think it to be Adi.
    Karan assures his mother through his gestures. Aliya's glass falls from her hand and leaving Rohan's hand, she goes to see Yug calling Adi's name. She tries to wake him up and tells that her Adi is alive. She cries in pain. Raman calls Yug as Adi. Aliya tends Yug as she thinks that her Adi has come back. She asks him to open his eyes.
    Aliya starts crying and asks Raman to call the doctor. Karan and Sudha enjoy the whole scene. Ishita feels helpless as she doesn't know how to make everyone understand that he's not Adi.

     She blames Yug for coming into her family's life.
    As she goes to tell everyone the truth, Shagun stops her. Shagun asks her not to tell anyone the truth as they are already so broken and won't believe her. She asks Ishita to leave the situation for now. Ishita feels bad for Aliya. Sudha thinks Rohan to be a poor boy and appreciates Karan for his masterstroke plan. Sudha goes to Rohan to handle him.
    Rohan thinks that Aliya needs him the most now and wants Sudha to come along with him. Sudha gets irritated and Karan asks her to calm down as Rohan will come with them once he gets rejected by Aliya.

    Yug opens his eyes. Raman gets emotional and calls Adi's name. Yug holds Aliya's hand and she cries in happiness to see Yug gain consciousness.  Yug apologizes to Aliya and asks her not to leave him. Ishita frowns. Aliya tells him that she won't leave him.
    Yug calls Raman as his papa. Raman asks him to relax as he won't let him go anywhere now. Ishita tells Shagun about Yug's plan of becoming Adi for their family to get Aliya. Shagun asks Ishita to relax. Yug wants to go home and stay with them.
     Raman tells him that he will take him to their home. Ishita wants to talk to Raman but he isn't ready to talk now. He asks Bala and Mani to take Yug home. Rohan feels bad. Karan and Sudha go to him. Rohan wants to go to Bhalla house.

    Sudha wants to be with him. Everyone takes Yug to Bhalla house. Aliya takes care of Yug. Ishita can't tolerate Yug's drama and takes Raman to their room as she needs to talk urgently. Raman gets angry as nothing is much important to him than Adi's coming back. Ishita tells him that Yug is not their Adi. Raman doesn't care who Yug is as for him he's Adi.
    Ishita makes him remind that he himself has done Adi's funeral ceremony so Yug can't be Adi. Raman still doesn't want to believe her. But Ishita tells him that Yug isn't their son. She tells him that his name is Yug. Yug searches for Ishita and Ruhi goes to call her. Ishita tells Raman that Yug is one of those boys who has saved her life from the chemical factory.
    She makes him remember that Yug only called him for the money to release her.  Raman blames Ishita for not telling him the truth of Yug earlier. Ishita tells him that she cares for her family as she knew that seeing Yug, they might get emotional. She didn't want Yug to come in front of her family as that would make everyone remind of Adi.

     Raman still thinks that destiny has sent Yug to their life as Adi. Ishita tells him that Adi died in front of their eyes and Shagun also knows about Yug's identity. Ruhi calls Ishita as Yug is calling her. Ishita wants to bring the truth in front of her family. She comes and asks Yug to stop his drama. She asks him to stop playing with her family. She tells him that Adi is dead.
     Aliya gets frowned. Shagun tells her that Ishita is right. She also tells them that he's Yug. Yug acts to be emotional in front of everyone. Aliya criticizes Shagun and Ishita for not recognizing their own son. Rohan asks Aliya to listen to her family.
     Aliya doesn't want to listen to him as she knows that Yug is her Adi. Aliya takes him to the room for rest. Ishita tells Shagun about the drama Yug is creating. Shagun doesn't understand how Yug came out of jail and knows so much about Adi. Karan and Sudha leave. Ishita worries about Aliya.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 26th February 2019 Written Update :

     Karan thinks that Yug is the only source of separating Rohan and Aliya. Ishita tries to make Aliya understand that Yug isn't their Adi. Aliya feels that he's her Adi and thinks that God has given her a second chance by sending her husband to her life again.

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