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  • Friday, 22 February 2019

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 22nd February 2019 Written Update "Raman gets Emotional for Aliya "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 22nd February 2019 Written Update "Raman gets Emotional for Aliya ".

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 22nd February 2019 Written Update "Raman gets Emotional for Aliya ".

    The episode begins in the hospital where Sudha is admitted. The doctor says that Sudha has a major heart blockage and her health condition is not well.
    He suggests her to take care of her diet and avoid taking the stress. Rohan and Karan promise to take care of her well. The doctor agrees to discharge Sudha. Ishita feels that Sudha will be better at home. Raman asks Sudha to go through the documents they have brought.

    Sudha reads the paper and gets shocked to see that they have to give a hundred crore compensation to Aliya if they torture her. He doesn't want to risk Aliya's life. Ishita trusts Rohan but she doesn't have faith on Sudha due to their past experience with her. Rohan happily agrees to sign the papers. He wants to start their family with a changed mindset.
    He signs the papers and hands it over to Raman. Karan invites the Bhallas for the celebration of the homecoming of Sudha, Rohan, and Aliya. Ishita thinks that party can be too tiring for Sudha's health. Karan and Rohan ask her to relax as they will manage everything. Ishita and Raman leave. Rohan goes to see them off.
    Sudha asks Karan how Ishita and Raman dared to give them the documents. She thinks that Rohan shouldn't have signed in the agreement. Karan asks her to relax. Sudha can't tolerate Aliya. Karan assures his mother that neither Aliya will be able to stay in their house for long and nor they will have to give her compensation.

     Sudha doesn't understand what Karan is planning. Karan asks her to trust him. Ruhi prepares to leave for the office. Mihika and Ruhi talk about a show on television. Adi wakes up and Mihika goes to see him. Ranbir goes to Ruhi's chamber.
    Ruhi asks him what the matter is. He approaches her to for a loan. Ruhi can understand that Ranbir is an emergency but can't help him due to the rules and policies of the company. She disappoints Ranbir by rejecting his proposal. Vishal asks Ranbir not to worry as he's trying for something else.
     He knows a known lawyer and the lawyer has agreed to give them Yug's bail papers with a minimum amount. Ranbir prays for Yug's well being.
     Ruhi comes to Aliya's room and finds her unprepared for the party. Aliya is confused about what outfit to wear. Ruhi chooses a dress for her but Aliya seems to be upset with what she should put on. Ishita comes and Ruhi asks her to take charge of Aliya.

     Ishita understands that Aliya is worried about the agreement they did with Rohan's family. Shagun tries to make Aliya understand that everything has been done for her security.
     Ishita tells Aliya that Rohan is comfortable with the agreement. Shagun hopes that Aliya is not harassed by Sudha. Ishita encourages Aliya as Rohan is with her. Ruhi asks Aliya to get ready soon.

    Mihika takes Aliya from her room for a surprise. Aliya gets a beautiful gown gifted by Mani and Raman for a new start to her life. She is happy to see the dress and thanks both of them. Ruhi asks everyone to stop their family drama as she has to make Aliya ready with the dress.

     Ishita also goes to dress for the party. Rohan and Karan bring Sudha at the party. Rohan goes to receive the guests. Sudha worries about Karan's plan. Karan has planned a bigger game this time. The Bhallas arrive at the party. Rohan is excited to see Aliya. Sudha blesses the couple. Karan plays Aliya's favorite song. Rohan and Aliya perform a duet dance together.
    Everyone is happy to see them together. After the couple's dance, Ruhi takes everyone on the stage for dance and enjoyment. Karan walks towards Ruhi but she leaves before he could come in front of her. Raman walks aside from the party. Ishita follows him and asks her what the matter is. Raman can't believe that Aliya is going to start a new life again.
    Mani comes to offer sweet to Raman for Aliya's new start. Raman becomes emotional as gulab jamun was Adi's favorite too. He refuses to eat it and recalls Adi's memories. Ishita asks Raman to control his emotions as Aliya will be disappointed to know this. She doesn't want to think about Adi as Aliya has managed to move on in her life with many difficulties.

    Raman asks her to go as he's going to join them soon. He apologizes to Adi as he doesn't want to remember him again. Sudha wants to go home. Karan stops her. She can't tolerate the fact that Aliya will be coming to their house. Ishita comes and asks Karan what secret he is talking with Sudha. She wants to talk to Sudha for two minutes.
    Ishita knows that Sudha isn't happy with Aliya. Sudha tells her that her happiness means Rohan's well being.  She pretends to be happy for her son and Aliya. Ishita tells her that she is well known of her behavior and she won't let her stay in peace if Aliya is harassed.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 25th February 2019 Written Update :

     Rohan promises in front of everyone that he will keep Aliya happy. Yug comes at the party and shouts Aliya's name. He falls down and Raman turns his face. All are shocked to see Yug as he resembles Adi's face. Aliya tries to wake him up and says that her Adi is back.

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