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  • Tuesday, 12 February 2019

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 12th February 2019 Written Update " Ishita Slaps Yug and Scolds Raman "

     Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 12th February 2019 Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 12th February 2019 Written Update " Ishita Slaps Yug and Scolds Raman ".

    The episode begins in Shagun's apartment where Yug reaches. He is nervous as what to ask Shagun.
     He calms down himself and decides to ask her directly about Aliya. As he goes to knock the door, he hears the sound of someone walking.

    He hides and sees Shagun and Aliya coming out of the house. He keeps staring at Aliya and goes away. Yug tries to follow her but Ishita stops him and asks him what he wants from Shagun.
    He hesitates but with Ishita's insistence, he tells her that he wanted to know about the girl who was with Shagun. Ishita understands that he's talking about Aliya and asks him what's the matter.
     She gets shocked when Yug tells her that he's in love with Aliya from the very first day he saw her. Ishita slaps him and shouts at him. He gets fantasied hearing Aliya's name.
    Ishita calls him mad and tells him that it's not possible for him to love Aliya. Yug speaks to himself about Aliya. Ishita pushes him and warns him to stay away from Aliya.

     Yug is still daydreaming and thanks her for telling him Aliya's name. Yug leaves and Ishita gets a call from Shagun for coming soon. Ranbir feels bad for Yug as Ishita slapped him.
    Yug doesn't feel bad as he has gotten to know about Aliya's name. Vishal calls him mad and Yug doesn't remember why Ishita has slapped him.
    Yug tells his friends that Ishita has warned him to stay away from Aliya. Ranbir suggests him to forget Aliya as they shouldn't involve with the Bhallas anyhow. But Yug can't stay away from his love as he will handle Ishita. Ranbir and Vishal worry for Yug.
    Yug tells them filmy dialogues. Ishita gets on her car and thinks of Adi. She cries and doesn't want Yug to come in front of Aliya as she is trying to start a new life with Rohan.

     She knows that Yug isn't her Adi. She wants to speak about this to Raman. Raman asks her if she wants to go for lunch. Ishita wants to meet him soon and Raman thinks that it's about his going to Shagun's apartment to check if Rohan was there with them.
     He agrees to come. Karan drops Ruhi in her destination. They both go in the same lift. He goes along with her in her office. Ruhi thinks that he's following her.

     Karan makes her clear that he's here for business work. He shows her few documents and tells her that he's a business partner of Gaurav Manaktala. He tells her that he's only here for work purpose. Ruhi tells him that he doesn't affect him anyway.

    Aliya and Shagun go for the meeting. Aliya shows her designs to the one she was having the deal. Meanwhile, she gets a call but ignores it. The lady asks her for the price list. Aliya doesn't find the list anywhere in her bag.
    The lady talks rudely with her and calls her unprofessional. Shagun tries to relax the lady but she goes on criticizing Aliya. The lady overreacts. Ishita enters the chamber and asks what the matter is. Aliya thinks that it's her fault.

     Ishita tells the lady that Aliya isn't cheating her and she can bring the price list in the next meeting. The lady tells them that she has a busy schedule and can't waste her time in Aliya. Shagun and Ishita request the lady to cooperate with them.
    The lady isn't ready to hear anything. At that crucial moment, Rohan makes his entry and gives the price list to the lady. He takes the blame on himself for forgetting the price list to compile with other documents. He appreciates Aliya's work and requests the lady to give her a chance. The lady approves the project and wants to work with Aliya.
     Ishita waits for Raman. Aliya thanks Rohan for saving her. Rohan appreciates her for being hardworking. Though he tried calling her for the list she was busy in the meeting. She apologizes to him. Suddenly, Aliya loses her balance and falls sick. Rohan calls Shagun. Vishal and Ranbir eat pizza and make fun of Yug as he is deeply in love.
     Yug thinks that Aliya is a nice name. He takes the pizza from them. They suggest him to eat pizza with them and then they all will search Aliya on the internet. Ranbir gets a message that he has been selected for the interview. He gets a call from the placement cell and goes for the interview.  Yug gets a call and his boss wants to meet him immediately.

    He leaves and Vishal takes the responsibility of searching for Aliya on social media. Raman tries to call Shagun and Ishita but doesn't get through. He worries for Aliya as she takes too much stress. Ishita comes and Raman finds Aliya in Rohan's arms.
    Raman gets angry and thinks that Rohan must have hurt Aliya. Ishita stops Raman and tells him that Rohan is only helping Aliya. He takes Aliya to her room. Ishita asks Raman to accept the truth that Rohan loves Aliya.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 13th February 2019 Written Update :

     Ishita finds that Aliya has low blood pressure. Mihika reveals her that Aliya has been fasting for Rohan and is devoid of water the whole day. Karan sees Yug on the street.

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