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  • Monday, 11 February 2019

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 11th February 2019 Written Update " Raman-Yug Hit and Miss "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 11th February 2019 Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 11th February 2019 Written Update
    " Raman-Yug Hit and Miss ".

    The episode begins in Vishal's uncle's house where Yug gets ready early in the morning. Yug tells Ranbir that he's going to apologize to Shagun and ask her about Aliya too.
     Ranbir calls him mad. Vishal tells him that due to Yug they are going to jail soon. Vishal and Ranbir stop him as he was trying to go. They don't want any drama being created due to Yug's search for his love. They worry about their family and reputation.

    Yug asks them to trust him as he's not going to create any scene. Vishal and Ranbir think Shagun to be weird. They want to go along with Yug to ask about Aliya. Rohan arranges the breakfast table. Mr. Iyer and Bala wait for the food.
     Bala is stressed as board exams are coming and he has to take many extra classes for his students. Seeing him stressed, Rohan suggests him if he can teach his students accounts as he has done his MBA in finance. Bala is quite relaxed.
     Karan is in Sudha's office and having his favorite breakfast. He criticizes Rohan for having the south Indian foods with the Iyers. Kiran and Rohan ask for Karan. Bala informs them that Karan has headed for a meeting. Rohan finds it alright if Karan has gone for a meeting. Sudha asks Karan that if Rohan calls his friend Gaurav to know whether he's really in a meeting.

    Karan tells her that he has informed Bala of his meeting. He wants to join with Gaurav as staying near the Bhallas he can't take money from Sudha. He wants to be self-reliant to continue his drama with the Bhallas. Sudha doubts if Karan's intention of becoming self-reliant is really true. Karan tells her that his plans are bigger this time and he's not going to reveal that to her as he has a bigger strategy.
     Sudha finds it great. Aliya worries about her presentation and Ruhi provides her constant motivation. She is worried as Shagun has given her a big responsibility. She fears if anything wrong happens by her then Shagun's reputation will be in the stake. Ruhi asks her to calm down as everything will be fine.
     Ishita comes and asks Aliya what the matter is. Both Ruhi and Ishita encourage her saying that her design sample is too good to get rejected. Ishita is sure that her samples will be selected. Yug gets mad at his friends for being late in getting ready. Vishal and Ranbir suggest Yug to prepare what to tell in front of Shagun rather having a bad impression.

    They advise him to keep patience and avoid asking about his love directly. Ranbir gives a proper storyline to present in front of Shagun so that she doesn't doubt him. Yug gets excited and happy. Ranbir prays for Yug.
    Raman asks Ishita if he will drop Aliya and her in Shagun's house. Ishita asks him to stop being crap. Raman tells her not to include Rohan in their project. Ishita asks him to relax and takes Aliya along with her.
    Aliya's dress gets dirty and Ishita asks her to clean up. Aliya runs towards her room and gets nervous for being late. Ruhi asks her to relax. Aliya decides to wear the same jacket and hide the dirt with her hair. She doesn't find her jacket on the sofa and Rohan gives her the jacket by cleaning the strains with the help of lemon.
    Aliya appreciates and thanks him. Karan calls Rohan and asks what he's doing. Rohan calls it normal to help each other and this is what he calls a couple goals. Ishita and Aliya listen to his conversation and get impressed. Rohan wants Aliya to be successful in whatever she does.

     Ishita and Aliya leave for the meeting. Raman calls Ruhi to know if Ishita's is involving Rohan. He disconnects the call when he comes to know that Ishita has left with Aliya. Ishita asks if she will drive the car as Aliya's being too nervous.
     Ishita asks her to calm down. Aliya loses her control while driving and hurts Yug. She asks Yug and Ranbir if everything is okay. Seeing them fine, she leaves. Ruhi is unable to start her car. Karan finds it the best chance to impress Ruhi. Though Ruhi doesn't want his help but finds no other way. Meanwhile, Karan books a car for himself and tells Ruhi that he can drop her. Karan insists her to go and Ruhi finally goes with him.
    Yug's scooter doesn't start as he hasn't poured petrol in it. Vishal and Ranbir make fun of him. Yug gets irritated at them for making fun of his love. He takes Vishal's bike and Ranbir accompanies him. Vishal takes charge of Yug's scooter. Ishita and Aliya reach Shagun's house. Raman peeps if Rohan has accompanied them. He doesn't find him.

    The security guard asks him if he will park the car. Raman asks him not to tell Shagun that he was there. In the meantime, Yug reaches Shagun's house. Ranbir wants to accompany him but Yug doesn't want to take him. Yug asks Ranbir to relax. Yug passes where Raman was standing.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 12th February 2019 Written Update  :

     Yug meets Ishita and asks her about Aliya. Ishita is shocked when Yug tells her that he loves Aliya from the very first day he saw her. She slaps Yug. Rohan brings Aliya as she is unconscious. Raman gets angry at Rohan. Ishita stops him as Rohan loves Aliya.

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