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  • Saturday, 9 February 2019

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 9th February 2019 Maha Episode Written Update " Komolika Evil Plan Anurag Supports Prerna "

     Kasautii Zindagii Kay 9th February 2019 Maha Episode Written Update

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 9th February 2019 Maha Episode Written Update " Komolika Evil Plan Anurag Supports Prerna "

    The episode starts with Anurag's shocking revelation to Mishka. Mishka gets upset to know that Anurag is in love with Prerna.
     A dejected Mishka criticizes Anurag for cheating on her. Anurag tries to calm her down and explain everything. He tells Mishka that he tried to talk to her regarding that buy couldn't get the right time. Mishka asks Anurag why he got engaged with her if he was in love with Prerna.

     Anurag tells Mishka that he didn't know the before engagement. Further, he tries to clear Mishka that the feelings he had for her didn't love, it was just attraction. He tries to explain to Mishka that she also doesn't love him.
    He reminds Mishka that she left him earlier for someone else and if she was really in love with him, she couldn't even think about anyone else. Mishka questions Anurag how will she face society and after the news of the broken engagement. Anurag points to Mishka that she doesn't worry about their relationship but about society.
     It proves that she's not in love with him. Mishka criticizes Prerna for taking Anurag away from her. Anurag can't listen to any word against Prerna, so he asks Mishka to leave. Before leaving, Mishka curses Anurag that if she couldn't get him, he'll not get Prerna.
     Prerna is worried about how Anurag will handle Mishka. She calls Anurag to know about Mishka. Anurag tells her that he told her the truth and also he understood that Mishka cares about society more than their relation.

    He tells Prerna that now it's the time, to tell the truth to his mother. He assures Prerna that now nothing can come between their love, not even anybody's one-sided love.
    Komolika notices Mishka's engagement ring lying on the dressing table. She gets curious to know why Mishka took off the ring as she knows how much the ring matters to her. She asks Mishka about that and comes to know that Anurag broke engagement with her as he's in love with Prerna.
    Komolika tries to show her fake concern to Mishka. But Mishka knows all about her drama. Finally, Komolika reveals her intentions to get Anurag hers. Mishka aware Komolika that Anurag isn't like others, she can't get him anyhow.

     Komolika tells Mishka that she wasn't trying for Anurag as she thought he's her sister's fiancee but know as Anurag isn't her, anybody can't take him away from Komolika. Komolika is satisfied as Anurag himself broke Mishka's heart as otherwise, she might do that. Her next and final target is Prerna.
    Veena sends Prerna to Basu House with some ayurvedic porridge for Mohini. Prerna hesitates to visit Basu House as she knows that Anurag is about to talk to Mohini about her, and her interference can spoil the matter. But, as Shivani refuses to go there and Veena again requests her, Prerna agrees to go.
    Anurag goes to Mohini to talk to her about Prerna. He tells Mohini that he doesn't have that bonding with Mishka. Mohini tries to avoid the talk as she doesn't want to listen to Prerna's name from Anurag. She considers Komolika as a better option for Anurag. As Anurag is about to tell Mohini about Prerna, the doctor comes there to examine Mohini.
    Anurag has to leave the talk incomplete. Komolika arrives at Basu House and finds Prerna in the kitchen. She comes to know that Prerna has bought some ayurvedic halwa for Mohini. She remembers Mishka's challenge. Komolika considers the time as a golden opportunity to get her closer to Anurag and the family and take Prerna away from the family and Anurag's heart.

    She goes to the kitchen and sends Prerna out by making an excuse that Anurag is calling her. As Prerna leaves, Komolika adds salt to the porridge that will increase Mohini's heartbeat. She knows that it will hurt Mohini, but still she does so to get Prerna away from Anurag and create an opportunity for herself.
    On the other side, Veena listens to Suman expressing her doubts on Prerna's character.  The issue turns into a heated argument between them. Later, Rajesh comes home and tries to cool down the heated environment at home.
    Prerna takes the porridge to Mohini and requests her to eat for quick recovery. As Anurag also requests Mohini, Mohini agrees to have the halwa. Few minutes after finishing the porridge, Mohini's heartbeat gets faster. It gets harder for her to breathe. Anurag and others get worried. Doctor asks them if Mohini ate something recently?

     Komolika points to the porridge Prerna brought for Mohini. The doctor tells them that Mohini's situation got worse because of that porridge and he also tells them how dangerous it can be for a heart patient. Further, Anurag and others come to know about Mohini's blocked arteries. They also learned that Molaye knew about that but didn't tell them.
    Molaye explains that he kept the matter hidden as he didn't want to stress anyone. Further, Nivedita and Mohini criticize Prerna for the risky gesture. Molaye and Anurag try to defend her. Anurag tries to prove that Prerna was just concerned about Mohini.
    As she was unaware of her blocked arteries like others, she did what she was supposed to do for a normal patient. But Nivedita continues to rebuke Prerna and asks her to leave. Prerna silently leaves.

    Precap For Kasautii Zindagii Kay 11th February 2019  Written Update :

     Mohini questions Komolika about her feelings for Anurag.

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