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  • Tuesday, 26 February 2019

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 26th February 2019 Written Update " Anurag-Komolika's Haldi Prerna Stands Up for Herself "

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 26th February 2019 Written Update " Anurag-Komolika's Haldi Prerna Stands Up for Herself ".

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 26th February 2019 Written Update " Anurag-Komolika's Haldi Prerna Stands Up for Herself ".

    Today's episode starts with Veena motivating Prerna to move on and forget Anurag. Suman informs Veena that Komolika has come home to meet Prerna.
    While Komolika is waiting for Prerna downstairs, she goes into a flashback. She remembers when Anurag hugged her to congratulate her for the engagement he said that he did what she wanted and now it's her turn to go to Prerna's house and hand over the original property papers to Prerna.

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki season 2 Written Update  26th February 2019

    He told Komolika that he'll marry her only when Prerna will get the papers. Komolika replied- Done.
    Prerna comes downstairs and shakes Komolika out of her thoughts by asking if she came there to invite her for the wedding. Komolika tells Prerna that she's good but not that good to invite her to her wedding.
    Offering the property papers to Prerna Komolika tells her that she wants to return the papers to her and also wants Shivani to drop her case against Ronit so that Ronit may attend her wedding. Shivani gets worried to listen to Komolika's condition to return the papers.
    Veenaches the papers from Komolika and throws them away, gesturing to reject the offer.

    At Basu House, Anurag is distressed during his haldi ceremony. Even then, he can't keep himself away from Prerna's thoughts. Anurag remembers how happy, lively and careless Prerna was then.

     She taught him to be happy, and in return, he broke her heart, hope, dreams, and everything. Still, Anurag doesn't want Prerna to forgive him ever, he doesn't want the hate in her heart to vanish.

    Mishka also joins Anurag's haldi ceremony. She asks him why our destiny doesn't listen to our heart. Mishka tells that she wanted the haldi to be of her name, Anurag says that he wanted it to be of someone else but their destiny took them to other ways.

     Anurag imagines Prerna in front him but as he opens his eyes he loses her. After Mishka, Komolika's aunt comes to for the haldi ritual.
    At Sharma house, Veena clearly refuses to accept Komolika's offer and asks her to leave. Prerna also asks Komolika to get out. Komolika asks Veena if she can't pay the price of the family's respect but can let the daughters of their house be on the road in the eyes of the evil society.
    She goes to Suman as she feels that she can convince her easily. She asks Suman that her husband earns only twenty thousand, doesn't she ever wish him to buy her something. But how will she do that in just twenty thousand.
    Prerna replies that it's their worry, she doesn't need to think about that. She asks Komolika to leave them and think about herself, her in-laws and her husband and get out. Komolika laughs over her reply and reminds them that the house they are standing in is hers and asks them to get out of her house.

    Komolika tells Prerna that when Naveen took a loan from her, he mortgaged the papers of Sharma house to her. Shivani interferes and says that she's ready to take the case back for the papers. Prerna tries to stop her. Komolika trusts Shivani's decision. She gives the papers to Shivani with a confidence that she'll take the case back and leaves for her Haldi ceremony.

    Komolika tells Anurag that she returned the property papers to Prerna. She doesn't tell Anurag about the condition she put forth, in fact she lies to Anurag that how sweetly Prerna's family behaved with her to see the papers.

    Anurag tells Komolika the importance of that house to Prerna and family as they feel Rajesh's presence in Sharma House. After the Haldi ceremony, Panditji fixes Anurag-Komolika's wedding on the date three days later.
    Three days later, Anupam reaches Prerna's house with a desperate plea. Shivani tries to stop Anupam from meeting Prerna and requests him to leave her alone. Anupam tells Shivani that it's Anurag-Komolika's wedding today.

     Prerna standing aside listens to him and gets shocked. Anupam requests Prerna to stop the wedding. Mishka and others get surprised as Ronit comes to attend Komolika's wedding.

    Precap For Kasautii Zindagii Kay 27th February 2019 Written Update :

     While Prerna cries out her heartbreak, Komolika is excited to marry Anurag.

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