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  • Monday, 25 February 2019

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 25th February 2019 Written Update " Prerna Slaps Anurag Burst Her Anger on Him "

      Kasautii Zindagii Kay 25th February 2019 Written Update " Prerna Slaps Anurag Burst Her Anger on Him "

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 25th February 2019 Written Update " Prerna Slaps Anurag Burst Her Anger on Him "

    Prerna slaps Anurag as he accuses her that she agreed to marry Naveen Babu for money and she might be doing same with him for his wealth. Everyone gets shocked at Prerna's reply.
    She tells Anurag that she loved Anurag with her whole heart. She loved him truly but what he did? Prerna tells Anurag that he didn't just break her heart but abused her love. She feels that Anurag can't understand what true love is.

    Anurag stands in front of her with a fake smile over his face and tries best to prevent his eyes from reflecting his true feelings for her. Prerna prays Anurag to learn what true love is but he may not achieve it. Her heartbreak wishes Anurag to go through a similar situation so that he may realize the pain she's passing through.
    Prerna couldn't even realize that she's punishing herself by praying for Anurag to stay away from his love. As Prerna turns to the door, she bumps into a lamp. Anurag couldn't restrict himself from helping her. But Prerna tells him to stay away from her. She tells him not to dare to touch her as she hates him now. Prerna leaves with extreme anger.
    Anurag feels that he has accomplished his task as Prerna finally hates him. Mohini pulls Anurag to continue the engagement. Anurag's every shocking word keeps echoing in Prerna's mind. Anurag also can't forget the words he compelled Prerna to speak- I hate you.

    He can't stop his tears to realize how badly he hurt Prerna. He tries to convince himself that whatever he did was just for Prerna. Anurag thinks that Prerna will move on soon.

    Prerna considers herself a fool as she fell in love with Anurag. She decides to move on. Prerna knows this is not the time to fall weak. She decides to forget Anurag and move on. Mohini and Nivedita come to Anurag.
    Mohini tells Anurag that was just the result of his concern for that middle-class girl. She says how Prerna dared to insult him. Anurag replies that he's the one who insulted her. Komolika also comes there. Anurag says that Prerna will never forget whatever he said.

    Mohini tells Anurag that whatever he said was just truth. Komolika tries to stop Nivedita and Mohini when they criticize Prerna as she doesn't want Anurag to fall weak after listening to them and give a word to defend Prerna. Komolika stops them and requests them to let her talk to Anurag alone. Mohini and Nivedita leave Anurag alone with Komolika.
     Komolika talks to Anurag and says that she can understand how bad he must be feeling as Prerna insulted him in front of everyone. She tells Anurag that Prerna tried tough to save her love and there might be more girls in love with him as she has many guys in her life who love her badly. She criticizes Prerna for slapping Anurag.
    She says that Prerna didn't slap Anurag Basu but her fiance. She says that she'll every hand raised against him. 

    Anurag couldn't tolerate more words against Prerna and warns Komolika against hurting Prerna. He tells Komolika that he loves Prerna a lot and if she'll try to harm her, he'll forget who is he, who is Komolika, the deal and the engagement.

    Komolika tells that she'll wait for Anurag to love her to the similar extents. But Anurag clears to Komolika that he'll never fall in love with her. His relation with her will be just a deal always.

    Anupam asks Anurag why he did all that with Prerna. Anupam knows how much Anurag loves Prerna and there must be a strong reason if he hurt her. As Anurag doesn't tell him anything, Anupam decides to tell Prerna the truth but Anurag requests him to stop.

    He requests Anupam to let him continue on the way he chose for himself and Prerna. Anurag gets engaged with Komolika. Veena hears Prerna crying and telling Shivani how she cried in front of Anurag and begged for her love.

     She chides Prerna for begging for her love and explains to her that she just have to pay the price of falling in love with the wrong guy. Veena leaves Prerna to cry whole Naira but tells her that she'll not tolerate a single tear in her eyes for Anurag.

    Precap For Kasautii Zindagii Kay 26th February 2019 Written Update :

    Anurag and Komolika's wedding fixed to be held three days later. Anupam requests Prerna to stop Anurag from marrying Komolika.

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