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  • Wednesday, 30 January 2019

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 30th January 2019 Written Update " Naira Accuses Nurse She Saves Kartik "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 30th January 2019 Written Update

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 30th January 2019 Written Update " Naira Accuses Nurse She Saves Kartik."

    Kartik and Naira fret over the missing baby. Through the staff, they come to know that Suhasini, Surekha went temple and Manish and Akhilesh went office.
    They get more worried as none of the family members have taken the baby with them. They search for the baby in the whole house.
    Handcuffed Aditya comes to Singhania Sadan with police. Naksh gets aggressive to see him and asks him to get out of his house.

    Inspector asks Naksh to listen to Aditya once as he took permission from their senior to talk to him. Aditya joins his hands and says sorry to Naksh and the whole family. He tries to convince them that he didn't do the accident intentionally.
    He expresses regret over his mistake. He also tells that his lawyer has denied handling his case so, he has no chance to defend himself so, he has decided to confess his crime.
    Before that, he tries to manipulate the family to pardon him as he says he doesn't want to have the guilt in his mind while being in prison.
    His continuous petitions for apology compels Bhabhimaa to say that she apologized him and she asks him to get out and not to disturb her family anymore.
    Naksh gets annoyed and moves aside. Through the window, he sees Aditya's lawyer waiting for him. Inspector warns the family that if they forgive him, the charges over him will be reduced. Inspector asks them to take the decision carefully.

    Kartik and Naira couldn't find the baby anywhere. Suhasini and others return home. They get worried to know about the missing baby.

     Naira expresses her suspicion over nurse Leela. She understands that nurse Leela came to their house intentionally. She accuses her of abducting the baby. She asks Kartik to call the police. They stress impacts Naira's health and she faints.

    Naksh pulls Aditya's lawyer standing outside to the house and reveals his intentions. Aditya told them that his lawyer denied handling his case but the lawyer's presence outside their house proves that all he was doing was drama.
    Aditya did the drama as he knows if the family will pardon him, he will be charged only for rash driving. He will be freed from all other charges and he won't get any punishment. His lawyer suggested him the way.

    The family gets astonished at trickery drama. Naksh warns Aditya of the result of his drama. He determines to accuse him of such charges that he will spend his whole life in prison. Police also adds the charge of misleading police.
    Kartik tries to handle Naira's critical condition. Manish calls security and asks them to bring the CCTV footage of the day. But they couldn't get the footage as just the day, all security system has been upgraded and the upgrades took the older hard disk with them.
    Surekha is trying to call on nurse Leela's number but her number is switched off. Kartik is puzzled as the nurse seemed to be a nice lady to him. Singhania also arrive at Goenka villa to help them the trouble.
     Naksh tries to know about the nurse from the Hospital but the hospital has no record of her. As Naira regains consciousness, she again starts looking for her baby.

    Everyone gets astonished as nurse Leela returns home. Leela gets confused to see the panicked situation at the house. Naira and others start questioning her about the baby.

    Kartik requests Leela to return the baby. Leela tries to defend herself and tells them she went church and she doesn't know anything about the baby.
    Naira believes that Leela abducted her baby because she refused to advance to her. Security brings short footage of the day that shows Leela leaving the house with a large bag. Leela tells them that the bag contained old clothes but nobody is ready to believe her.
    Kartik alleges that she's trying to blackmail him. He was about to share the whole secret with Naira, suddenly they hear the voice of their baby crying. Naira takes a sigh of relief to find her baby in Luv-Kush's room.

    Luv-Kush tells them that they brought the baby in their room while Kartik Naira was sleeping. Naira feeling guilty for accusing Leela and apologizes to her. Naira asks Kartik about the secret he was about to speak.
    Kartik decides to tell her the truth but Leela again comes ahead to help Kartik hide the truth. She misleads  Naira and the family that Kartik is feeling guilty just because once he forgot the grief of her sister who loses her baby and got happy for his baby.
    Naira asks Kartik to stop feeling guilty for his reaction to what the circumstances led him towards. Kartik asks Naira if she'll forget him if he takes any decision on the basis of need of the time.

    Precap Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 31st January 2019 Written Update :

    Kirti will recover soon?

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