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  • Wednesday, 2 January 2019

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 2nd January 2019 Written Update "Kartik Teaches Lesson to Dadi and Manish "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 2nd January 2019 Written Update

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 2nd January 2019 Written Update "Kartik Teaches Lesson to Dadi and Manish ".

    An advocate arrives at Goenka villa. Surekha gets worried about Kartik-Naira's next move. Kartik comes downstairs to reveal his shocking move. He takes some papers from advocate Raman and asks Manish and Suhasini to sign. Puzzled Manish asks Kartik about the papers. 

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Written Update 2nd January 2019

    Kartik replies that this is a future agreement for our baby's safety. Further, he says that these papers have written that you both can't even touch our baby. Can just see him, but maintaining a distance of some feet. Also only when I or Naira are with him. 

    When our baby will grow up, he can't talk to you alone so your thinking may not impact him. And if any of you both will try to break this agreement, we'll leave this house immediately. Suhasini gets overwhelmed to listen to his words. Naira also reaches there and sees Kartik taking the tough stand for their baby. She listens Kartik expressing his concern for the baby and Naira. He warns them that if they don't want Naira and him to leave this house, they should sign the agreement. Dejected Manish and Suhasini have no option other than signing the agreement. Unwillingly, Suhasini also has to sign the agreement with tearful eyes. Upset Manish returns the signed papers to Kartik and leaves. Heavyhurted Suhasini cries with her misfortune. Naira also gets puzzled about Kartik's tough stand.

    Kirti texts Naira and assures her that her baby will be safe as they all are with her. She wants to talk about the problem with Naksh but gets busy with some work. She was to complete some work with Vaishali but as Vaishali is busy, she asks Kirti to discuss the designs with Aditya. But Kirti avoids to work with Aditya and thinks it to be better to wait for Vaishali to spare some time for her.
    Naira talks to Bhabhimaa and tells her how upset Kartik is with Suhasini. 

    She feels that Kartik's move isn't any right way to realize anyone about his mistake. Ending relation isn't any solution. Bhabhimaa asks Naira to explain Kartik his defect but Naira is confused to talk to him. As Kartik may feel that she opposing him while he's fighting for her. Bhabhimaa explains to Naira that Kartik is fighting for what's right. And she's the one who has to choose the right for her baby. Cutting the call, Naira moves to Akshara's book to get a solution for the mess. She determines to get the right way to tackle the situation.

    Next morning, Suhasini sees Naira eating raw salad served by Kartik. She asks her to add some olive oil as it's hard to digest raw salad. Clearing her suspicion she asks her to add Ghee that came from her house, so that they may not feel that she added something in it. Repenting her misfortune, Suhasini asks Surekha to throw her Laddoo away. Kartik's suspicion against her makes her cry. But this time Kartik has to be tough enough. Unwillingly, Naira can't get any way to clear the differences created in the family. On the other hand, it's getting hard for Kirti to continue her job with Aditya. She keeps avoiding Aditya even during her work.

    Later, Kirti talks to Kartik and advises him to forgive Suhasini. She tries to explain to him that she just did what she had been taught since her childhood. Her intentions were not wrong. Instead of ending the relation, he should challenge her thinking and help her to get over it. Naira also encourages Kartik to forgive Suhasini and Manish. She explains to him that ending the relation will leave only repentance. If they'll end such special relations just for a mistake how they'll handle the new relationship with their baby. Kartik agrees to their suggestions.

    KaiRa talks to Suhasini and forgives her mistake. They clear to her that they were only against her thinking not against her. And encourages her not to impose the desire of a son over a pregnant lady. Kartik-Naira's forgiveness fills Suhasini's eyes with tears.

    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 3rd January 2019 Written Update :

     The resentment in the family is over, but is Naira alright?

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