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  • Tuesday, 29 January 2019

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 29th January 2019 Written Update : Kartik gets Scared From Nurse Baby Disappear

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 29th January 2019 Written Update

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 29th January 2019 Written Update : Kartik gets Scared From Nurse Baby Disappear.

    The episode starts with Kartik questioning himself about hiding the truth from Naira. Suddenly, a hand comes over his shoulder and he gets astonished to find Naira standing behind him.
    Fortunately, Naira didn't listen what Kartik was talking to himself and she asks Kartik the reason behind his stress.

    She tells Kartik if that's about the accident, Kirti's condition or Kirti's baby, they all are with him. But she can't understand what's wrong with nurse Leela that he doesn't even want to listen. Kartik gets nervous at Naira's question.
    He tries to convince Naira that there's nothing. But Naira can clearly read the expressions of his face that tell that something is bothering him. She requests Kartik to share the matter. Kartik remains silent and just hugs Naira.
    Further, he says that in the past few days, something happened that he can't understand. He doesn't know why he is reacting this way and apologizes to Naira.
    Naira understands that Kartik suffered a lot the last days in the hospital. She requests Kartik to stop overthinking and relax. Naira also requests Kartik to let nurse Leela stay there.

     Just then, nurse Leela comes there with the baby. Kartik gets disturbed to see the nurse. She asks Naira to feed the baby.
     Naira takes the baby from this nurse and thanks her for looking after them at the hospital. Naira leaves with the baby for her room.
    At the hospital, Naksh shares his experience of meeting Naira's baby with Kirti. Naksh also feels that the baby has some glimpse of Kirti.

    He again requests Kirti to wake up soon and tells her how much the family is missing her. While Naksh is busy talking with unconscious Kirti, her hand shows some little movement

    Kartik is confused about nurse Leela. She leaves the decision over Kartik as it's his baby. Kartik speaks to nurse Leela that she knows why he's asking her to leave. He tells her that he doesn't have any personal problem with her.

    He's just afraid of the truth being revealed. The nurse asks Kartik not to worry about that. She asks Kartik to call for another nurse if he wants as she herself doesn't want to trouble him. But she just agreed as she needed some extra income.
    She asks Kartik to trust her that she'll not let anyone know what he did. Leela assures Kartik that her secret is safe with her. Just then, Suhasini and Manish listen nurse talking to keep Kartik and asks her what such thing Kartik did that he needed her help.
    The nurse asks Kartik get nervous to see Suhasini and Manish there. Suhasini repeats her question from Leela.
    Kartik was about to speak the truth but Leela misleads Suhasini and Manish that Kartik silently took Kirti's baby near her even when hospital's rules were against this as he wanted Kirti to meet her baby once, no matter if she was unconscious.
     Suhasini appreciates Kartik for the move and leaves. Leela says sorry to Kartik for lying and assures him that his secret is safe with her. 

    Late night, as the baby doesn't stop crying Naira feels that her baby isn't recognizing his mother. The whole family gathers at their room after listening to the baby crying. Suhasini takes the baby in her arms angry the baby soon stops crying.
    As Naira takes a sigh of relief the baby starts crying again. The whole family starts showing their efforts to entertain the baby but the baby refuses to stop crying. Naira gets worried as the baby doesn't stop crying even in her mother's arms. Kartik feels that the baby must be missing his actual mother.

    Next morning, police arrests Aditya. They assure Naksh that Aditya will get his punishment as he has many charges against him. Nurse Leela's gestures show greed for money in her mind.
     She needs money and might try to get it through the baby. Devyani and Bhabhimaa feel Naira's baby matching in Kirti more than Naira. Nurse Leela listens Suhasini and Surekha talking to staff that they are going out and Kartik, Naira and sleeping in their room with the baby.

     She gets an opportunity to fulfill her intentional arrival at Goenka villa. Later, Naira wakes up and finds the baby missing. Naira and Kartik fret over the missing baby.
    They think of any other member of the family must've taken the baby but get worried as the staff tells them that all the family members are out.

    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 30th January 2019 Written Update :

     CCTV footage reveals that nurse Leela stole the baby. Will Kartik tell the truth to Naira?

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