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  • Tuesday, 22 January 2019

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 22nd January 2019 Written Update "Naira Sees Keerti at Hospital "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 22nd January 2019 Written Update

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 22nd January 2019 Written Update "Naira Sees Keerti at Hospital ".

    Naira requests Surekha to tell her the truth all are hiding from her. But Surekha can't tell Naira the truth and panic her.
    So, she misleads Naira that the family is planning something more for Kirti's birthday. And that's a surprise for her too. She requests Naira not to ask anything from her further as Kartik denied her to tell even this.

     Naira gets convinced by Surekha's excuse and tells Surekha how frightened she was by their surprising behavior. Surekha reminds Naira that it's her juice time. Naira requests for tea instead of juice. Surekha agrees to her wish and goes to get tea for Naira and her.
    Naira takes a sigh of relief as she was much frightened by the nightmare today and was afraid of something bad to happen. She again decides to keep her mind distracted from that nightmare and convince herself that everything is alright. As Naira wears a smile on her face to avoid the hallucinations, she receives a message of Rs 50,000 being debited from the credit card to pay in New city hospital.
     Naira rearranges the frequent incidents related to the hospital and gets happy to assume that the surprise is that Naksh and Kirti's baby is coming or might've come. She gets excited to assume the good news. Without telling Surekha, she leaves for the hospital.

    The condition at the hospital is still miserable. 

    While Naksh is getting his painful treatment for the injuries, Kartik hopes for Kirti's recovery and gives his untiring efforts for his sister. Meanwhile, Naira also reaches the hospital with an expectation of getting good news regarding Kirti.

    Naira asks the receptionist about Kirti. The receptionist guides her towards the ICU block. Naira gets confused to know that Kirti is in ICU but couldn't suspect the real accident. Naira is heading towards Kirti, hoping for good news.

    On the other hand, Suhasini and the other members of the family are still busy in their prayers. Without even a second break, they stick to their prayers for Kirti's health.

    As Naira is moving towards Kirti, Kartik is wandering in the hospital to get the medicines enlisted by the doctor for Kirti. As Naira comes in front of the ICCU Kirti has been admitted in, Naira baby kicks her hard that gives Naira extreme stomachache. Her feet stop by the pain and she tries to handle herself.
     She shares her excitement for Kirti's baby with her baby and tries to take a step ahead. But just as she takes another step she again feels the same pain. She has to stop and hold the door to handle herself. She's still unaware that the door under her hand, leads to Kirti. Trying to handle the pain, Naira requests baby to stop kicking.
    The pain is getting unbearable for her. As she gets some relief, she moves ahead to meet Kirti and the baby. As she moves ahead, her shawl sticks to the chair lying aside. As she pulls her shawl out, her eyes glance through the ICCU door.

     She gets terrified to see the scene similar to her nightmare. She couldn't see Kirti's face as it was covered with a white sheet, but the whites continue to terrify her. As the nurse takes the white sheet aside, the next glance leaves Naira shocked.

    Naira gets shocked to learn the truth. The emotional stress takes a toll on her. She suffers extreme pain and faints suddenly. Talking to the nurse, Kartik could feel Naira's presence near him but unfortunately he couldn't find her there.
     He calls Surekha to ask about Naira and takes a sigh of relief when Surekha tells her that Naira is in the lawn. The family completes the prayer for Kirti. They are unaware of Kirti's calamity shifted on Naira. 

    Naira's condition gets critical and nurse takes her to OD.
    Watching the complications of her case, doctor asks nurse to get details about her and her gynaec as they don't have the time to repeat the tests.

    Kartik again gets thoughts of Naira being in trouble but he has to keep his mind over Kirti. Further, doctor asks Kartik to sign the consent form for Kirti's surgery.

     The form says that Doctors can take the best decision for Kirti and her baby there and then and if anything wrong occurs they can't sue the doctor or the hospital. Kartik is in a fix about signing the consent form after knowing the complexity of Kirti's condition.

    Precap: Are Naira and the baby safe?

    PRECAP FOR Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 23rd January 2019 Written Update :

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