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  • Tuesday, 8 January 2019

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 8th January 2019 Written Update " Raman Gets Ishita's Call "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 8th January 2019 Written Update " Raman Gets Ishita's Call ".

    The episode begins in the Bhalla house where Karan tries to make Rohan understand that they have to go from this house. Sudha pretends to end the tussle of the two families. She acts of being unwell. Rohan goes to bring water for her. 

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 8th January 2019

    Raman gets angry with the fake calls as they are just making fun of the situation. Rohan decides not to allow Sudha to disturb Raman in this condition. Sudha plans of convincing Rohan to make him do according to her want. Rohan provides her water. She pretends to end the fight with the Bhallas and wants to get rid of the false marriages of her sons. She tells Rohan that she doesn't want to have compensation but her sons back. Though in her mind she's planning for something evil again.

     Rohan asks her to calm down. He agrees to talk to Simmi to convince Ruhi and Aliya to sign in the divorce papers. The inspector thinks that the kidnappers haven't watched the television advertisement and so haven't called Raman yet. Sudha acts to pray for Ishita in front of Raman. Raman asks her to get out. He doesn't allow Karan to drop Sudha to downstairs. Sudha is happy as the kidnappers didn't call Raman in their greed. Raman blames Param again and asks the inspector to arrest him. But the inspector cannot arrest as he doesn't have any proofs. The kidnappers are running short of money and they start quarreling among themselves. Ishita hears their conversation and calls them. She asks them off they are in need of money.

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     She asks them to utilize the chance Raman is offering to them as ten crores is a huge amount. The kidnappers ask her to shut up. Ishita still tries to convince them by telling them that with ten crores they can afford a house, clothes, foods and what not. In spite of their threats, she keeps on making them understand. She tries to convince one of the kidnappers who have two kids to settle good lives for his children. 

    The kidnappers warn her of getting killed. Ishita calls Raman a gentleman and so he will surely give money to them if they leave her. She asks them not to act foolishly. Simmi gets burnt while thinking of Param but Rohan takes her to get first aid. One of the kidnappers gets convinced by Ishita and he tries to make others understand about the life they are leading. The kidnappers are worried if Param shows false proofs to police against them. Ishita tells them that she can increase the prize money by talking to Raman. Rohan puts ointment on Simmi's injured hand. She is worried about Ishita. The kidnappers ask Ishita not to trap them as police are involved with Raman. 

    Ishita tells them that she will tell Raman not to harm them. She requests them to allow her to talk with Raman.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 8th January 2019 Written Update

    Simmi gets angry when Rohan talks to her about the divorce. He asks her to go through the papers as Sudha has removed the compensation clause. Simmi is surprised to see that. Rohan requests her to convince Aliya and Ruhi so that both the families can live peacefully. The kidnappers get scared of Param but after thinking for a while they put two conditions in front of Ishita. They ask for twenty crores and don't want police to get involved in it. She requests them to allow her to make a call to Raman. The kidnappers warn her not to talk for more than one minute as police may track them. Raman gets a call from Ishita. She requests him to call from another number so that police don't tap the kidnappers' call. Raman takes Mr. Bhalla's phone and goes to his room to talk to Ishita. She requests him not to inform anything to the police. Raman is ready to give them any amount to get Ishita back. Ishita requests them to talk to Raman alone. She informs Raman that Sudha is in the plan with someone else. She assures him that she will be fine. They take the phone from Ishita. Ishita wants to have proof against Sudha and Param. The inspector leaves as he has gotten some work. Raman tells Mr. Bhalla about Ishita's call. Karan listens to their conversation.

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     Param doubts the kidnappers as Karan has informed Sudha about Ishita's call. Param reaches to the kidnappers to know everything.

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