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  • Wednesday, 30 January 2019

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 30th January 2019 Written Update " Raman Points Gun on Ishita "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 30th January 2019 Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 30th January 2019 Written Update " Raman Points Gun on Ishita ."

    The episode begins in Raman's office where he has lost his senses after having the drug overdosed sweets. He imagines Sudha, Rohan, Karan, and Param laughing at him. He points the gun in minister's head and everyone asks him to stop.
    He takes Param's name. Bala's car gets punctured and Ishita gets tensed. Bala goes to find a mechanic. Police force enters in the Bhalla company. 

    The Bhallas don't understand why Raman is behaving like mad. Police asks Raman to put his gun down. Yug meets Ishita in the road and takes her to the office.
    Raman constantly takes Sudha's name and how she made his life difficult. The Police try to control him. Sudha tells the Bhallas that only Police can make Raman tight. Mrs. Bhalla doesn't feel well. Sudha tells them that Ishita hasn't reached yet and if Raman doesn't listen to the police, they will shoot him.
    Pihu calls Sudha a liar as Raman isn't a criminal. Aliya makes her understand and calms her down.  Rohan takes Sudha out of the house. He asks her to leave the house. Vishal and Ranbir are shocked to see the news. They are tensed about Yug as he is outside. Ruhi asks Karan to get lost with his mother as her family is getting disturbed. Karan calls Raman crazy and as he's a criminal, Police is going to punish him.

     Ruhi loses her temper but Mr Iyer stops him. She calls Karan and his family to be insensitive and is glad that she has divorced him. Karan tells her that she isn't capable of being his wife. Ruhi tells him that Sudha doesn't deserve to get respect. Rohan also requests Sudha to go back home. Mihika supports Rohan.
     She guesses that Sudha is behind all the drama that is created. She makes her clear that if she doesn't want to bear more insult then it would be better if she walks off. Sudha asks Rohan to say for her as she's been insulted.
    Rohan doesn't want to be Sudha's son. Karan asks Sudha to come along with him. Sudha wants to see Raman's end. The Police doesn't allow Ishita to enter the office. Yug also requests them and Ishita finally runs towards Raman.

     The Bhallas know that Ishita will handle Raman. Ishita tries to control him but he's out of his senses. Raman only tells about Sudha and her sons who have cheated his family.

    Ishita asks Raman to think of her and his family. Raman feels weird and imagines the minister to be Sudha. Ishita requests Raman not to shoot. She tries to distract him and asks him to come home with her.
     The Police are around him. Ishita tries to make Raman remember her. She tries to console him. When she is unable to find a way to handle him, she asks Raman to shoot her. The Bhallas get afraid by Ishita's shocking move.
     Ishita knows that Raman can't kill her but shockingly he makes the gun set for shooting her. Ishita cries and the Bhallas are shocked. Vishal prays so that Raman doesn't shoot Ishita. As Raman tries to press the trigger, he loses control over himself and falls. Ishita asks the Police to call the doctor as Raman's pulse rate is high.

     The Bhallas worry and Mr. Bhalla calms them down. The Police inform the ambulance and tell Ishita that Raman is under Police custody now. Ishita is not ready to go anywhere leaving Raman. Raman is taken to the hospital. Yug gets a call from Vishal. Vishal tells him to come back soon. Ranbir warns him as there is Police in that area.
     Yug tells them that he's near the office. Vishal worries about his bike. Ranbir asks him to be safe and so that they don't get in trouble. Vishal is just worried about his bike. Shagun leaves for the hospital and asks everyone to stay at home as this is a Police case. She will inform them soon. Pihu worries about Raman and Rohan consoles her.
     Ruhi and Shagun leave. Rohan takes Pihu inside. Mrs. Bhalla doesn't understand how Raman's behavior changed so drastically after reaching office. She also doesn't understand how Raman got the gun. Mr. Iyer doubts that someone is making him do such behavior. Sudha appreciates her manager for doing the work properly.

     She is impressed with his work. Karan asks Sudha why Raman didn't realize what he was doing. Sudha tells him that due to the effect of the drug, Raman suffers from hallucinations and imagined rubbish things which don't exist. She blames Raman for taking Rohan away from her.
     Sudha tells Karan that when Raman will go to jail Rohan has to come back to her as the sweets were given by him. She knows that after realizing the fact that Rohan has given Raman the sweets, the Bhallas will throw Rohan out of their house. She knows that Raman will be imprisoned and Rohan will come back to her.

    Precap for Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 31st January 2019 Written Update :

     Sudha knows that in the medical report of Raman, no traces of drugs will be found. The Police wants to arrest Raman as they haven't found anything abnormal in his medical report. Ishita tries to convince him that Raman has been given drugs. The Police want proof as everything is against Raman.

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