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  • Thursday, 3 January 2019

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 3rd January 2019 Written Update "Raman gets Angry on Param Ishita Escaped "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 3rd January 2019 Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 3rd January 2019 Written Update "Raman gets Angry on Param Ishita Escaped ".

    The episode begins in the warehouse where one doctor comes to check-up Ishita. One of the goons goes go buy injection prescribed by the doctor. Raman worries about Ishita. Pihu gives food to Raman. 

    She understands that Raman is worried for Ishita as Simmi has told her everything. She informs that nobody has eaten their food. Pihu makes Raman eat. Raman asks her to give food to Mr. Bhalla as she needs to take her medicine on time. Karan finds everyone to be melodramatic. Rohan calls it love of the family for Ishita. Karan doesn't understand why Rohan is taking of emotion.

     Rohan tells him that it's not his cup of tea to understand love and affection. Raman hurriedly goes to the Sarvodaya hospital as Param wants to meet him. Police inspector reaches the hospital along with Raman. Param denies of kidnapping Ishita in front of the police inspector. Raman asks him not to pretend as they aren't fooling. He asks him to tell the truth. The inspector goes to receive a call. Raman requests Param to tell the truth. Soon he realizes that Param isn't ill as he starts taunting him for pleading for Ishita. Shockingly, Param confesses to Raman that he has kidnapped Ishita. 

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Telly Update 3rd January 2019

    Raman attacks him and asks him to tell where Ishita is. The police inspector comes to stop Raman's vulnerability towards Param. He doesn't believe in Raman's words that Param has confessed to him of kidnapping Ishita. The goon brings the injection the doctor asked for. The doctor leaves and Ishita hopes he gets her note and informs Raman. 

    The goon ties up Ishita again and she hopes that Raman gets this information as the doctor is taken by tying a tape in his eyes. The goon warns  Ishita of not trying to escape again. Raman reaches home along with the police. He loses his temper as he knows how dangerous Param is. Everyone gets frustrated as they request the inspector do something quick to save Ishita. The inspector asks everyone not to lose their temper as he will find out Ishita. He gets to know that the tempo has been found. Bala calls Raman to inform that Mr. Iyer is in a critical condition and surgery has to be done immediately due to excess internal bleeding. 

    Raman feels a certain spin and sits down on the couch. Simmi provides him with water. Raman leaves for the hospital where Mr. Iyer is admitted. Rohan tells him that he can drop him to the hospital. Raman tells him not to give them more tension. Simmi insists to go with Raman. 

    Karan doesn't understand why Rohan is showing sympathy for the Bhallas. Sudha asks Karan about Ishita.  

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 3rd January 2019 Written Update 

    Karan informs her that Rohan is helping the Bhallas and that is so weird. Sudha tells him that Rohan must be planning something.

    Sudha and Param plan to keep the Bhallas busy in Mr. Iyer's health so that Ishita can be tortured more. Param appreciates Rohan for pretending to be good in front of the Bhallas. Raman reaches the hospital where Mr. Iyer is admitted. Bala informs him that there is no problem financially but Mr. Iyer has gotten a rare blood group which is not available. Since the surgery has to be done immediately Bala gets tensed. Everyone informs their friend circle to find if someone has that blood group. Ruhi also gets to know and she prepares to go to the society office so that everyone can be informed in their society. Rohan stops them and tells them that his blood group is same as of Mr. Iyer and he's ready to donate his blood. Ruhi takes Rohan to the hospital. Ishita finds her in a helpless condition. She again tries to make herself free from the ropes around. She somehow opens her up. She finds a matchbox and put fire in the papers over there. She tries to spread the smoke. The doctor informs the family that Rohan's blood can be used for Mr. Iyer's surgery. Simmi is surprised to see Rohan's caring attitude toward Mr. Iyer. Raman doesn't care about Simmi's words and tells the doctor to do the surgery. Simmi gets a call from Sudha. Sudha blames Simmi for forcing Rohan to donate blood. She gets to know that Rohan is doing this with his own decision. Sudha talks to Rohan and asks him how he could donate blood for the Bhallas. She thought that Rohan is being pretended to be good to take out information from the Bhallas. Rohan disconnects Sudha's call as he needs to go to donate his blood. He requests Simmi not to pick up Sudha's call. Sudha doesn't understand how Rohan disconnected her call. She fears if he's caring for the Bhallas truly. The smokes spread and Ishita shouts for help. As the goons open the door, Ishita comes out from behind and locks them up. She tries to escape.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 4th January 2019 Written Update :

    The goons kidnap Ishita again. Param instructs them that nothing should go wrong this time as he wants Ishita to be alive. Raman gets a call from the doctor who checked Ishita in the warehouse.

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