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  • Tuesday, 29 January 2019

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 29th January 2019 Written Update : Raman Out Of Control Ishita comes to Rescue

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 29th January 2019 Written Update :

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 29th January 2019 Written Update : Raman Out Of Control Ishita comes to Rescue.

    The episode begins in the Bhalla industry with Raman's entry. He goes to his chamber and feels awkward. He feels hot and sweats too much.
    He calls Sweta and shouts at her for switching off the air conditioner. Sweta feels weird at Raman's behavior. Ishita calls Sweta to ask her to make a video of flag hoisting in the office. Ruhi comes to call her as the programme is going to start.

    Sweta wanted to ask Ishita if anything has happened to Raman. Raman shouts where his coffee is. Mr. Iyer starts the programme and the flag is hoisted in the society.
    Everyone salutes the Indian flag. Mr. Iyer informs the audience about Rohan's idea of donating clothes to the underprivileged people and helping children in their studies.
    He calls Rohan in front and appreciates him for thinking for others. He hands over to Rohan for delivering few words.
    Karan doesn't understand how Rohan will get over Aliya. Sudha asks him to wait for sometime and everything will be according to her plan.
     Rohan thanks everyone for supporting his idea. He goes to Aliya and thanks her for the claps. Aliya asks him not to think much as the claps were for the ideas he gave and not for him.
    She walks away with a smile. Pihu congrats Rohan. Rohan tells her that Aliya is still upset with him. Pihu suggests him to say sorry for hundred times. He finds the idea good.

     Raman overreacts seeing the color of the coffee and throws it. He asks others to welcome the minister. Shagun finds it overwhelming to see so many gifts donated by people. She asks Ishita what Sudha's doing here. Ishita tells her that she's here to take Rohan back. Further, she asks Shagun about Ranbir's job.
    Shagun tells her about the dinner invitation she made to Yug as she wanted to see him. Ishita makes her clear that Yug isn't Adi. Shagun tells her that Yug didn't eat the recipe of chicken which she cooked. Pihu comes to call Shagun and Ishita as her dance performance will start soon.
    Karan asks Sudha that they should leave this boring function but Sudha waits for her plan to be successful. A hired man of Sudha keeps a gift box in front of the corridor.

     Seeing the box, Raman starts shouting at Sweta. The hired man takes the box from him and puts a gun in Raman's pocket smartly. Raman welcomes the minister with a bouquet. Everyone appreciates Pihu's dance.

    Raman thanks the minister and feels lucky to have him in his company for flag hoisting. The minister also appreciates Raman for being such a good businessman who thinks about the country.

     Raman feels weird and awkward at the same time. Sudha's manager informs her that flag hoisting is going to start. The flag is hoisted and everyone salutes it. Raman doesn't feel well. Sweta is happy as the flag hoisting ceremony went well without any problem.

    Ruhi and Aliya serve snacks to the children. Ruhi's dress gets stained and she goes to make it right. Rohan comes and gives Aliya two papers where he apologised her for hundred times. Aliya tells him that she isn't upset with him but gets angry whenever Sudha is around.
    She asks him not to be sorry rather wants some time. Rohan goes to Sudha and asks him to leave the function. Karan asks Sudha to come along with him as no one respects her here. He gets angry at Rohan for misbehaving with them. Sudha requests Rohan to come with her to their house. Rohan again asks her to leave him and go. 
    Karan also wants to leave but Sudha stops him as she waits for her evil plan to get successful. Everyone in the society receives an MMS and starts gossiping. Ruhi opens the news channel and calls the Bhallas immediately.
    The Bhallas go hurriedly inside the house. Sudha gets the signal that her plan worked. The Bhallas are shocked to see that Raman points a gun towards the minister.

     Everyone in the family is so tensed. Sudha makes her entry and tells them that due to mental pressure he has gone mad. Ishita gets angry. She hurries up to go to the office to stop Raman. Sudha asks her if she can save her husband this time from such a huge crime. Rohan asks Sudha to shut up. Ishita leaves for the office.
     Sudha knows that Ishita can't save Raman this time. Karan comes running to Sudha to show her the video of Raman. Sudha tells him how she mixed a strong dose of the drug with Raman's favorite sweet. She reveals her plan to Karan and he appreciates her for the brilliant plan.

     Sudha tells her how she managed to keep the gun in Raman's pocket. Raman asks everyone to move as he will shoot. Ishita asks Bala to drive fast as she is afraid.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 30th January 2019 Written Update :

     Ishita asks Raman to shoot her. She cries as he gets ready to shoot. Sudha knows that Raman will be imprisoned for trying to kill the minister.

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