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  • Tuesday, 22 January 2019

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 22nd January 2019 Written Update " Shocker for Shagun Raman's Care for Ishita "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 22nd January 2019 Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 22nd January 2019 Written Update " Shocker for Shagun Raman's Care for Ishita."

    The episode begins in the Bhalla house where Ishita asks Sweta about sim card order from Sweta and she thinks that she should do something for Ranbir and Vishal as they are good guys.
    Mihika tells Ishita about her horoscope prediction which says that someone from her past is going to come back.

     Ishita receives a text and goes downstairs. At the parking lot of the building, she meets Yug. Yug misunderstands Ishita and tells her that she must be trying to trap him by giving him a big contract.
     Ishita asks him to relax as she was just helping him. Shagun comes and asks Yug how dare he talk to Ishita like that. As she turns him, she is shocked to see him and mistakes him to be Adi. Shagun cannot believe that Adi is alive. Ishita tells her that he is Yug, one of the three boys who has saved her life from the chemical factory.
     Ishita makes Yug understand that she wanted to offer him the business deal to show her gratitude. Yug agrees to do the contract and leaves. Shagun doesn't understand how can Yug resembles Adi. Ishita tells her that Yug is not their Adi as Adi cannot come back. Pihu comes to talk to Ruhi who was seeing Adi's photo. 

    She wants help from Ruhi and tells her about the parent's teacher meeting in her school which she hasn't mentioned to Raman and Ishita.
    Shagun asks Ishita why she wants to hide Yug in front of others. Ishita tells her that everyone in the family had a difficult time to come out of the depression after Adi's death. So she doesn't want the family to face that phase again. She knows that Yug is a stranger and if anyone from the family meets him, they will associate him with Adi.
    Ishita is worried about Aliya as if she sees Yug, then she will remind Adi. Ishita requests Shagun not to talk about Yug. Shagun understands her point in view. Ruhi asks Pihu what the matter is. Pihu tells her that when Ishita was kidnapped and Raman appealed in the media, everyone in school kept asking her about Ishita. So she doesn't want Ishita to face questions again. Ruhi agrees to go with Pihu to school. Karan hears their conversation.

    Raman shouts at Ishita for going out alone in the parking area of the compartment. Ishita asks him not to overreact as she cannot have a bodyguard all the time. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman to be Ishita's bodyguard. Everyone laughs and Raman is serious. Raman doesn't want to go to the office and instructs Ruhi to go as he wants to stay at home today doing works in the kitchen. Everyone makes fun of Raman's behavior.

    Ishita comes back to her room and seems worried. She tells Raman that Pihu hasn't informed her about parents teacher meeting. Raman asks her to calm down as Pihu must have forgotten to tell them. Ishita knows that Pihu hasn't forgotten and feels that she must be embarrassed by them as her friends' parents are young.

    Raman asks her to come along with him to Pihu's school. Ishita suggests to dress up like cool parents. Rohan gets himself burnt and Aliya comes to help him. She puts ointment in his injured hand. She asks him to relax as she will clean the area.
     Karan informs Sudha that he has received the divorce papers and tells her that she will make Aliya sign on the papers somehow. Karan goes to Aliya's room and tries to deceive her by asking her to sign in the divorce papers in the name of Pihu's circular from the school. She decides to call Ruhi but then Karan stops her. She signs in the papers without looking at them properly. Ishita and Raman wear cool outfits to go to Pihu's school.
    Aliya informs them that Ruhi has gone to attend the meeting. Ishita feels low as she thinks that Pihu is embarrassed by them. Aliya tells them that Pihu is mature and so she doesn't want Ishita to face any questions regarding her kidnapping. Ishita is glad that Pihu understands them. Shagun and Aliya leave.

    In the meantime, Sudha enters the Bhalla house. Raman asks her the purpose of coming here. Sudha tells him that she has come to take her sons. Mr. Bhalla asks him to forget taking her sons home. Sudha tells them that after divorce there's no commitment left for marriage. She informs them that she has removed the compensation clause from the divorce papers.
    She asks Rohan and Karan to get ready to go home soon as they will get divorced. Rohan tells her mother that he doesn't want this divorce.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 23rd January 2019 Written Update :

    Aliya asks Karan that he has deceived her and made her sign in the divorce papers in the name of circular papers of the school. Rohan slaps Karan. Raman puts a condition in front of Sudha if she wants to take her sons home.

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