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  • Saturday, 12 January 2019

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 12th January 2019 Written Update " Raman Finds Ishita "

     Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 12th January 2019 Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 12th January 2019 Written Update " Raman Finds Ishita ".

    The new episode begins where Raman meets with Simmi in a secret place and Simmi tells him that their plan has worked. The last night Raman had gone to Simmi's room to help him find Ishita. He requests her to meet Param. Though Simmi disagrees initially then she agrees. 

    Raman decides to create a drama so that Param trusts Simmi. Now Raman and Simmi wait to know where Ishita is. Simmi asks for some time so that she can find out where Ishita is and then she leaves. Ishita shouts for help and the kidnappers ask her to shut up. The kidnappers find Raman on television requesting for help to find out Ishita and in return, he's going to give twenty crores. Ishita calls them to fool for not taking in opportunity. She laughs at them for ignoring Raman's prize money. She asks them not to fall in Param's plan as she knows him better. Ishita tells them that after Param kills her, they will also be killed by him. 

    She tries to convince them so that they leave her. Sudha informs Param that Raman has increased the prize money. She tells him to warn the kidnappers so that they don't listen to Ishita. She is sure that they are going to double cross Param. She asks him to call the kidnappers before Simmi's arrival. Simmi asks Param whether he wants to call his parents. She feels sorry for sending Param to jail. She tells him that she has got the permission to stay with him and she will fight the case for him so that he doesn't go to jail again. Sudha leaves. She decides to check the CCTV footage so that she gets to know what's happening with Ishita. Simmi offers fruits to Param and she leaves to take the permission papers. She calls Raman to inform that Param and Sudha are in stress and asks him to be alert as the kidnappers can call him anytime. The police get alert in the Bhalla house and Karan listens to the conversation.

    The kidnappers go to other room so that they can talk safely without any CCTV camera in it. One of them tries to convince the other one to take money from Raman and leave Ishita so that they can settle their lives. They don't trust Param. One of the kidnappers decides to go outside to call Raman in the excuse of bringing food. They go to Ishita and tell her that they don't want money as they can't cheat Param.

     One of the kidnappers smartly makes his phone fall and informs Ishita somehow so that no one doubts watching the CCTV camera. Ishita shouts more so that nothing looks fake in the CCTV. The kidnappers ask her to shut up.

     Rohan bakes a birthday cake for Aliya as everyone is worried so he decides to celebrate cutting the cake. Aliya isn't interested to cut the cake so she asks him to leave. She doesn't want to celebrate as Ishita is not there at home. Rohan wanted to make her special but Aliya asks him to leave not wasting her time. Mr. Bhalla gets a call from an unknown number and Raman picks it up. The kidnapper asks him to give them money and take Ishita in return. He will give Raman the address where to bring the money and take Ishita. Sudha wonders where the other kidnapper is. The other one comes and takes the kidnapper who was with Ishita. Sudha finds something to be wrong. She goes to inform Param. She gets a call from Karan and gets to know that Raman got a call from someone. Sudha finds Simmi making Param eat. Param understands Sudha's hint. He asks Simmi to call the lawyer and she goes out. Param calls the someone and tells them to leak the gas cylinder. Simmi hears Param's plan and calls Raman. 

    She doubts Karan to give Sudha information and tells him about the gas leakage where Ishita is there. Ishita and the kidnappers' lives are in danger. 

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 12th January 2019 Written Update 

    Simmi asks Raman to do something and she is also trying to know about more information. Raman takes the inspector out and informs him that Ishita's life is in danger. The inspector wants to save Ishita anyhow. They try to figure out where the place is. A person enters the place where Ishita is kept. He informs the kidnappers that Param has sent him to help them.
    Param comes to Know That Simmi is Helping Raman Simmi Hears This and Reached House and Informed Raman.
    Raman gets Angry on Rohan and Rohan Revealed His Truth to Simmi who slapped Rohan Simmi Gets Hurt and Rohan tries to talk.
    Ruhi Gives the Verbal Lashes to Both Karan and Rohan.
    Ishita Imagine Raman Comes to Save Her Both Hug Each-Other.

    PRECAP For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 14th January 2019 Written Update :

     Kidnappers take Ishita to somewhere. Rohan Threatens Sudha.

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