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  • Monday, 28 January 2019

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 28th January 2019 "Anurag Saw Naveen with Prerna "

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 23rd January 2019

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 28th January 2019 "Anurag Saw Naveen with Prerna ."

    The episode starts with Anurag struggling to save his and Prerna's life. He tries to awake Prerna but all his efforts went into vain.
     As the flames start rising and Anurag realizes that they have less time, he carries Prerna in his arms and starts looking for a way out. Outside the burning house, all guests and family members are panicked. Finally, fire brigade arrives there.

    Sharma and Basu starts pleading to them to save their children inside. Just then, Anurag comes out through the fire, carrying unconscious Prerna in his arms. While the other family members take a sigh of relief to see them safe, Mishka feels dejected to see the scene. The doctor examines Prerna and tells them that she's fine.
    She just fainted because of inhaling smoke and she'll be fine with inhaling fresh air. Doctor allows Rajesh to take Prerna with them but also suggests them to keep the car window down. Before that, the doctor takes Prerna for an injection.

    Anurag tries to calm down his worried mother rebuking him for going inside the house again. They all are unaware of an evil keeping an eye over them. Doctor lays Prerna in the ambulance and leaves the door half open to let her inhale fresh air. As the crowd gets distracted from Prerna, Naveen Babu enters inside the ambulance.

    He sets his revengeful eyes on Prerna and says Am back Prerna. Just for you. Looking at Prerna and holding her hand he thinks what's special in her as he won't forgive this much to anyone not even to himself.

    Naveen Babu notices Anurag expressing the reason behind going into the burning house. He remembers how Anurag spoiled his well-going plan.
    Looking at Anurag, Naveen Babu says- You may use you all strength but, you can't stop me. Naveen Babu determines to get Prerna anyhow. He tells unconscious Prerna that he has managed to get his wife Madhuri out from their way.
    He didn't like when she felt insecure about him to see him with Prerna. He thinks that now neither Madhuri nor Anurag can come between them.

    Mohini is still upset from Anurag. Anurag requests Nivedita to help him pacify his mother. Just then, Mishka comes there and starts criticizing Anurag for putting his life at risk for Prerna. Komolika asks Anurag that saving Prerna's life is good but did he gave that thing to Prerna that he should keep for Mishka. Anurag gets confused.
    Further Komolika says am not talking about your heart but the engagement ring. Anurag gets nervous at the question of the engagement ring. Nivedita also asks him if he left the ring at home. Anurag tells Nivedita that he left the ring in the room in haste. He assures Nivedita that he'll get the ring and leaves to look after Prerna.

    Mohini wants to stop him but can't. Anurag goes to check Prerna but gets confused to see someone holding her hand. He realizes that it's Naveen but before he may assure himself, some crowd blocks his way.

    Somehow he manages to get through the crowd, but when he reaches to Prerna Naveen has left. Anurag shouts and tells everyone that he saw Naveen Babu with Prerna. Everybody get shocked to listen to him.

    The crowd gets panicked and starts searching for Naveen Babu. As anyone couldn't find Naveen Babu, Mohini convinces Anurag that it must be his illusion as she feels that Naveen Babu can't dare to return.

    Komolika gets excited as she comes to know about Naveen Babu's story. Later, Anurag wants to talk to Prerna but hesitates to call her. To end his confusion, Anupam comes there and calls Prerna from Anurag's Mobile. Anurag tries to stop her. Shivani answers Prerna's mobile.
     Anupam tells Shivani about Anurag's concern for Prerna. Anurag's face turns red to know that Shivani also knows that he loves Prerna. While Shivani is talking to Anurag, Prerna wakes up and takes the phone from her.
    Even when she remains silent, Anurag realizes that it's Prerna on the call. He asks Prerna to take rest and their conversation ends. Following Prerna, Naveen Babu reaches Sharma Nivas.

    Precap For Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 29th January 2019 :

     Komolika listens Anupam encouraging Anurag to confess his feelings to Prerna.

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