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  • Tuesday, 22 January 2019

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 Written Update 22nd January 2019 " Prerna in Anurag's Arms Komolika Shocked "

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 Written Update 22nd January 2019

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 Written Update 22nd January 2019 " Prerna in Anurag's Arms Komolika Shocked ."

    While Prerna and Anurag are inside, Komolika knocks the door calling Anurag "Jeeju". Anurag gets surprised to listen to the word. He opens the door and finds Komolika. Making an excuse Komolika says I was just passing through the corridor and saw your room. Suddenly, the hook of my blouse opened and I can't go down this way

    She requests Anurag to help her. As Anurag agrees to help her she says "Men will be men". You are like others. Anurag understands that Komolika again doubts his intentions. He reminds Komolika that he told her earlier too that he has no interest in her. He doesn't want to waste more time to clears Komolika's trust issues so he asks Prerna to fix Komolika's blouse and leaves. Komolika gets surprised to know that Prerna is in his room.

    While Anurag is rushing downstairs, he meets Anupam on the way. Panicked Anupam pulls Anurag in his room and locks the door. Anurag asks him the reason behind his stress. 

    Anupam tells Anurag that he saw Naveen Babu talking to his wife that he'll take his revenge. Anurag gets shocked to listen to Naveen's name. Further, Anupam tells Anurag that he went out to talk to his friend, and as he went out he listened Naveen saying so. Anurag decides to catch Naveen before he may hurt Prerna. He's ready to avoid his engagement to protect Prerna from the risk. Anupam tries to stop Anurag as he doesn't want to take any risk with Anurag but Anurag is determined to protect Prerna from every trouble. He rushes downstairs to look after Naveen Babu.

    Komolika asks Prerna to help her with the blouse. Prerna agrees to help her and starts fixing it. 

    While Prerna is fixing the hook, Komolika starts teasing her to watch her love getting engaged.
    She starts singing a sad song to prod Prerna's heartbreak. Further, Prerna gets astonished to know that Komolika is Mishka's sister.
    Anurag comes out and starts looking for Naveen Babu. He calls his name aggressively and starts wandering here and there. Anupam follows him. He looks at Anurag searching for Naveen Babu aggressively.

    Searching for Naveen Babu Anurag continuously warns him against harming Prerna. After a few moments of silence, Anupam says he's not here. Continuing his search, Anurag asks Anupam where is he? He gets impatient and continues to warn Naveen Babu. Anupam tries to pacify the impatience over his face and tells him that Naveen Babu is not here neither he came here ever.
    Anurag gets astonished and asks why he told him that Naveen Babu came here. 

    Anupam tells Anurag that he said this because he wanted to see something and he's happy to know that what he was thinking is right. Anurag gets confused and asks Anupam what he wanted to see? Anupam explains to Anurag that Prerna has become the girl, who's more important to him than Mishka, his family, and the engagement.
    He clearly tells Anurag that he's is in love with Prerna, she's no more just a friend to him. Further, he tells Anurag that it happens only when you love someone truly, you can't bear anyone hurting them and if anyone does so you don't spay them at any cost. He tells Anurag that anybody can't tell him about love more than him.
    Anurag asks how? Anupam tells Anurag that because everyone thinks he married Nivedita for wealth but there's no day he doesn't regret to tell Nivedita false reason behind marrying her. He tells Anurag that he loves Nivedita a lot.

    While Anupam is sharing his love story with Anurag, Mohini comes there to call Anurag for the engagement. Anurag has to leave the love contemplation and go for his engagement for Mohini's contentment.

    Further, Komolika warns Prerna against spoiling Mishka and Anurag's happiness. She again prods Prerna that she has to watch her love getting engaged to any other girl. Prerna replies to Komolika that she's happy if Anurag is happy with any other girl.
    They come out to see the engagement ceremony. As the ceremony is about to begin, it gets harder for Prerna to control her tears. Enjoying the pain over Prerna's face, Komolika goes downstairs to join the engagement.
     The ceremony begins and Mishka's finger waits for Anurag's ring. Prerna's thoughts and Anupam's explanation continues to flash in Anurag's eyes. Somehow wiping her tears, Prerna moves downstairs to join the ceremony.
    As Anurag is about to exchange a ring with Mishka, Prerna slips through the stairs. Without wasting a moment, Anurag drops the ring and rushes to save Prerna. Prerna falls in Anurag's arms.

    Precap For Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 Written Update 23rd January 2019 :

     After getting engaged, Anurag finally realizes that he's in love with Prerna.

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