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  • Monday, 24 December 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 24th December 2018 "Raman-Ishita Confused With Simmi's Care For Rohan"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 24th December 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 24th December 2018 "Raman-Ishita Confused With Simmi's Care For Rohan".

    The episode begins in the Bhalla house. Simmi cannot sleep in the night thinking of Param's words. She cries and imagines her dead daughter. She fantasizes playing with Ananya and soon comes back to the reality. Simmi goes to see Rohan and finds him in fever. She worries as she sees him in fever. She calls at the hospital but comes to know that there's no doctor in the night duty. Ishita asks her what has happened and doesn't understand why Simmi is overreacting. Ishita says that Rohan and Karan have fooled them before of getting unconscious and this time also they may be doing drama. Ishita asks her to calm down. Rohan wakes up at the midnight and doesn't feel well. Karan goes to call Simmi and tells her that Rohan has been unconscious. 

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 24th December 2018 

    Simmi checks Rohan's fever in the thermometer and worries for him. Rohan calls her mom in his sleep.

     She asks Karan to put a wet cloth on Rohan's head. Karan asks Ruhi to call the doctor and she asks him to stop the drama. Ruhi doesn't listen to Karan's request. Simmi goes to call Raman and Ishita to look Rohan. Raman sleeps and asks her to calm down as Rohan will be fine by morning. Simmi requests Ishita to check Rohan once as he's in a high fever. Ishita tells Simmi that they may be planning something again and fooling the entire family. Simmi tries to convince Ishita that Rohan is really unwell. Ruhi also tells Simmi that the brothers are doing drama. 

    Simmi asks Ruhi to shut up. Aliya checks Rohan's body and finds his body temperature high. Ishita also checks Rohan and doesn't find his blood pressure normal. Raman doubts whether Rohan and Karan are doing drama. Ishita tells that there's no need to go to the hospital as nothing much has happened. Simmi becomes angry and tells that she will take Rohan to hospital. Aliya goes to call a doctor who lives in their compound. The doctor informs them that the symptoms are of dengue and so Rohan needs to test his blood. Simmi worries. Ishita thanks the lady doctor for helping them. Simmi suggests calling Sudha as Rohan was asking for his mother. Ishita also thinks so. Karan informs his mother about Rohan's condition.

    Sudha comes to see his son Rohan. She also worries about seeing Rohan's condition. Simmi consoles her and tells her that Rohan will be alright soon as she won't let him happen anything. Ruhi doesn't understand why Simmi is showing so much concern for Rohan and Karan. Raman thinks that Simmi is feeling guilty for letting the brothers work so much. Rohan sees his mother sitting in front of him. Raman asks others to get back to sleep as Sudha can handle Rohan's condition. 

    Simmi insists to stay with Rohan. Raman asks Simmi to go back to her room. Sudha thanks Simmi and tries to make her more emotional. Raman tells Simmi to go back to her room. Nisha comes pretending to be a nurse in the Iyer house. She goes to Mr. Iyer's room and finds that she has not brought scissors for dressing. So she asks Bala to bring it from the medical store. Nisha has come to take her money but Mr. Iyer threatens her of giving the money to the police. Nisha takes out her scissors and goes to kill him. Simmi brings juice and fruits for Rohan. She is happy to see Rohan doing alright now. Rohan gets up and asks her why she is treating him so well. Simmi tells him that he is suffering from dengue and so they are caring for him. Rohan acts innocent in front of her. Simmi starts thinking him as her own child. Sudha comes to see Rohan. Simmi asks her not to worry as she will care for Rohan like her own child. Sudha's plan worked as she is able to trap Simmi emotionally in her plan. Bala comes home and tells Mrs. Iyer to give the scissors to the nurse. As she goes inside she doesn't find the nurse. She finds Mr. Iyer in blood as she turns him. She shouts and calls Ishita.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 25th December 2018 :

     Police comes in the Iyer house and tells them that the lady who pretended to be nurse knew that Mr. Iyer is ill. Raman doubts Nisha. Rohan calls Simmi as his mother.

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