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  • Friday, 28 December 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 28th December 2018 "Raman Gifts To Ishita Param's Evil Plan"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 28th December 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 28th December 2018 "Raman Gifts To Ishita Param's Evil Plan".

    The episode begins in the Bhalla house. Everyone including Raman is impressed by Ishita's look. Each one of them takes the gift which was under the Christmas tree. Raman suggests everyone open the gifts one by one. Everyone opens their gifts one by one and relishes the moment.

     Simmi asks Rohan whether he's enjoying. Rohan thanks her the suit she has given him. Now it's turned for Raman and Ishita to open their gifts. Raman hesitates to open the gift and Bala snatches it from him and finds it to be a head massager. Raman doesn't like his gift and walks off. Ishita follows him in his room. She tells him that to remove his stress she has planned to give him a head massager. 

    Raman calls it an unromantic gift. He tells her that she would never understand what he wants. Ishita holds his hand and tells him that she understands him when he looks at her without saying anything. He meets with her words and hugs her. Ishita opens her gift and finds a beautiful watch. She thanks, Raman. Ruhi comes to call them to join the celebration. Raman opens the bottle of wine to celebrate the moment.

     Ruhi tells everyone to join in the dance. Raman calls Ishita and meanwhile Ishita gets a call from Mr. Iyer's doctor and goes to receive it. The family members join their feet with the rocking music to cheer up the celebration. 

    Rohan sits and sees the dance from far. He finds a person wearing a Santa Claus outfit entered the house. The Bhallas don't understand who called the Santa. Sudha comes and tells them that she has called him. She tells them that as they are taking care of her sons so she has called Santa for the celebration. Rohan is surprised to see his mother and Karan is happy to see her. Raman denies to take a gift from Santa and throws it. Raman doesn't want to ruin their family celebration and tells Aliya to play the music. 

    The celebration mood is on again. Rohan asks Sudha about who the Santa is. 

    Sudha describes Santa to be a paid actor. She appreciates her sons' outfits and Rohan tells her that Simmi has gifted them the suits.

    The Santa walks off the middle of the hall and as per Sudha's hints, he continues to do his work. He lights up a poisonous gas and rolls it on the ground of the hall. The gas makes everyone feel uncomfortable and dizzy. When everyone is busy in handling themselves in the hall, the person in Santa's attire comes to the kitchen where Ishita was talking over the phone. As the gas spreads and reaches the kitchen Ishita also feels awkward as she coughs. The Santa Claus attack Ishita from behind and puts a handkerchief on her face to make her unconscious. Ishita falls down. On the other hand, everyone becomes unconscious due to the effect of poisonous gas. Meanwhile, the Santa puts Ishita inside his sack and kidnaps her. Sudha gives him a thumbs up after successfully kidnapping Ishita. Then she sits on the sofa and pretends to get unconscious like the other family members so that no one doubts her for kidnapping Ishita. The Santa is no one other than Param. He instructs some people to take Ishita to the warehouse and tie her up properly. Raman wakes up and calls everyone to get up. They don't understand how these happened. Simmi calls Rohan and Karan. Everyone searches for Ishita.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th December 2018 Written Update

     They call her but doesn't get any response. Each one of them checks the house to find Ishita. Mrs. Iyer doesn't understand where Ishita has gone as she went to bring food for Mr. Iyer during the celebration. Everyone worries now. The people whom Param instructed take unconscious Ishita to the warehouse and lock her over there. Ishita gains consciousness and finds herself in a dark room. She opens up herself from the sack and calls Raman. She stands up still unable to figure out where she is. She doesn't understand how she came here and slowly recalls how she was kidnapped by Santa Claus.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 28th December 2018 :

     Unable to find Ishita, Ruhi suddenly thinks of Santa Claus. They now understand that Ishita has been kidnapped by Santa. Raman doubts Sudha as she has brought the Santa. Ishita tries to run away but the goons in the warehouse hurt her. Simmi finds Param's ring in the kitchen.

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