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  • Thursday, 20 December 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 20th December 2018 "Ishita To Save Her Appa"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 20th December 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 20th December 2018 "Ishita To Save Her Appa".

    The episode begins in the Bhalla house where Raman tries to call bank manager but finds it switched off. He comes to know that the bank manager has taken holidays. He leaves for the office and Ishita also leaves for the clinic. Simmi again gets a text from the bank and finds the transfer of money in Param's account again. She gets a call from the bank manager and knows that the person who's sending money in Param's account is operating from Sarvodaya hospital. Rohan smiles at his mother's plan. 

    Simmi thinks of calling Raman but doesn't. She herself goes to meet Sudha. Mr. Iyer meets Nisha and asks her to stop her drama as he has seen her with a stranger man.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 19th December 2018 

     He wants to know the truth from her. Nisha shouts at him from asking her such questions. She asks for her money and Mr. Iyer asks her to come with him to his house to take the money. Mr. Iyer meets Nisha's husband but comes to know that he's undercover police who's in charge of arresting the racket of doing illegal works. Police arrest Nisha. 

    Nisha falsely blames Mr. Iyer for involving her into this racket. Ishita sees her father getting arrested and asks the police about it. She is surprised to hear the blame on her father. Simmi reaches Sarvodaya hospital. She asks Sudha about the transfer of money in Param's account. She threatens her of torturing her sons. Sudha tries to emotionally trap Simmi. Simmi asks her to stop talking nonsense. Sudha tells her that she's going to tell her the truth as she deserves to know it. Simmi is confused and asks her about the truth. Sudha tells Simmi that a few years back Rohan had an accident and was in a critical condition as his heart was totally damaged. Rohan needed heart transplantation and coincidentally that was the day when Ananya took her last breath. Simmi gets emotional. 

    Sudha tells her that during the time of cremation of Ananya's body, Param called in the Sarvodaya hospital to donate the heart of Ananya to save Rohan's life. She further tells Simmi that Rohan and Ananya had the same blood group and so the heart transplantation took place and Rohan became totally alright. 

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Telly Update 19th December 2018 

    Sudha thanks Param for saving her son's life. Simmi emotionally breaks down. Sudha further tells her that according to Param's instruction she has to put money to his account in an installment of every month. Simmi asks her not to tell her false stories. Sudha shows her the bank papers. She has finally able to make Simmi believe in her fake stories. Simmi doesn't want to believe Sudha.

    Sudha asks Simmi to ask Param about the incident if she doesn't believe her. She tells her that Ananya's heart is beating in Rohan's body. Sudha thanks Simmi for giving back her son's life. She requests Simmi not to tell this to anyone and not even Rohan. Simmi trusts in Sudha's words and breaks down. Ishita, on the other hand, tells the police to stop talking nonsense about her father. She asks for proofs. The police officer shows her video of Mr Iyer taking money from Nisha. Mr Iyer tells everyone that he has taken the money from Nisha as she requested him to do so. Nisha calls him a liar and accuses him falsely. Mr Iyer tries to defend but Nisha accuses him for being her broker. Mr Iyer breaks down and Ishita tells the officer that they belong from a reputed family. The police arrests Mr Iyer and Ishita assures him for arranging for bail soon. Ishita feels helpless and informs Raman about her father's arrest for running a sex racket. Raman goes to the police station but Sudha stops him and tells him that she needs to discuss something important regarding the meeting. Sudha doesn't allow him to go anywhere as the project is headed by Raman and his presence is important. Simmi comes home and reminds of Ananya's memories and Sudha's false story. She blames Param for not telling her the truth. She doesn't want to believe in Sudha but emotionally gets upset. Aliya sees Simmi crying and asks her what the matter is. Simmi doesn't tell her the truth remembering Sudha's words. She gets up and Rohan provides her water. Simmi looks at Rohan pleasingly as she believes that Ananya's heart is in Rohan's body. Aliya asks Rohan to leave and asks Simmi the reason for behaving weirdly. Simmi leaves. Rohan appreciates Sudha for such a genius plan and thinks that no one can save the Bhalla family from losing their unity.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 21st December 2018 :

     Bala tells Ishita that Mr. Iyer is not getting the money Nisha has given him to keep. Rohan informs Sudha that Simmi has gone to the magistrate to take permission to meet Param. Param tells Simmi that Ananya's heart is still beating today in Rohan's body.

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