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  • Monday, 24 December 2018

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 24th December 2018 "Prerna-Anurag's Rain Romance"

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 24th December 2018

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 24th December 2018 "Prerna-Anurag's Rain Romance".

    Episode Start with Anupam is trying to make Anurag Understand That How can he talk Like this He is the Most Patient Men Always Taught Nivedita how to talk He Asks Anurag did he Fought with Prerna Anurag Looks at Him and Stands Up and Says Sorry to That Worker.
    Anurag Says Thanks To Anupam and Anupam Leaves.
    Here Prerna is Standing in The Balcony and Remembering Anurag’s word How He Cared About Her and Everything He did for her, She Remembers Their Closeness from Kitchen.

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki Written Update 24st December 2018

    She talks to herself that If Anurag Understand Her He will Know What She Wants She Scolds herself that How Can She Fought with Him She Talks to herself that She can’t wait for Anurag’s confession.

    Shivani Teases Her and She Scolds her that She was Hearing her talk Shivani Tells her to confess.

    Prerna Says That He Should Propose me Not me Shivani Tells her to go today and Confess Don’t Wait for More. She Tells her to Say Before the Cake Cutting She Runs and Comes Back with Red Saree for Her.
    There Anupam Annoys Nivedita and She Throw him out of Room.
    Here Prerna is Still Lost In her Dreamland she is thinking about The Day When Anurag Saved her Life and She Realizes that Anurag Loves her to and What Will Happen If I confess my Love for him.

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki season 2 Written Update 24th December 2018 

    Shivani Gives Red Dress and Prerna with Smile On her face come down from the Stairs and She Waves Bye to Shivani and Tries to Stop Auto But None Stopped so She Runs.

    She Stops at Pan Center and She Says She is So Happy So She wants Sweet Pan, Men Says Just Like The Old Day when You came with That Friend.
    Prerna Remember and Says yes Just Like that, Suddenly It Rains and She Hears Anurag’s Car’s Sound She Looks Back Anurag is there and Anurag tells her what are You Doing.
    He comes out with Umbrella and Asks Her What are You Doing.
    Prerna Describe the Rain How She Loves This.

    “Sajde Bichawa Rey Song Start” Anurag Loses the Umbrell and Both Get Drench in the Rain.
    Prerna Tries to Run But Anurag Holds her and Pulls her Towards Himself.

    The romantic rain sets out Prerna to express her feelings to Anurag. She expresses how special she feels with him and confesses her love. Prerna's elation reaches another level when Anurag tells him that he too loves him. But soon, the shopkeeper shakes Prerna out of her dream and asks if she was dreaming something? Prerna tells him that she wasn't just dreaming but living the dream. She gets wishes from the shopkeeper for her dream to be fulfilled and leaves for Basu Bari. Just as she enters in, her eyes stick on Anurag standing in front of her. As she's moving towards him to confess her feelings to him, her feet suddenly stop when another girl rushes to hug Anurag and says I love you, Anurag, I missed you a lot. Another thing that leaves Prerna frozen is to see Anurag happily meeting the girl, Nishka and Nishka start expressing her one-sided feelings for Anurag.

    Precap For Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 25th December 2018 :

     Shivani calls Prerna to know if Prerna expressed her feelings to Anurag but Mohini answers the call.

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