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  • Thursday, 6 December 2018

    Ishqbaaz Star Plus Tv Serial Written Update 6th December 2018 "ShivOmRu Doubt's on Surya and Dadi "

     Ishqbaaz Star Plus Tv Serial  Written Update 6th December 2018

    Ishqbaaz Star Plus Tv Serial  Written Update 6th December 2018 "ShivOmRu Doubt's on Surya and Dadi".

    The Qawwali night begins with a Qawwali competition between the ladies and gentlemen. Suryakant begins the function with a Qawwali indirectly dedicated to Kalyani. Then Aruna asks the ladies to answer him. But Annika says am not so good in Shayari and all. Let's think something. The ladies team is about to lose the competition at first Qawwali. Then Kalyani astonishes everyone by replying Suryakant with her Qawwali. Shivaay and the family have a gala time at Qawwali night. When the whole family is dancing and celebrating together. 

    Suryakant pulls Kalyani aside to talk to her. He hands over a present to Kalyani. 

    Surprised Kalyani asks what's this? Suryakant replies my desire. I haven't seen you in saree for many years. Today when all will sleep, wear this saree and come poolside. Kalyani refuses to come. But Suryakant replies I'll still wait.
    Through the Qawwali night, Jai also gets an opportunity and plots to snatch the construction deal from Shivaay. He goes to Shivaay's room and gets the company's account book. He bids for the same deal, just one rupee less than Shivaay to defeat Shivaay just by a rupee. Just for one rupee, Shivaay will suffer the loss of crores. This is just Jai's first move towards Shivaay's ruination.

    After the Qawwali night, the whole family goes to sleep. But Shivaay couldn't sleep so he goes poolside. He finds Om sitting there alone and asks you also didn't sleep till now? Om feels happy to get a company and replies yes. Rudra also comes to join them as he also couldn't sleep. Shivaay offers hot chocolate to them. Meanwhile, Daadi is also heading towards poolside to meet Suryakant in saree. But she's afraid if anyone may see her. Shivaay tells Omru about an important meeting the next day and asks OmRu to represent Oberoi industries there as he has another important meeting next day. 

    Kalyani sees ShiOmRu at the poolside and gets frightened. She rushes to move back and falls into Suryakant's arms. Suryakant starts signing a song to see her. ShiOmRu listens to the song and gets confused. They start checking if someone's there but finds nobody. Kalyani hides herself and Suryakant aside. To find the place empty Rudra expresses his doubt of the presence of any Ghost. Suryakant again starts singing a song. Kalyani shuts good mouth. ShiOmRu starts following the voice and moving ahead silently. But Kalyani and Suryakant again escape from their eyes. ShiOmRu gets more confused to find the place again empty. To distract them, Suryakant throws a pebble into the pool. Shivaay, Om and Rudra follow the voice and the rush back towards the pool. Suryakant and Kalyani sneak out to hide. Shivaay suspects someone threw a stone in the pool to divert them so that he can escape. ShiOmRu starts searching for the person.

    As Daadi sends Suryakant back, OmRu comes there and get surprised to see Daadi dressed in saree. Daadi misleads OmRu that she is coming back from a Jagrata. But OmRu gets suspicious to listen her singing an old romantic song. Shivaay also gets confused to listen Suryakant humming the same song.
    Priyanka replies to Jai when he talks rudely. She asks her to mold his rules a little as he's at her house. She asks him to improve his tone and behave like a normal husband in front of her family.
    Next morning, Shivaay hands over the bid to OmRu for the deal and comes to know that Daadi and Suryakant were singing the same song. Shivaay and Omkara suspect some connection between Kalyani and Suryakant. Meanwhile, Aruna enjoys teasing Suryakant and Kalyani.

    Precap For Ishqbaaz Star Plus Tv Serial  Written Update 7th December 2018

     Shivaay, Omkara, and Rudra come to know about Kalyani's fake excuse of Jagrata at Tandon's house.

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