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  • Thursday, 1 November 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein latest News Update 1st November 2018 Written Update "Ishita at Vijender's House He Blackmails Raman"

     Yeh Hai Mohabbatein latest News Update 1st November 2018 Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein latest News Update 1st November 2018 Written Update "Ishita at Vijender's House He Blackmails Raman".

    The episode begins near the temple where Ishita goes to buy the materials of puja.

     While she was returning to the temple she saw the goons in cars arriving near the temple. The goons started finding the couple who came to the temple to get married. As soon as the goods arrived, the Bhallas suggests the couple hide. When the goons come to inquire them about the couple, the family doesn't disclose anything about the couple. Ishita hurriedly comes and tells them that no one was here except them. They doubt Ishita as she was outside. Ishita tries to cover up saying that she has gone to bring the materials of a wedding ceremony for their children.

     Yeh Hai Mohabbatein latest News Update 1st November 2018 Written Update  

    Shagun agrees with her. The goons walk away. Ishita calls the couple and asks them to come out of the hidden place. Mr. Bhalla goes to see them but doesn't find them there. Everyone gets worried not seeing the couple. Mr. Bhalla predicts that they may have run away in fear of getting caught by the goons. Mrs. Iyer asks the priest to continue their puja. Kaushalaya asks Aliya to take the churni that she wore on the engagement day. Ishita goes to bring the churni which was on the car. As Ishita goes near the car she finds the door unlock.

    She opens the door and is shocked to find the couple inside it. The boy requests Ishita to help them. The girl tells Ishita that her brother doesn't want her to get married to the boy she loves as they have caste differences. 

    She fears that her brother will take the boy's life. The girl says that she loves the boy very much and cannot live without him. The girl pleads to Ishita to give them lift upto the taxi stand and then they will leave the town. Ishita gives the churni to a little boy and asks him to give it the family in the temple. Ishita takes them near the taxi stand. She asks the couple to go to the police as they are adult and can marry according to their will. They thank Ishita and takes a taxi. Meanwhile, the goons reach the taxi stand and start finding the couple. They catch the couple and physically tortures them. They take the couple with them. Ishita tries to stop them but they rush away. She starts following the goons. Shagun calls Ishita but Ishita doesn't answer her call. The Bhallas come back to the home. Mihika, Bala, and Romi congratulate Ruhi and are very happy for her.

     Yeh Hai Mohabbatein latest News Update 1st November 2018 Written Update 

    Mihika makes fun of Ruhi saying that Ruhi gets added to the Karva Chauth group. Ruhi refuses to keep fast. Pihu congratulates Ruhi. Mihika asks for Ishita. They say that Ishita has gone to meet Tina. Ruhi gets a call from Tina immediately and gets to know that Ishita is not there. Everyone is worried about her. Ishita reaches a place where she finds the cars of the goons and also sees an earring. She follows the footsteps and reaches a house. She asks them to open the door and finds Vijender there.
    Vijender welcomes Ishita. Ishita asks him about the couple. Vijender tells her that there's no couple over here. Ishita doesn't believe him. She requests him to leave the couple. Vijender again tells her that she must be confused. Ishita tells him that she knew the couple is brought here. She threatens him to call police if he doesn't leave the couple. Vijender asks her to check herself but doesn't find the couple there. He tells her that as she is Raman's wife so they are letting them go. Ishita walks away. Vijender asks his other boy to bring Raman. Raman comes out of another room and asks Vijender about Ishita.

     Yeh Hai Mohabbatein latest News Update 1st November 2018 Written Update 

    Vijender loses his temper and says Raman to ask Ishita not to interfere in every matter being a woman. He threatens Raman of not leaving Ishita the next time for blaming him unnecessarily. Raman apologies to him. He asks Vijender why Ishita was there. Vijender refuses to say anything. Raman asks him why he was called there as he has to go home. Vijender asks to sit him quietly as he has given him twenty crores for a wedding and saving his business. He asks Raman to give him the car keys and asks his boys to keep some materials over there.
    Ishita goes to the police station to complain against Vijender. She tells the police that Vijender is blackmailing Raman regarding something and also tells them that the couple is being kidnapped by him only. The police officer asks Ishita to describe the faces of the couple. He asks the constable to keep the records of what Ishita is saying. The officer goes to see the place where Vijender was there. Vijender asks Raman to keep the materials in his car until the night and then he will tell Raman where to deliver the materials. Raman says that he cannot go out at night. Vijender refuses to hear any excuses. He reminds Raman that his daughter is getting married due to his money. Raman asks him to give the keys of the car and walks away.

      Yeh Hai Mohabbatein latest News Update 1st November 2018 Written Update 

    Police come at the place and Raman what he was doing there. The officer tells him that Ishita has come to the police station to file a complaint against Vijender for kidnapping the couple she helped. Raman tells him that he hasn't seen anyone there for a long time. Raman tells the officer that Ishita must be mistaken as she doesn't like Vijender much. The officer says that his doubt got clear and he goes away. Vijender asks Raman to stay Ishita away from him. Raman promises to talk to her. Vijender tells him that he will call at night to give him the details of the rest of the work. Raman drives away.

    Precap For  Yeh Hai Mohabbatein latest News Update 2nd November 2018 Written Update 

     Raman shouts at Ishita for poking in Vijender's matter and going to his house. Ishita asks him how he knows about these. The boy who works for Vijender says him that he has put the body parts of the couple into Raman's car.

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