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  • Friday, 12 October 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai latest News Update 12th October 2018 Written Update"Naira's Surgery Successful Remember Everything"

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai latest News Update 12th October 2018 Written Update

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai latest News Update 12th October 2018 Written Update"Naira's Surgery Successful Remember Everything".

    Finally, Kartik reaches to generator area. But he gets confused with the switches. On the other side, everyone is waiting for light with their mobile flashes on. They are terrified by the risk to Naira's life. Kartik is trying to understand the generator but Naira's condition is getting worse. One side Naira's pulses fade and the other side Kartik switches on the generator and reconnects the power supply. Kartik says Naira my lioness my fighter.I have a sword in your hands now you've to fight. Dr. Sharma immediately continues the treatment. Dr. Sharma injects Naira to relive her faded pulses. Finally, cardiac monitor shows Naira's heartbeat.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai latest News Update 12th October 2018 Written Update

    Dr. Sharma gains new hope. Everyone appreciates Kartik's efforts as he made ease not only for Naira but all the patients in the hospital. Suwarna wishes to get an update about Naira from OT to console herself.
    A nurse comes out. They ask her about Naira. She tells them that they had to pause her operation because of the cut in the power supply but Dr managed everything. We'll continue the operation again. Kartik gets relieved. He says you listened my Naira an is fine? Naksh credits Kartik for Naira's safety and says only because of you Kartik. You saved her. Kartik says no. we all fought together and the most Naira. My lioness is still struggling.

    After a long wait. Dr. Sharma comes out. Everyone asks him about Naira's condition. Dr stays silent for a while. His silence terrifies them. But just as Dr smiles and says Kartik where's my Kaju Katli... their stress vanishes. Dr tells them that the operation succeeded.  A wave of happiness swept over their hearts. Kartik hugs Dr with excitement and thanks him. They ask Dr of they can meet Naira. Dr asks them to be patient and says I want to share something with you. That if we have courage and patience... Then anything isn't impossible. Today when everyone gave up their courage and got guys handled the situation. And converted the impossible into possible. What Kartik did so do... Staff also told me what you all did. Nowadays who does this much for anyone and him thanks them for their cooperation. 

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai latest News Update 12th October 2018 Written Update

    He says not only Naira but the concern and help for all other patients... Maybe you got the aftereffect of your deeds. It's the result of their blessings that even after such a critical condition everything went perfectly. Kartik says surgery successful means now Naira... Dr says surgery successful only means that we removed the clot from Naira's brain. Other we'll know when she'll gain consciousness. Predicting the after surgery functioning of the brain is difficult. We don't what she'll remember what she'll forget. We have to wait and watch. Kartik again gets worried. He has a residual fear that Naira can forget him. Others also have some stress about Naira's memory. Dr says we are shifting her to ICU but you can meet her only when he became conscious. Only then you'll get an answer to your questions. Kartik has overpowering fear in his mind. He imagines Naira returning to her senses but not recognizing him. He returns to reality but the thoughts disturb him a lot.

    Kartik is too stressed. He requests Dr. Sharma to give him an injection so that he may sleep and get rid of overthinking until Naira becomes conscious. Dr injects him. Waiting for the next day is a big deal for everyone. There are restless by the thoughts of the consequences.
    Next morning... Naira finally gains consciousness. One side Naira opens her eyes and the other Kartik also wakes up. Kartik rushes to see Naira. Whole Singhania family is standing by Naira. Naira recognizes Naitik and says, Papa. The Dr is worried more about what Naira remembers about her recent past and how fast she recollects those memories. Kartik and Goenkas reach Naira's room. Will Naira recognize them? Naira looks at Kartik and says 'Mendak'. A wide smile spreads over Kartik's face. Everyone took a sigh of relief. Kartik starts crying with joy.

    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai latest News Update 15th October 2018 Written Update :

    Kartik Naira and their family prays Durga Maa. Kaira is happy that finally, they will be together after 2 years 7 months. And their life will have a fresh start.

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