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  • Thursday, 4 October 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 4th October 2018 Written Update"Ishita-Raman are Happy with Ruhi's Move"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 4th October 2018 Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 4th October 2018 Written Update"Ishita-Raman are Happy with Ruhi's Move".

    The episode begins at a restaurant where Sudha meets Monica and gets to know the whole incident that happened in the Bhalla house for Rohan's misunderstanding.

    Monica tells her that the Bhallas are not at all happy with Rohan's proposal of marrying Alia and for this mishap, she's in a big loss. Sudha offers her money to make up her loss and asks her to give her information about Bhalla family. Monica takes the money and leaves. Mani comes to the same restaurant with a client. Sudha blocks his way. Mani tries to avoid her but she asks him to listen to her for the sake of his daughter, Alia. 

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 4th October 2018 Written Update

    Sudha asks him to sit. She tells him that Ishita and Raman don't consider Alia to be their own daughter. Mani denies with her. But she continues to poison his mind again Raman and Ishita.
    Ishita tells Raman that Ruhi is fine now. She is worried about Alia as nothing went right for her. She says that Rohan is not a bad person and it's natural for him to fall for Alia. Raman doesn't want to hear his name. Ishita says that Rohan is a humble guy as he was constantly requesting them to hear him out for once. She tells Raman that Alia is too young to be a widow and they should settle her too. She considers Rohan's proposal to be genuine.

    Sudha tries to manipulate Mani telling him that Ishita and Raman only think about Ruhi and not about Alia. She tells him that Rohan was right as he only confessed his love for Alia and wanted to marry her. She tries to brainwash Mani saying him that Alia too deserves a good life and good life partner. She blames the Bhallas to be back as they do not want Alia to get married again. Mani leaves without saying her anything. Sudha plans to ruin Mani's relation with the Bhalla family.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 4th October 2018 Written Update

    Raman thinks Ishita to be right about settling Alia again. He wants Alia to take some time to think about Rohan as she only considers him as a friend.
    Sagun comes to Alia's room and sees Alia packing her own dresses. Alia keeps blaming herself for ruining Ruhi's mood. She feels bad for Ruhi as she has been through a bad past. Sagun asks her to come home with her so that she feels better. Alia denies going with her as she cannot leave her family in such a condition. Sagun gets confused seeing Alia packing her own things. Alia decides not to wear any colorful dresses and portray herself as a widow by wearing only white clothes.

     She blames herself for dressing herself like a normal girl. She wants to remain as Adi's widow and doesn't want anyone in her life.

    Karan asks Rohan why he got beaten up for a girl who doesn't love him back. He feels bad for Rohan's condition. Rohan says that he has done the mistake by holding Alia's hand. He thinks the Bhalla family to be a good one as they have treated Alia like their own daughter. Rohan tells Karan that Alia is going to be his would-be sister in law. Karan tells him to be an irritating guy for being like a lover of earlier days. Rohan tells him that he's in true love this time. He advises Rohan to open an account on a dating app and date with the girls who are interested in him. Rohan says that he is a one-woman man and only wants Alia to be his life partner.
    Mani comes to meet the Bhallas to talk about the incident that happened. He wants Alia to get settled. Raman says that it's not that simple. Mani asks him about their problem if Alia and Rohan both like each other and wants to get married. Ishita tries to tell Mani that they also want Alia to be happy. Alia comes and everyone gets shocked to see her in white clothes. Ishita scolds her for doing so. But Alia insists on wearing white as she keeps blaming herself for the incident. She feels sorry for hurting Ruhi. Ishita makes her understand that her life has not been faded just because she's a widow. Raman also agrees with Ishita and tries to make Alia understand. Ruhi comes and Alia apologies to her for hurting her emotions. Ishita and Sagun ask Ruhi to make Alia understand. Ruhi goes and brings sindoor and throws it over, Alia. She puts the sindoor in her head and hugs her. Ruhi says, Alia, that it was not her mistake and was just a misunderstanding. Alia apologies to her again. Ruhi says that it wasn't Rohan's mistake either as he thought Alia to be the daughter of the family. She tells Alia that they both are equal in the family and everyone loves them equally. She tells her that they both share a very strong bond with each other. She requests Alia to meet Rohan as he really loves her. Ruhi advises her to move on and restart her life. Everyone seems happy with Ruhi's decision.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 5th October 2018 Written Update :

     Rohan requests Alia to understand him. He is ready to wait for her until she's prepared for this relationship.

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