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  • Wednesday, 10 October 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 10th October 2018 Written Update"Raman Stands On His Feet"

    eh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 10th October 2018 Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 10th October 2018 Written Update"Raman Stands On His Feet".


    The episode starts with the Bhalla family getting ready for the celebration of Navaratri. Mihika looks for Ishita.

    Mrs. Iyer comes in the Bhalla house and greets Mrs. Bhalla. Raman comes and tells them that he is not coming as there are lots of stairs there and he doesn't want others to stress for him. Ishita arrives home from the hospital. Mrs. Bhalla tells Ishita to wear her blue saree. Raman asks her what the matter was. She tells him the details and about Sudha who insulted her. She is worried for Rohan and Karan as their mother is in a critical condition. Ishita gets a call from Mihika. Raman asks her to go to the choli and pray for Rohan's mother. Ishita denies to go but Raman insists her to go.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 10th October 2018 Written Update

    The Bhalla family goes for the chowki. Rohan gets angry thinking of his mother's health. He gets drunk and tells that he will not leave Raman as he thinks him to be the one responsible for his mother's condition.
    Everyone enjoys in the chowki. But Ishita seems upset. She prays to Matarani for the wellness for her family. She prays for both Raman's and Rohan's mother's health condition.
    Rohan takes out a knife and plans to kill Raman.
    Raman receives a text from Ishita saying that she misses him.

    Raman sent her text replying that he misses her too and also asks her to concentrate in the chowki.
    Alia asks Ishita to join them and assures her that Raman will be fine. Though Ishita wants to go back home to be with Raman but still joins her family in the chowki.

    The lights suddenly get off and the door of the Bhalla house opens. Rohan comes in getting drunk. Raman asks him what he is doing there. He asks him to leave again and again as he cannot talk to him today. Raman tells him politely to go home as he is drunk and moreover no one is in the house. 

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 10th October 2018 Written Update

    Rohan shouts at him for telling him to forget Aliya. He blames him for his mother's health deterioration. He takes out the knife for his pocket and threatens him saying he will finish the matter totally tonight.

    Mrs. Bhalla looks for Ishita but doesn't find her. Raman asks Rohan to put the knife and they can sit and talk calmly. Rohan tries to hurt him and Raman tries to save himself. They get involved in a fight and the situation gets worse. Raman pushes back Rohan and Rohan fall down. Rohan gets up again and fights with Raman. Ishita comes home and asks Rohan to leave Raman. Rohan damages Raman's wheelchair so that he cannot move. He puts his knife on Ishita and tells her that he didn't enjoy killing a paralyzed person. Raman asks him to leave Ishita. Rohan gets angry at them for not letting him marry Aliya. Ishita requests him to leave her as he will be imprisoned if anything happens to her. She also tells him to think about his mother. Rohan is not ready to listen to them and decides to take all the revenge. He taunts Raman for sitting paralyzed and not being able to save Ishita.
    Karan calls Rohan but doesn't get any response from his side. Before going to Bhalla house he decides to call Ruhi to know Rohan's whereabouts. Ruhi tells him that she doesn't know about him. Karan informs Ruhi of Rohan's anger and his drunk condition. Ruhi gets tensed.
    Raman shouts at Rohan and warns him to leave Ishita. Aliya and Ruhi decide to go home. Rohan hurts Ishita and she bleeds. Raman feels helpless. But with his efforts, he finally gets able to stand on his feet. Ishita gets surprised to see Raman standing on his own. Raman walks forward to save Ishita. Romi, Aliya, and Ruhi reaches the Bhalla house and finds Rohan's car. Raman beats Rohan up. Ishita asks him to leave Rohan. She gets happy to see Raman stand.

    Precap For 
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 11th October 2018 Written Update :

    Aliya tells Rohan that as her family wants her to get married again so she feels him to the right one. Everyone is happy with Aliya's decision and Rohan is surprised.

    Sudha plans for something evil now to ruin the marriage of Aliya and Rohan.

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